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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2003
The reasons behind buying albums always interests me; did you hear the album from a friend, or on music tv? etc etc. I have to confess, somewhat sadly that I bought this album through being a massive My So-Called Life fan (thus having always adored Jared Leto, in what I think his best role....controversial!) and reading an article about the forthcoming album on!
Any MSCL fans will no doubt already know from the song 'Red' seen on the show, as I did that frontman Jared Leto has got an amazing voice (kinda like Chino Marino [Deftones] without the whine) and he doesn't disappoint in this debut album. That teamed with good lyrics of a sci-fi subject, a drummer playing along the same lines as Danny Carey of Tool, the fantasy meets somewhat glam overtones and produces a modern sound, refreshing in this era of same-old:same-old new metal.
Capicorn [a brand new name] is a great starter to the album, but if that doesn't get you hooked, I found the subdued Echelon was a good middle point to build out from. It took some effort to get into the mood of this album, but like other good bands e.g. Tool, the more time it takes to get to know/like the album, the longer you will love it. This one is a definite 'grower' (Balladie 2002).
If you like A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Tool and Pink Floyd (to a degree) then you should definately try it and give it some time.....happy listening! :)
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on 27 March 2009
30 Seconds To Mars. A band now synonymous with rock fans all over the world. Yet this was perhaps only after the superb 2005 album A Beautiful Lie.

Personally, I was initially introduced to 30STM in 2005 just after A Beautiful Lie was released, and absolutely loved them. Ever since, I've wanted to hear their early stuff, but have struggled to find it. The other day, I found the album here on amazon and snapped it up straight away.

'30 Seconds To Mars' only sold around 100'000 copies, and to be honest, its not hard to see why. This is a rather different sound to many other 'alternative' rock bands, and I initially found it quite difficult to listen too. It is often rather heavy and I didn't like it at first; it wasn't as listener-friendly as A Beautiful Lie.

The lyrics are odd too. In the bizarrely titled 'Buddha For Mary', this line struck me as totally random; 'Mary...had a thing for astronauts'. Also, there is 'Will you rape me now?'. Totally bizarre, no? These are just a few of Jared Leto's musings during the album.

Although it may be argued that '30 Seconds To Mars' is a totally different sound to 'A Beautiful Lie', I would disagree. If we are talking style, it is almost identical; extremely powerful choruses, coupled with light and melodic verses. The only difference is the guitars; Solon Bixler replaced by Tomo Milovic.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but not to the extent that I did with 'A Beautiful Lie', which is significantly easier to listen too, and has better songs too. It didn't deserve the critical panning, but it certainly isnt a gold selling album. A good start, could do better, and ultimately they did with 'A Beautiful Lie'
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on 2 December 2005
I have to say until a couple of months ago I hadnt of heard of 30 seconds to mars, until a friend pointed me in there direction. And im so glad he did. Every track is pure magic and the album works great as a whole each track flows from one to the next then in just under an hour the experience is over. But you can always hit play again.
Its the sort of album you get lost in the sounds , it absorbs you in and thats what you need some times
Do not delay add this to your music collection today
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on 24 April 2003
This album is living proof Hollywood stars can rock! After the failed attempts at rock stardom made by some big screen stars, Jared Leto has proved it can be done and with some style. The soaring vocals are complemented by heavy, riff laden guitars and thrashing drums. This, however does not mean it isn't melodic-'93 Million Miles' and 'Year Zero' combine crashing choruses with calmer verses before ripping back into a loud chorus again, and I love it! 'Buddha For Mary' and 'Capricorn (A Brand New Name)' are probably my favourite tracks but on an album with no weak tracks, it was a difficult choice!
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on 18 September 2011
I'll start off by saying I first heard of this band when I heard their song Echelon on the soundtrack of The Core. I bought the album on the strength of this track and overall wasn't disappointed.

30STM have a sound thats hard to categorise. I wouldn't say they're a metal band, but are heavier than most rock bands. Best way I can describe them is industrial rock/metal, with slightly trippy, spacey overtones. Their signature sound seems to be heavy nu-metal style riffs, combined with the other elements I mentioned. They also make extensive use of the "quiet verse, big/heavy chorus" formula. Jared Leto also seems to favour abstract lyrics that the listener can interpret more or less as they like. The one exception to this is Buddha for Mary which has strong religious overtones and a much more personal feel.

Okay, now for ratings out of 10:

Capricorn (8), Edge of the Earth (7), Fallen (7) and Oblivion (7) are slowish paced songs, which stick pretty much to the above formula. Buddha for Mary feels (6) oddly out of place on this album and it didn't really do much for me. Echelon (9) for me is the cornerstone of the album, despite being the least heavy track. Welcome to the Universe (7) is a short, sharp shock back to reality. There's a change of tempo with the faster-paced The Mission (7) but End of the Beginning (8) immediately puts the brakes back on. 93 Million Miles (7) is a very angsty, abrasive sounding track. Closing track Year Zero (6) is slow and epic-sounding but rather lacking lyrically and annoyingly has over three minutes of silence and pointless sound effects tacked on to the end (the song itself finishes at about four and a half minutes).

I think the main problem with 30 Seconds to Mars is that it seems almost written as a concept album. Most of the songs are very similar sounding and while its far from a bad piece of work, few of the tracks are really memorable - the only standouts for me being Capricorn, Edge of the Earth and Echelon.
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on 18 March 2014
i kept putting this album of when i first started to like 30stm but i bought this because it was cheap and i wanted all the albums so i bought it and i love it the lyrics are so unique and different to any songs really i love it and the delivery was fast as well and no damage when i got it if you love 30stm buy this its worth while
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on 31 October 2013
Bought this album when 30 seconds to mars originally released it, but it's been played to a inch of its life so I bought another one, well what can I say AMAZING, I have all four of there albums but I think this is my fav, they are currently on tour and I have ticket to see them in two weeks (Cardiff) & CAN NOT WAIT, true 30 seconds to Mars fans will love this album, shear class.
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on 30 May 2011
I already had 30 seconds to Mars latet album 'This is War', which I enjoyed a lot. So wanted to hear their earlier stuff.
I think the CD was at a really cheap price and there are some great songs. 4 out of 5.

I would definately recommend!
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on 31 May 2006
this is a band set up by hollywood actor jared leto and his brother,jared doesnt advertise the band through his fame,he wants the band to stand on their musical merit and thats a good sign,fortunately 30 seconds to mars are a band that deliver good hard rocking songs,with a spacey theme throughout,clearly there are so called prog moments here,and the band are influenced to some extent by pink floyds seminal dark side of the moon album ,but 30 seconds to mars are indeed their own band and this is a fine debut.

the album opens with capricorn which builds into a crescendo of buzzing guitars and cracking drumming,jared has a good voice just in case you were wondering,edge of the earth is a strong follow up and buddha for mary is possibly the finest song on here with a very strong chorus and anthemic feel to it.welcome to the universe is another stormer,all in all its a great album,not a metal album as such but plenty of moments to have you stamping your feet and singing along.
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on 18 April 2015
You can tell from the moment you put the CD in the tray and press play that there is a sort of electronic rock/spacey sound which gives this album a lovely unique feel. It works to it's advantage as I didn't find myself tiring throughout any point of listening to the CD.

There are standout tracks sure, but nothing here that will make you skip a track. Production is good and crisp and not sure much else could be asked for from the band on that side of things.

For me the standout tracks were

Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
Edge of The Earth

But the rest of the album was very enjoyable, it's hard to believe that the album was released in 2002, it almost makes me feel old as I remember when it first came out and loving the Capricorn track that they released as a single.

If you like rock music or heavy rock it is worth checking this album out, you might find it's it'll be a hidden gem in your collection if you don't own it already
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