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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£11.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 12 April 2003
The name of this review says it all, this is metal gear solid 2 with the SUBSTANCE put back in, those who were slightly dissapointed at the formal sequal will love this.
packed with extra features that will keep even the harcore players occupied for hours, even unlocking characters may seem rather repetative you find yourself driven onward to complete them all, you eventually will win the chance to play as solid in the big shell, an event fans will die for!
the VR missions are fun, yet challenging and sometimes quite funny, for exaple, on level you play as raiden guarding EE(emma emirrich) from a swarm of guards, as snake its guarding meryl(his girlfreind from the first game) as iriquis pliskin(snakes alter ego) you see him guarding a curry! and it is a difficult task at that.
overall this is a fantastic addition to the game, and the other thing about it is that fact that you dont need the original game to play this, it has it all in there already!
begginers and veterans alike will always find something to occupy them, the game is challenging and gripping, a must have buy!
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on 4 November 2005
I had the original version of MGS2 that i traded in a long time ago, yet i missed MGS2 so much that i purchased this "Substance" version recently. It is not just an upgrade of the orignial version. The full game is in there plus so much more. The replay value on the original game is huge as so moany unlockables have been included.
There are numberous training levels, minigames and bonus missions thrown in there as well as plenty of secrets too. Also an amazing extra skateboarding area is included where you can skate on the roof of Big Shell! This section is massively fun!! The 2nd disc that comes with it is an encyclopedia all about MGS. It features every single piece of info you could possibily want on this game. However, the question is it worth purchasing if you have the original MGS2? Yes - if you are a total MGS nut and a completist of the series and No - if you already have played MGS2 to death and started to tire of it.
All in all the most complete MGS experience and i think better than MGS3. If they cram all this and more into the "Subsistance" update of MGS3 due out soon i will be more than happy.
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on 28 July 2004
When I bought this game, I had alread played and completed Sons of Liberty which ranks at no.1 at my top computer game list EVER. Unfortunatley, I had to do myself a favour and buy this game! it has extra's sure but you couldn't import your saved games from the previous which was a bummer.
However, I did play through the game again in all of it's glory, unlocking tons of extra's as I played through, it's a pity you can't change characters during the actual levels but having a digital camera to take photo's was still fun, and going around invisible to everyone is hillarious. When i'm bored, I pull out this game and run around the place, the game stands at the only one i've completed about 20 times, and even though the gameplay is about 20 hours you'll still want to do it again!.
Even though it has it's flaws if your a Son's of Liberty User it knocks the previous game off the top of the list and put's itself neatly up at position no.1 one. I gaurantee you WILL enjoy this game as much as me
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on 3 April 2003
If you have played Metal Gear Solid and the VR Missions Disc, then you'll know roughly what to expect. But...aside from great graphics, superb plot and realistic AI, Substance has...
~the Original Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty
~350 VR Missions and 150 Alternative Missions
~5 New adventures with our Hero Solid Snake
~Liked the H.F Blade? Unlock new playable characters including Ninja Raiden with his legendary H.F Blade in a series of fun (and gory) missions. Also unlock Iriquois Pliskin, Raiden X and Solid Snake from the first game.
~Snake (and Raiden) go Skateboarding; great, challenging fun!
Not only all that, but there is Boss Survival Mode, where you go up against the...Bosses! For some added fun, try the Casting Theatre; replace Vamp with an old woman, the Navy Seals with Snake and Raiden as Otacon and watch them all go down in style!
There is also a bonus Documentation of Substance with 5 VR Missions. <SPOILER!!maybe> Don't read unless you really want...
If you successfully complete these 5 Missions, and load up Substance with that file, all the missions will be unlocked, it just doesn't look like they are though.
In conclusion, if you loved any of the Metal Gear games, you'll love this! It really is a great game, but it doesn't get Five Stars purely because I don't think Sons of Liberty could have gotten any better, so they didn't really have to release Substance. Still, a fantastic purchase. Get it.
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on 13 April 2003
I had played the original MGS2 (Sons of Liberty) after reading all of the hype about it and, to be honest, was very disappointed. I just did not understand what was going on.
Then I heard that this was a sort of "Director's Cut" of the game, with loads of extra mini-games that can help with training. I found it for a good price and bought it. And let me tell you, this is definitely one of the best games that I have ever owned (although possibly second only to GTA: Vice City).
Now, the game makes a lot more sense as there is a whole new section involving Solid Snake at the start, which allows the story to develop and the original game to make more sense. It feels as if you are actually playing in a big-budget Hollywood movie! Then, if you get bored of the main game, you can practice in VR-Missions or do some skateboarding practice.
I would recommend this game to everyone who didn't get MGS2 first time around as this is by far a much better version. However, to those who already own the original version, rent it out first and see whether you think it is worth selling your old version for the new features, because you are, in essence, re-purchasing the same game.
That said, this is a cutting-edge game that deserves a look, no matter where you stand on the original.
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on 12 April 2003
OK, to begin with Metal Gear Solid 2 is an absolutely OUTSTANDING game. Every little detail has been taken into account (i don't think one bolt on the ship is incorrect!), if you want to look over a box, hide in a locker, drag a dead body YOU CAN! And not only can you do these dynamic actions, but they're easy too. Simple buttons have been programmed so as not to bore you by having to learn the instruction booklet front to back! The story line is fantastic (save the world from nuclear destruction....) and the graphics just can't be beaten (even though "Son's of Liberty" was made a year ago!)
But, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! "Substance" is a pure add-on package. No added weapons or alternative endings etc, just added missions and skateboarding, and these are for the true die hard gamers out there, who have completed "Sons of Liberty" and want some-more challenges.
VR missions soon get tiring and dead boring. Snake tales are enormously difficult and are in the same old sets. The only FUN add-on is the skateboarding, were you'll play "Tony Hawk's pro skater" as Snake or Raiden, which also gets tiring quickly.
But i HAD to give this five stars since it CONTAINED the "Sons of Liberty" game, but withouth it i would have given it one star, since it's a terrible add-on package. Therefore, if you want to buy "Substance" purely for the game GET SONS OF LIBERTY! But, if you're a die hard Metal gear fan that can't get enough of the game and want some more features, go ahead and buy it!
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on 15 April 2003
There has been some confusion about this, admittedly - is it a sequel? Well, the answer is no - the more accurate description of this would be an elaboration. You see, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was all well and good, but it was flawed. Substance is pretty much a director's cut sort of thing - it covers everything, and adds about 300 extra missions to boot.
But if you already own Sons Of Liberty, you must ask yourself wether or not this is worth 3,499 of your pennies. If you weren't a huge fan of Sons of Liberty, stick with that - if you don't like the whole "softly softly catchy monkey" style, then don't bother with this - pick yourself up a copy of Vice City. This set me back a peg, as I was very used to the style of guns blazing, kill anything that moves (Let's just say my last 3 favourite games were Perfect Dark for N64, Goldeneye and Vice City). That will not work 99.99% of the time. You have to use your brain to figure out the more intricate levels of the game, which I liked, because I like to think I'm clever enough to do that sort of thing, but it might infuriate the more easily wound-up of us. This is not to say Vice City isn't good - I think it's one of the best games ever - but it's in a completely different world to Substance. But I suggest everyone play this at least once... it improves your overall gaming technique, and who knows, next time you have to break into the HQ of an evil organization you might be a little better off.
If some of you are wondering if Splinter Cell is better than this, well I can't really tell you how to feel, but in my opinion, I would rather this. However, some people prefer the Getaway to Vice City, so who knows... you may feel differently.
Nevertheless, this is a top title, and I would reccomend it to anyone who has a decent amount of patience. If you've become impatient by simply reading this review, then please type either "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" or "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance" into the little search box up there and click GO. They'll be right up your street.
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on 14 April 2003
After reading all the hype about MGS2, and finally finishing it, I can truly say I couldn't understand how reviewers at the time, could still say it is the best game ever. How could Hideo Kojima produce such a brilliant master piece yet completely lose it on the ever-lasting cut scenes, the way ...I mean WAY over the top story line that anyone gave up caring about 10 saves a go.
With substance out and the additional goodies, I thought, no way are you getting me to fork out another £40. I mean the new boy splinter cell is out so I will have to think hard about this one. Splinter cell ...substance ??? Young pretender to throne or the old man we know as snake !
I can safely say I am glad I chose substance simply because you get so much more of a game this time round, even if you, like me ,aren't to sure you would like the VR missions and the like. The extra's are impressive, 350 VR missions as well as 150 alernative missions and snakes tales and the skateboarding mini game. I have only started to play the alternative missions where you have to dispose bombs, and you cannot help but feel the old snake we were meant to experience is back. No cut scenes to rub you the wrong way ...just %100 pure sneaking around with loads of tension ...the whole time.
This is a truly great addition to the original and I can greatly recommend it, even if you played the original. You experience that ..." let's try it one more time " feeling and it's what makes substance so good. This will keep you locked away from daylight for weeks, if not months. Snaaaaaaakke !
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on 4 April 2003
The Metal Gear Solid on the Psone was amazing, and MGS2 Sons of liberty was just the best. I have played MGS2 Sons of liberty and expected MGS2 Substance to be just as good. But, it was just the same game but just with a few extra features, and VR missions. The VR missions are good, from stealth (sneaking up on enemies and planting bombs on them), to taking pictures of your teamates in ridiculous positions. This new MGS2 includes the whole of the Sons of liberty game.
You get to be Snake again and there are Snake tales missions.
Raiden is still playable and Meryl is still there.
Gameplay: Very good and exciting. 9 out of 10
Graphics: A bit simple, but satisfying. 7 out of 10
Length: Long enough(maybe), VR missions add longevity. 8 out of
Overall: 8 out of 10 If you do not already own MGS2 Sons of liberty already, than buy this one!
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on 7 April 2003
I was told by a friend not to by metal gear solid 2 and wait for substance to come out... and I am glad because substance is amazing. The game its self is wonderful, (after getting over the shock of the length of the snake mission) and Raiden does kick a$$ :D The storyline is extremely deep and absorbing with some very well thought out plot twists (some of them are very weird). Disappointingly you cannot play in the actual game as the ninja however you can use him in some of the Training missions.
I wouldn't say that the game is any better than the first, as they both have things that are better than one another.
Oh and one more thing with all the difficulty levels, the VR missions and extra training missions, not to mention the skateboarding, the game had a wonderful replay value.
A must buy for the fans of the first metal gear, and for all those stealthy types too.
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