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on 3 March 2017
Good game
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on 7 March 2017
One of the best ps2 games
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on 12 January 2014
I remember having this on the xbox years and it wasn't that bad. I didn't like the driving part in the jungle I like died 5 or 6 times & I almost at the and it didn't restart your when you move on to the next stage.

007: Night fire is a good FPS and I wouldn't mind playing it again another time.
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on 8 June 2017
To scarched and did not work.
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on 8 December 2002
I played this for a few days with some mates, and I was expecting it to be a bit rubbish. However, I was very impressed. The game overall is the best bond other than GoldenEye, and a worthy partner to the new James Bond film hitting the screens at this same time. The graphics are similiar to Agent Under Fire, but more detailed, and bond actually looks like Pierce Brosnan(despite not sounding like him). Gun controls have also been improved, with nearly all weapons having two different actions (eg:a certain pistol has both semi automatic fire or burst fire)this adds lots more variety and fun.
The multiplayer is a great laugh, with up to four people meeting up and, well, shooting each other to the death. The locations and characters in the multiplayer are from both the game's story and other Bond films, like Fort Knox from Goldfinger and Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me.
And, despite still being an FPS at heart, there are some on rails and driving missions to boot. NightFire doesn't bring anything new or revoloutionary to the shoot 'em up genre, but it's pure fun and pure bond... and isn't that what counts?
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on 9 January 2007
NO game compares to the multiplayer on this, me and my friends love running about, capturing the other teams flag, blowing each other to pieces with helicoptors and sniping one another from the rooftops. Single player is good as well with a good variety of missions and a bold storyline. EVERYONE with a PS2, GET THIS GAME! You will not regret.
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on 26 January 2003
This new Bond game is so brilliant. I completed it recently and it was certainlymuch harder (and more fun) than Agent Under Fire. For a start the first level is very good cos you got to protect a French intelligence agent called Dominique by sniping some villains from a helicopter. Then you go into your car and kill some more people. But thats only the first level. In the others you get to experience zero gravity, rendezvous with under cover agents in Austria use guided rockets and heatseeking ones, use your car under water (not in a Lotus though), fly in a plane while shooting others down and much more. You can also tranquilise, stun enemies and obviously shoot them as usual. Multiplayer has been improved alot and you can use mounted weapons plus mini helicopters and tanks. There's more scenarios like Uplink, Goldeneye Strike, Assasination and more. This is a first person game with sometimes some cool dramatic third person moments. But there are some minor errors such as floating tripbombs and satchel charges. I actually went under ground once and killed enemies from there! But this is one good game.
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on 5 June 2003
This is a great game! The levels are well designed and are fun to play. There are lots of different levels which can be played on three different difficulties.
However, the best part about this game is the multiplayer function. There are loads of different games which can be unlocked by playing levels but also with cheats. I have played on the multiplayer function so many times that I know the best ways to play it back to front! By the way, if you play multiplayer, always choose Skyrail as your location - it is the best!
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on 30 April 2007
Well, I have to say one of the first games I got for my Playstation 2 was 007: Agent Under Fire, which in my opinion, was good in that it offered something different i.e.: Bit of First-Person-Shooting, on rails shooting and driving. But getting through the game and most of the unlockables was easy.

I mean for example, you can take on that game 50 bullets approx but your enemies take about three. Also the snipers were really easy to spot as the lasersights from their guns made a ruddy line! Wheras on this game not only are the graphics more polished, the enemies are harder and more intelligent. They hide more when you shoot at them instead of running straight towards you. Also getting some of the unlockables is incredably hard and there are loads of them to unlock. The storyline is also darker as well, well it has a darker and more gritty feel about it. It feels more like something out of Brosnan film instead of a Roger Moore one, which Agent Under Fire doesn't.

Some of the best levels are the driving ones. My personal favourite levels are 'The Exchange' because it is the level where you can use the most of your stealth abilities without being forced to, and 'Enemies Vanquished' as you can drive the Aston Martin V12 (as seen in Die Another Day) at breakneck speed. Another great addition to the game is the ability to have bots in multiplayer, (something that the PS2 version of AUF didn't have but the Xbox and Gamecube ones did evidently!) so if you're bored with the one player and have no friends around you can still have a deathmatch on multiplayer against upto three computer controlled characters.

This game is essiential to all Bond fans and is by far the best yet. It will leave you feeling both shaken and stirred. *****
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on 11 September 2004
I've had this game since last year and it is class. This is a great bond game. Graphics: The graphics are amazing. Bond himself just looks exactly like he does in the film. The other girls in it also look like the kind he normally has in the films, very exotic. The enemys such as drake and rook look quite good although there not in the films (i think) but they still look very detailed. The cars, the vanquish looks so realistic and its speed is also amazing. The bullets it fires look good and the smoke it makes. EA obviously spent alot of time on the cars and people. The guns look quite good aswell and so do the explosions. The environment looks good as it sits in the background. The graphics are 10/10. Audio: Pierce Brosnan recorded his voice into the game (i think, again) which makes it better because then at least it sounds like the real bond. The missiles, gunshots, cars and explosions sound quite real. Sometimes the sounds are a bit dodgey. Audio equals 9/10. Gameplay: The gameplay is brilliant. There are 12 missions just like all the others but some are quite challenging this time. You can drive a few differrent cars such as the vanquish and a police car but you drive/control over things such as a plane, tank and a little snow bike sort of thing. There are many things you can use against your enemys such as Bonds normal gun but when you kill others you can take their weapons and use it. They have machine guns, snipers and grenade launchers and many more. There are many guns, alot are machine guns. You carry some of the gadgets Bond does such as the watch laser, stunner, dicrypler etc. Is it a four player game where you take you and others and there are mutiplayer options such as normal arenas where you just play with first to kill how many you choose (it goes up to 120). There is capture the flag and demolition and many more. On the screen you choose your weapon set and which characters you want to have in the game. There are quite alot. I recommend this to you.
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