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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2015
This is another great CD from OLP, I have four of there albums now and they are great. I would recommend them to anyone to try if they haven't already. The delivery was quick. Would recommend.
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on 30 September 2003
I am fortunate in that I lived in Canada when OLP first came to the nation's attention. Their sound is like nothing else on the scene and it is criminal that they have not been marketed properly by UK record companies. Having seen them 3 times (once at a Birmingham gig with only 250 other people!) I can vouch that their sound has got richer and songwriting better. There are some real standout tracks on this album, particularly 'Somewhere Out There' and 'Sorry'. The only reason that I didn't give this a 5/5 is because I still rate 'Clumsy' as their seminal work, and it doesn't quite get there - but it tries!! If you have this already but don't own 'Clumsy' or their first album, 'Starseed'...check them out - they're awesome. For anyone else who loves OLP and has all of their stuff, try out '54-40' (I recommed 'Trusted By Millions')...another Canadian band who should be given a break in the UK.
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on 28 October 2004
Wow...i first heard OLP's work after hearing the song 'Whatever' and reading about how that song came about being recorded. I checked out OLP but wasnt sure about getting the album as it didnt have the 'Whatever' song on it.
I then heard "Not Enough' through a wrestling programme and decided to get the album and its now my favourite album as its the only album ive ever had where i like all the songs rather than a normal album which contains a few hits and then all filler tracks
My favourite track is 'Innocent' due to its amazing lyrics and also 'Not Enough' and 'Story about a girl' stick out as the must listen to tracks.
I would recomend anybody to buy this album as it will be one of the best purchases you will ever make
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on 13 April 2012
Now, it's not often I come accross an album I can happily listen too the whole way through.
This really was an exception for me. This album is pure brilliance.
Our Lady Peace never really fail to impress me, I have always found Maida's voice distinctive and beautiful, and in this album he really demonstrates his talent.
If you haven't already, please listen to this album. It really is exceptional. Each song tells a different story; and all songs are so easy to relate too. On this album, I can always find a song too suit my mood.
The album is classic Our lady peace style, and I can assure you, it is amazing, and easy to listen too. Some of the songs on it are very motivational and inspiring; I can honestly say they have lifted my mood on many occasions.
There is just so much power and meaning in this album. You can tell that the band mean every word, and every note that they compose.
I know I am writing this review in 2012, but I promise, this is something special, which everyone should know about.
If you love Our Lady Peace, you'll love this album as much as I do.
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on 14 June 2006
It's often remarked that a band is truly defined by their 'crucial make or break' album. An album which the band has poured their very beings into in an attempt to make it everything that their band is meant to be.

This is certainly Our Lady Peace's defining album. With each track it is clear they have tried to make this different yet still capture the essence of what their past albums were about. Some truly mind blowing tracks open the album in the form of 'All For You' and 'Somewhere Out There' which are both extremely powerful tracks both in lyrics and riffs. These give way to some softer tracks such as 'Not Enough' which are where OLP excell to brilliance.

One thing which you notice on listening to the words of these songs is that there is a truth in the lyrics which other bands have neglected. A very good album overall and a good addition any rock lover's collection. They deserve far more coverage and promotion over here than previosuly receieved.
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on 20 April 2003
Our Lady Peace were said to be the 'most under-rated rock bands of our time.' And who would dare to disagree. A brilliant band with not as much recognition as they truly deserve. Gravity is the proof of this. A ten track masterpiece. Here's the breakdown.
1) All For You - The first track and a blinding opener. Introduces the whole album in true OLP style. 9/10.
2) Do You Like It - A good song which has the typical melodic verse and rocking chorus that is so common throughout the whole OLP back catalogue. 8/10.
3) Somewhere Out There - The 'single' of the whole album, and sure enough, was the first release. One of the best on the album which showcases Raine's writing and singing ability. 9/10.
4) Innocent - An anthemic song which was also released. The type of song that could get a whole arena singing along in awe. 9/10.
5) Made Of Steel - Another song which fits the OLP 'mould'. Good song which is wicked as soon as the guitar kicks in at the end of the chorus. 8/10.
6) Not Enough - A brilliant song which begins quite calmly but leads into a loud brash chorus. OLP at their best. Think In repair but more mature. 10/10.
7) Sell My Soul- Song full of angst which wouldn't look out of place on a Nirvana album. Loud, hard chorus which gets you singing along. 8/10.
8) Sorry - Another classic. A song you will never forget after the first time you hear it. 10/10.
9) Bring Back The Sun - The calmest song on the album but a good one nevertheless. Raine in a very reflective mood. Good if you like Rock ballads. 7/10.
10) Story About A Girl - Good end to the album. A song which goes through many transitions but remains fluid. Anthemic chorus. 8/10.
So there it is. My breakdown of Gravity. Make of it what you will, the only advice I would give is, if you like your rock 'soft' (i.e. no screaming) and your choruses anthemic, buy it. People have said it is too short but in my opinion, 10 tracks of quality is better than 20 tracks of quantity. 'Nuff said.
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on 26 October 2006
This album was slated as horrendous and a load of crap, more or less because their guitarist left, Mike Turner due to creative differences because the band wanted to make an album that was more straight forward and a bit less "alternative".

The real reason he left was becuase he did'nt want to play guitar riffs which he would of found boring. "Gravity" is still a genius album from Our Lady Peace, and not all that different from their previous records actually, I'll admit its not what I expected from the band on first listen - but I could'nt deny - the music still sounded good.

I do hope the band ask Mike Turner to rejoin for their next album (Now that Healthy In Paranoid Times was released )they've done their less adventurous albums (only compared to their first four of course), you can only take something in a direction for so long.

They're still a great band, but they need to go back to where they REALLY belong.
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on 1 October 2005
The first time i ever heard of OLP was on wwe superstar-jeff hardy's desire video with the song not enough,which is without a doubt the best song on this album, and one of my favourite ever. I couldnt download it anywhere so i bought gravity. When i first listened to it i didnt perticlarly like it, i thought it was blunt and dull, but then about a year on i put it on to I-tunes and felt like chilling to some smooth music and then i listened to the whole album and fully appreciated its beauty! I'll say which songs are amazing, in order of favourite being first
1. Not enough - Amazing and brilliant on all levels!
2. All for you - Great album opener, very catchy
3. Bring back the sun - Beautiful song, the whole song just has something about it, its a song u listen to if youve lost a girlfriend
4. Do You like it - Great chorus, brilliant songs
Other songs i really love off this album are Somehwere out there (which has amazing lyrics and a really heart felt chorus) and sell my soul
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on 24 April 2004
I first heard this band with the song 'Not Enough', and thought they had something special, which many bands today lack. I then went on without listening to any other material of theirs, until I stumbled across their album in a shop in India. I did the unusual thing and bought it, even though I had only heard one song off the album. When I tentatively put the CD into my hi-fi and started to play it, the haunting piano intro of 'All For You' kicked in, which effectively dragged me into following Our Lady Peace from then on. As I listened to the album, the songs progressively got better and better, and as I listened to it again and again, the album grew on me even more. Songs such as 'All For You','Somewhere Out There', 'Not Enough, and 'Bring Back The Sun' are faultless when it comes to striking a chord with you, as they making a lasting impression, that tell you, 'there is more to us'. Also, they don't lose any points in the 'uplifting alternative song' department as 'Do You Like It?', 'Made Of Steel', 'Sorry' and the powerful 'Innocent' do nothing but strenthgen the band's huge catalogue of great songs. This album is now one of the things that I would take to a desert island with me. I was extremely surprised that they weren't one of the biggest bands in the world, but a Canadian band that have only managed to make a break in Canada. Described as the 'Canadian Stereophonics' in one of the reveiws on the site I begged to think that the reviewer couldn't be anymore wrong. Our Lady Peace have a completely distinctive sound (and of course, a distictive vocalist, Raine Maida) with a HUGE range of songs and genres, that fit any sort of mood you're in at the time, and this album is testament to any music that is worth listening to. If you like alternative music, BUY THIS ALBUM. If you like rock music, BUY THIS ALBUM. If you like indie music, BUY THIS ALBUM. If you like good music,BUY THIS ALBUM. Our Lady Peace are a talent that shouldn't be wasted and they make music that you can only give a chance by listening to it.
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on 4 October 2007
This is a rare album where there isn't a bad song to slate. The tracks that stand out for me are innocent and made of steel.

The album opener, All For You sets the tone for the album and the rest fall into place.

I would rate this album with the best of them if no the best in the last 5 years.

I too first heard this band through WWE programming. Their song for the late great Chris Benoit really got me hooked on the OLP bandwagon and can't wait to see what they bring out in the future. Their greatest hits rounds up all the good tracks this band have churned out.

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