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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 14 November 2017
Brilliant album. I love Hybrid Theory but Reanimation is like adding the icing on the cake.
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on 23 May 2017
I didn't know what to expect from Reanimation. It seemed like an odd idea to release a remix album with just two albums of material to base it on. But this isn't your conventional remix album. Rather than just throwing club beats and additional vocal lines at the existing material and making some unrecognisable sounds, this album is more like a covers album, whereby the guests put their own spin on the Linkin Park songs. There are some big names too with Aaron Lewis from Stains, Mr Davis from KoRn and Jay Gordon from Orgy to name but a few. In my mind it's actually the third best album they've done and their career has gone down the toilet since. But that's my opinion. Well worth a couple of spins.
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2002
The original was excellent, Linkin Park stood out from the nu-metal invasion with distinctive melodious tracks blended with infectious heavy riffs. Like all other mesmerised music fans, buying the Reanimated version was a natural decision, especially when hearing the superior production of the 'Pillars of Autonomy' remix.
However, initially the record was disappointing. There was no big-beat-electronica-breakbeat-drum'n'bass mixes that the original was so crying out for. Instead, the tracks were mildly laced with mainstream hip hop beats, propped up by weak rap vocalists.
Yet after a few listens - like a chinese wok (probably) the record does got better and provides an adequate stop gap. Highlights have to be 'My December' which has been transformed to an uplifting quasi-dance track whilst 'Runaway' is given the traditional heavy bass and big drum treatment, spendid work as some might say. On the whole, the remixes aren't groundbreaking but they're pleasant enough and will keep the Linkin Park fan happy until new materal comes out.
It makes you wonder though of how the record would sound if the likes of the Chemical Brothers or Jon Carter were allowed to tamper with the originals.
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on 5 April 2005
The concept of 'Reanimation' is an interesting one,
Obviously remix album's are nothing new, but it is quite rare to find an album like this- brilliant on so many levels.
produced by the highly talented Mike Shinoda, he brings together an amazing body of work from a variety of different producers who interpret 1999's 'Hybrid Theory' in their own way. The results are fantastic, proving Linkin Park's ability to expand their sound from radio friendly rock.
Reanimation sit's somewhere in between electronica, rock and hip-hop, it's this diversity that makes for such an interesting album.
The film scoresque 'opening' creates the mood, deep cello, violin and piano mould together to create a haunting atmosphere, as the outro fades out 'PTS.OF.ATHRTY' fades in, taking the original to a whole new level it's five minutes of tearing guitars, explosive electronic sounds and vocals that have been manipulated to sound twisted and robotic. also check out the video of this track on your computer, equally as explosive!
Next up is 'ENTH E ND' Kutmasta Kurt's hip-hop take on the original track, it works well as a stand alone song but compared to the anthemic original, it's nothing special.
'FRGT/10' keeps the album building on the hip-hop tip, The Alchemist drop's some tight beats and haunting melodies, but it's Mike Shinoda's new rap verses that really make this song shine.
Next is probably the best track on the album ' P5HNG ME A*WY' produced by Shinoda himself it just goes to prove that he is the man when it comes to production, the heavy original is stripped back into an emotional 6 minute ride of complex beats, driving synth's and swirling guitar, a brilliant song that is arguably better than the original.
AMP live work their magic with the remix 'PLC.4 MIE HEAD' opening with an interesting, yet typical hip-hop vibe it's the last two minutes here that really shine, emotional cascading piano and extreme guitar roll along to create a violent robotic warscape.
This intensity is kept flowing with the Xecutioner's mashup of 'one step closer' and 'forgotten' a good little hip-hop tune, if not a little TOO complex, turntable madness hit's a peak here.
The hip-hop vibe is kept going with 'H! VLTG3' Evidence deliver's a very classy track that is quite easily the best Hiphop number on the album,
Joe Hahn deliver's next 'WTH>YOU' a heavy electronic/rock affair that makes use of the rolling beats, distorted guitars and keyboard lines, Aceyalone's tough vocal contribution is welcome and works well with Chester's roaring melodies.
As the delicate piano melodies fade out of the intermission it's time to head 'PPR:KUT' a very spooky take on the original that is plentiful of guest vocalist's... and vocal scratching, which does get kind of excessive in the chorus, still, an interesting track that is good, but probably doesn't hold up to the original.
'RNW@Y' is much better, and is another album highlight on a slight dance tip it melds funky hiphop and breakbeat alongside deep twisted sampling, and haunting keyboard lines.
'MY>DSMBR' produced by the very clever M.P, is the album's most gentle track. light piano and keyboard lines create a moving and light atmosphere that is further enhanced by female vocal textures.
The heaviness get's rolling again with a co-production by Mike Shinoda and the mighty Josh Abraham 'BY_MYSLF' heavy swirling electronica and guitars pave the way for an emotional and brilliant outro that makes use of cut off Chester screams and deep melodies. DJ Joe Hahn is in the mix again with his take on the instrumental 'KYUR4 TH ICH' this time dropping heavy beats, swirling orchestral samples and turntable madness.
Now the album is beginning to reach it's close and it's time to bring in the big gun's, The humble bro's remix '1STP KLOSR' takes the original to the next level, creating a dark and driving soundscape through the use rolling beats, explosive electronic sampling and heavy guitar, also of note is the inclusion of Korn's Jonathan Davis who's vocal contribution adds to the confronting and moody nature of this track.
Mike Shinoda makes a welcome return again with his own remix 'KRWLNG' dropping the stark intensity of the original to create an atmospheric and emotional tune that is easily another album highlight. Moving orchestral strings, subtle beats and haunting vocals by Chester and Aaron Lewis create a deep atmosphere that brings the album to a suitable close.
For some reason, it's this album that has had a lot of patriotic LP fans shaking their heads and walking away, they just don't get it. Sure this may not be every rock lover's first choice of music but it just goes to prove Linkin park's ability to not remain stagnant and boring, it's their ability to keep evolving and changing that put's them at the top of the list, If you take this into account and listen to this album over a few times you will eventually find what the whole concept is all about.
Also worthy of note in this release is the artwork, the battlescapes, robotic blueprints and anime style imagery all help to convey a deep and dark mood, leading their own graphic design and direction is further proof why LP are elite.
All in all, whether you are a rock, electronica or hip-hop fan, Reanimation has something to offer everybody, and as per usual with this band,
in spectacular epic fashion.
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on 10 February 2005
I bought this album because it was going cheap and because im a fan of linkin park. I didnt have a clue what to expect because I knew they had'nt released a new album, but after listening to the first three tracks I knew I was gonna love it. It is basically a remix album but in most cases they actually better the original. All the tracks are great!(except the bouring skits they've inclueded) If your a Linkin park fan I couldnt recomend this album enough!!
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on 15 August 2005
Ths album is a must for more or less everyone. I discovered Linkin Park whilst listening to Kerrang on a Tuesday after school. And I was shocked to find that practically all my friends couldn't stand them. So I brought the album and forced them to listen to it.
It has something for everyone Hip Hop, Rock or electronic. Most people would say 'Well yeah but that don't make it good now do it?' I would seriously disagree. To display so many different types of music on one album after having some bloody brilliant artists run riot with your lyrics, its just great. I can't take the CD out of my Walkman 'cause at the moment, Linkin Prk rule.
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on 10 December 2005
I was given this album as a birthday present and to be honest I was almost expecting a second rate version of Hybrid Theory. I was very wrong. This is by far the best collection of some of the best remixes I have ever heard.
Being a big fan of KoRn I was pleasantly surprised to Jonathan Davis' name on 1stp Klosr (remix of 'one step closer'). Even if you don't really like Linken Park there is probably something on here that you will like.
The only track that I wasn't that impressed with was 'Enth E Nd' which features Motion Man. It takes the original tune ('In the End') and makes it sound like a vinyl on a deck with scratching and pauses and rewinds. This is really not my kind of thing though but I did enjoy Chali 2NA's contribution although it is very different from anything that J5 have ever done.
I would strongly recommend this album to anyone willing to give a chance to hearing some of their favourite music torn apart and then being carefully reconstructed by some truly great artists.
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on 31 July 2002
Well load your gun and shoot me dead, because really must be the best album I have ever heard!! I got my new Linkin Park album and listened to it beginning to end, and stayed gobsmacked throughout the whole of the sixty-odd minutes that the album goes on for, but trail on into a blurr does it not! Its like going on a rollercoaster, they cleverly start you off smoothly with the opening and rush you straight into the hard linkin park style that everyone knows as points of authority. I must say the 2 main reasons I bought the album for were that I loved Hybrid Theory, and I loved the remix of points of authority by Jay Gordon, but now I have the album, I don't really listen to that because the others are just to good!!
When you hear the opening you think ahh this is cool, this is smooth. It reminded me of the film braveheart at first, as you hear Pheonix showing off his ultimate talents on the violin and cello, hes not just a hard-rocking bass player you know. I must say that the only track I was dissapointed with was pushing me away, as the original was amazing, but they just ruined it in the mix, although I am not saying that because of Stephen Richards, the profoundidly famous singer of Taproot, one of my favorite bands. There is only properly 15 tracks to listen to on the album, but that still sure is a whole lot! Each track continuously loops onto the next, and the other 5 sub-tracks help this happen.

The album can't really be related to any others, as to me it is a whole new genre of music and rythme. But I will say if you liked the hit with the executioners then you will definately like this. My personal favorites must be plc.4 mie haed, ppr:kut, and by_myslf, but I would say the best track on the album is KRWLNG. You get a hint of braveheart again at the beginning, which continues quietly throughout the song, and aaron lewis of staind definately helps chester tone the lyrics to the song in his own way. Much smoothly and relaxing than the first version, and you will feel happy by the end of the album whilst your waiting for the shiver to go away from your spine and the hairs to settle back down on yours arms.
I must say like everyone else would, a truely amazing and complimenting album to linkin park, and everyone should own a copy, so quick, ADD ONE TO YOUR BASKET NOW!!!!!!
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on 25 March 2004
Linkin Parks second album wasn't an album in its own right. This album was, as the title suggests, a 'reanimation' of all their songs from Hybrid Theory. Only Linkin Park could take an already excellent album, 'reanimate' it, and transform it into something just as good, and still giving you unheard songs.
There are a massive 20 songs on this CD, with 12 of them being 'reanimations' of their original counterparts. The other 8 are new or just more remixes from random DJ's.
The music on Reanimation is as good as ever, with some fantastic 'reanimations' on it, but, as ever there ARE downers. To start with... whoever Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man are should be shot in the head, crammed into a small briefcase, and thrown into the sea, because the remix of In The End (called Enth E Nd on the album) has completely ruined the song that shot Linkin Park into stardom (over here in the UK at least). It starts with somebody killing an electric guitar (or at least thats what it sounds like) and then drums come in and a "beat" is established... kind of. Then Mike starts rapping as usual, and you're listening along, and you think... Hey! This isn't write. They re-wrote the lyrics so that they don't fit into the music at all! Nice! NOT. Thats the only real downer. 'Reanimations' of Place For My Head (Plc.4 Mie Haed), Forgotten (Frgt/10) and Cure For The Itch (Kyur4 Th Ich) are good, alongside By Myself (By_Myslf) and Points Of Authority (Pts. Of Athrty), and the rest all make it an album that is worth buying. Oh, and another downer is P5hng Me A*ay (Pushing Me Away) because the song never really "Starts" if you know what I mean. Anyway, listen to it and you'll find out... I don't like to end on a negative note, because this album is good and worth buying if your a Linkin Park fan.
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on 17 October 2010
Its Linkin Park but at the same time it isn't. Cleverly re-mixed and re-labelled version of Hybrid Theory but somehow this collection of re-mixes seem devoid of the soul and energy of the originals and with most of the vocals stripped away, the enormity of Chester Bennington's contribution to the overall Linkin Park sound becomes very apparent. As we see in later works, LP are never afraid to push their craft in new directions, its a brave step and many have hailed it as a great piece of work. I own it because I like all things LP but of their albums it has to go down as the least played in my collections. In my own opinion its not bad but its not brilliant.
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