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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

on 20 March 2005
Ash are a band that sound as youthful as they are. They have the same lyrical obsessions as early Beach Boys - sun, surf and young love. Witness gorgeous singles such as 'Burn Baby Burn', 'Girl From Mars', 'Oh Yeah', 'Walking Barefoot', 'Wildsurf' - and the list continues. Most of Ash's singles have a smiliar mood, evoking the end of high school and the end of summer as a sun-bleached wonderland. This could lack substance (again, like early Beach Boys) but the music is fantastic, blistering, insanely catchy pop-punk. Though many of Ash's singles do have a similar lyrical theme, the music is never tired, never repetitive. Listen to the tumbling strings of 'Oh Yeah', the music echoing the movement of 'her hair came undone in my hands' and then the unruly handclaps that puncture 'Kung Fu'. Each song is an eternally perfect pop moment. This is rock with a sun tan eating candyfloss, but without the fluffiness. There's grit in there, the snarling guitars, the underrated rhythm section.
And Ash have always shown maturity beyond their youth, even as they make themselves eternally 17 - listen to 'Sometimes' as prove of sad resignation of an ended affair.
This is a great compilation, with a few good B-Sides on the bonus disc too - tracks 1 and 2 being particularly lovely. The only downside with this compilation is that if you own any of their albums (Free All Angels especially) you will already own a significant number of these songs. This singles collection is made up of only 3 albums worth of songs - all 3 of which are cheap and excellent, and you may as well buy them rather than this compilation, good as it is.
Ash are a happy band. They don't particularly push boundaries, but what they do they do absolutely fantastically. I believe that writing a perfect 3 minute pop(punk) moment is one of the greatest achievements a musician can have, and Ash achieve it with ease. A lovely, essential compilation for anyone with any interest in good music, no matter the era or genre. Summer can last a lifetime.
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on 9 March 2007
In regards to the review below by Edna Sweetlove - your comments make no sense to me. If you want to criticize Ash for their music then fine, but having a go just because they dont sound "Irish" enough is ludricous and unfair. If they were from England would you be saying that they dont sound "English" enough? Ash have never set out to pander to the kind of faux Irishness that rubbish like the Coors do, and instead sound like their influences which is mainly US punk pop and classic rock.

Now whilst I admit that Ash are not one of the worlds greatest bands by any stretch of the imagination, they have nonetheless produced some corking classic singles - Kung Fu, Girl From Mars, Jack Names The Planets, Angel Interceptor, Goldfinger, Walking Barefoot, Burn Baby Burn - and seeing as this collection contains them all I will happily give this 4 stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 September 2002
Whilst most of the bands of the mid-90s rock explosion seem to have lost their way in recent years (Oasis, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass, the Bluetones, etc), Ash have steadfastly continued their tradition of releasing excellent rock/pop songs. This singles collection brings together all of their singles to date, plus excellent album track Walking Barefoot. As a bonus, at least on this initial release, a 22-song B-side collection is also included, subtitled Cosmic Debris. Not having thought of Ash as a good B-sides band before, the quality of many of these songs comes as a surprise. But the main disc is the focus of attention here and it's quality is remarkable, even for a greatest hits collection. Early efforts Jack Names the Planets, Petrol and Uncle Pat (from their first album, 1994's Trailer), though lacking the polish of later work, all show promise, but it's the four songs from the album 1977 which impress immediately (Goldfinger, Kung Fu, Oh Yeah, Girl From Mars and Angel Interceptor). Girl from Mars may be everyone's favourite Ash singalong number, but Oh Yeah is the one that really hits the spot, being Tim Wheeler's wistful yearning for that 1st love from years ago. A Life Less Ordinary follows up the first album tracks and is good, but not remarkable. Then we have the singles from the massively underrated Nu-Clear Sounds album: the US-influenced rock of Jesus Says, straightforward guitar pop of Wildsurf and hard-edged, thrash-riffed Numbskull. A shame the excellent album tracks Folk Song and I'm Gonna Fall weren't released as singles as well. Then finally the singles from last years excellent Free All Angels album: Shining Light, Burn Baby Burn, Candy, Sometimes and There's a Star. The dull Candy aside, there isn't a duff song among them (and Sometimes, Shining Light and Burn Baby Burn are borderline classics). Finally, there is new song Envy (okay, but a bit Ash-by-numbers). With the exception of Candy (a bit boring) and the primitive Uncle Pat and Jack Names the Planet, every song on here is a bona fide classic, proving that Ash know when and how to release a great single. If you are a fan of British guitar music in general, or like Feeder or Blink-182's non-crap songs, then this is simply for you. Excellent.
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on 11 May 2003
Finally – a chance to have Ash’s best all on one CD! As much as I love their music, there is a tendency for Ash albums to contain a couple of dodgy tracks which always result in you pressing the skip button every so often. But a collection of all their best ends all that – there is not a single track on this album deserving of a skip. With a fantastic opening from their more recent “Burn Baby Burn”, through to the heavy “Numbskull”, this singles compilation is proof of Ash’s talent and range of sounds. The classics “Girl from Mars” and “A Life Less Ordinary” (which incidentally doesn’t feature on any other Ash album) both feature, along with a few of their really early tracks like the fantastic “Uncle Pat”, which you may not have heard if you haven’t heard their demo album. This will add to the collection of any fan and also gain them new fans along the way – if you don’t have any of the band’s material, buy this record because it will introduce you to the musical greatness that is ASH!
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on 10 September 2002
Over the last few years, Ash has consistently given us original, addictive and fresh music. This LP combines all of their best stuff, together with all the best B sides. Some of the B sides, especially those by the often overlooked Mark Hamilton, are as good as if not better than the A sides. Mark Hamilton's stuff is really so good that it makes such a pleasant album to have him and Tim Wheeler writing such such amazing songs.
If you like indie/britpop then this is for you, its quite similar to weezer, no surprise there as Ash absolutely love Weezer, and thats no bad thing either.
A must buy for any music fan - its going to be on my HiFi for the rest of the year!
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on 12 September 2002
I've been an Ash fan since I heard my friends band playing "Season" in high school. They'd just got the Trailer EP and I think it was around the time that Kung Fu had been released on single (the first song I learned to play on guitar) :D
I've bought every album since Trailer and be happy with what I've heard every time. Intergalactic Sonic 7s is a great compilation of each of Ash's singles from all 4 previous albums. The main selling point for me though was the Cosmic Debris bonus CD. I've only bought the odd Ash single and so I've missed out on some of their B-Side tracks. The bonus CD is packed full of 22 b-sides and rareties from their back catalogue.
The album is frankly amazing. Well produced, the songs all well written my Tim Wheeler. One thing I also liked was the fact they've used some US versions of the singles on CD1 which makes listening to old songs a new experience.
Well done Ash. This fan is still happy even after 10 years. Keep it up.
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on 12 September 2002
Ash have always been one of those bands that I've liked but never enough to go out and buy their albums. But let's not kid ourselves - Ash have always been a singles band. Even the title of this Best Of "Intergalactic Sonic 7"s" makes no bones about Ash's commercial pop appeal. And why not? If there's one thing that stands out from this collection it's that Tim Wheeler has perfected the art of the three minute pop song.
Over the course of their three albums Ash have grown from a bunch of brash teenagers to a maturing, fully grown rock sensation. The high point, of course, was the release of their third album "Free All Angels", which, according to the fun sleeve-notes, went platinum as the band were down "to their last £1000"! And rightly so - the songs on this collection from "Free All Angels" such as massive hit "Burn, Baby, Burn", the bittersweet "There's A Star", the sublime "Sometimes" and the gorgeous "Shining Light" are miles ahead of the other songs. Which is not to say that the rest aren't great songs. "Girl From Mars", "Oh Yeah" and "Jesus Says" still sound fresh as daisies and anyone of a certain age will wax nostalgic to the strains of "Goldfinger", a song which used to be played hourly in every pub I went in when it first came out! "Kung Fu" is great fun, as is "Jack Names the Planets", and "A Life Less Ordinary" is a great piece of bittersweet punk-pop.
That's not to say that it's a perfect compilation. Weighing in at 19 tracks, Wheeler's song-writing is just not varied enough sustain this length of time. By the time "Uncle Pat" comes around there's the distinct feeling of deja vous.
Still, that's not why we come here, is it? If you want subtle, overwrought songsmithery, Ash are not for you. If you just want good honest wall-of-sound punk-pop, then strap on the air guitar, turn up the hi-fi and pop in "Intergalactic Sonic 7"s". You won't be disappointed!
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on 21 November 2002
Ash, the oirish upstarts who had a platinum album before even finishing their A - Levels, release a best of compilation and included some b-sides too. Aaaahh bless em.
Middle men (and woman) really, Tim Wheeler et al are not horrendously good looking or really fashionable but as a singles band Ash are second to none, crafting sugar sweet, pop power tunes and this is a collection of their best ones on one album. Blinding.
Popping up when Britpop was at its stale peak Ash's energy and verve was a refreshing change, even if at first they seemed like a novelty. Early singles like Jack Names The Planets, Uncle Pat and Petrol were spiky gems leading on to the release of '1977' and the first hit proper; Girl From Mars.
The track order on 'Intergalactic Sonic 7"s' is random, no need for a date order on here, the band have hardly changed, 'Shining Light' and 'Burn Baby Burn' - arguably two of the finest pop singles of recent years are similar to early hits Angel Interceptor and Wildsurf.
This is as much of a collection of hits for Ash loyalists, with the freebie b-sides disc and new release Envy, as it is a great party album for those yet to venture into the world of the hard drinking pups.
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on 7 September 2002
Well in a nutshell this Album is a collection of songs that exist in the 3-4 minute zone of the perfect pop song!
Mr. Wheeler and co. throw out their history books as nuggets of genius from past and present are jumbled to create as managable a playlist as possible!!
Opening with the one of the best singles ever 'Burn Baby Burn' and then the token new track 'Envy' the album has few low points,mereley points not as high as others :-) songs that are probably familiar to radio listeners everywhere such as Girl from Mars sit beside songs as good as many singles but never got off the album(Walking Barefoot),the chaotic close Numbskull is not the end but the cue to press play again!
Don't buy this expecting depth of thought and slow burning,haunting tracks.This is far too fun and full of energy to be preoccupied by such trivial matters,and indeed trivial they are when you sit back and relax to the best pop compilation in quite a while!!
If 19 great pop songs isn't good enough for you 22 track second CD is shipping with early pressings of the Album.These 22 tracks mostly b-sides are surprisingly good(I'm not a single buyer) what more can i say to convince you except ...........
Buy this album!
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on 29 September 2002
When I first heard Ash, I was listening to Shining Light on one of the local Hong Kong television stations. At the time, I had just started secondary school and I was lead on by Spice Girls and Britney Spears, but I had to gawp at the band's music. After hearing the single, I immediately became a big fan of Ash. My friends thought I was weird, suddenly transforming from a preppy popster to a rock fan but I didn't care.
A few years later, being thirteen now, I still am a big fan of Ash, who influenced me to pick up the electric guitar and drums and make a rock band. I bought this CD on the day of it's release and listened to it for hours, the fast beat of 'Kung Fu', the soothing 'Candy' and the great 'Girl from Mars' single. I strongly suggest you buy this CD, whether you love rock, pop, R&B or anything else, it's worth it.
Now I'm glad that I was watching television that night.
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