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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2006
One thing's for sure you will not get bored because i just finished the game yesterday so it has taken me 4 years to finish.The graphics are not perfect because it is quite old.This game is very addictive and there is a very big area to explore.

The whole story is exactly the same as the book and movie so you know were you are.After the credits at the end you are given the chance to stay in the common room and browse through 'Colin's Photo Album' so you can re-visit levels and collect more witch and wizard cards.

But the down side is that you need to wait a quite a while when the game is loading up and the guy who tells the story is VERY annoying.

But believe me this game can be quite challenging at times but you will get through it (without any cheats).So buy it,it is well worth the money because it gives you years of entertainment !!!
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on 7 February 2003
I was reluctant to watch the Harry Potter films, being in my 20's, but have to say was hooked once I saw "The Philosophers Stone"! I hadn't seen the 2nd film when I bought the game! And I have to admit the game was definitely easier having finally watched the "Chamber Of Secrets"!
The game is absolutely fantastic, with great graphics and visual effects... the only thing that is a little annoying is that you can't always view what you want to, and Harry can be a little difficult to control at times! The first thing you get to do is a bit of Gnome throwing at the "Weasley's House", which is great... zapping gnomes and then grabbing their ankles and throwing them! It's a real laugh! Back to Diagon Alley for a few supplies and little challenges (and more gnomes). You then hop in your flying car and crash into the "whomping willow" - this level will really get you frustrated as it can take a little time to work out what you've got to do!
You then proceed to Hogwarts, which is a little confusing as you get lost a couple of times... especially if you go out of the building! Along the way, you do challenges... you'll get really annoyed as they only ever ask Harry to do things! Teachers pet or what! Each challenge will give you a new spell, and believe me, as you go round Hogwarts, you'll realise how much you need them! A little hint is go into all the classrooms, not just the ones you are told to!
Once you have your Nimbus 2000, you can fly around the grounds of Hogwarts, which is a great deal quicker than running! You'll join in "Quidditch matches" and even play the "Quidditch cup". This skill take a lot of practise... but you can go for practice sessions when you want to! This is another good thing about this game... you're not timed or made to do things quickly! You can take your time getting to classes and doing challenges!
Watch out for your midnight challenges though! You have to be very good at sneak mode! If teachers or prefects catch you they take points from "Griffindor"... unless you are using the spell where Hermione changes you into one of the "Slitheryn" housemates. Get caught as many times as you want.. because they take points off "Slitheryn" and not you! To get passed the prefects just keep using spells as many times as you can as it confuses them, or try and hit them with your "flipendo!"
As you can probably tell... I loved this game... it's so well thought out! My advice is... try and play it with other people in the room, as they may spot something that you don't.
You'll get really frustrated, annoyed, desperate and completely exhausted trying to work out what to do... but the more you play it, the more you'll realise what you've got to do!
ANOTHER HINT! Go into the Library and read the highlighted spell books in the alcoves... as they give you hints and tips! We didn't find them until we'd nearly finished the game, but it gives you hints about how to open secret doors and things! Also, at the end, don't go straight to the Great Hall, go round and try and get some more house points or believe me "Slitheryn" will win!
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on 23 June 2013
this Harry Potter PS2 game was one I played non-stop when I was 9 and 10 years old. it's great to have bought it brand new and do not regret it whatsoever!! am really glad i bought it. will start playing it regularly again. never gets boring :)
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on 15 August 2011
My Aunt bought me this game as a birthday present. I really like it, but it has just a few things wrong with it:

* It misses lots of parts out of the book/movie.
* Ron and Lockhart don't even go into the chamber with Harry.
* The loading screens take ages.
* When duelling, when you cast Expelliarmus, it sometimes dosen't do anything.
* Dobby is absent from the game.

This game is good, but needs improving a bit.
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on 20 November 2002
I bought the last Harry Potter game unknowing whether it would be a spellfest of puzzles and adventure, or just a grumpy old toad. It was in the middle. However, all the good parts have been kept on for this version, and new features have been added in to retain the magic for Harry fans. I have read all the books and I still found countless new surprises in the game, though I won't reveal them, it would spoil it for those who already have their heart set on young Mr Potter. Harry acts and looks more like most people imagined him to, as do the 'co-stars' of the game. And the bottom line is; it is a magical game! Miss out and you will incur the wrath of The Chamber of Secrets!!!!
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on 13 May 2003
I bought this on a whim - being a bit sick of the first person shooter gorefests that I was playing. I'm a 25 year old hardened gamer but I'm glad I got this. The Chamber of Secrets is magical escapism and I found it nice and relaxing. Harry can't die (only faint) so that immediately takes the pressure off allowing you to take your time and enjoy exploring the environment.
It doesn't get 5 stars because, as people have already mentioned, the loading times do get on your nerves a bit. But other than that this is a cracker!
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on 6 July 2016
This was bought as a replacement as our old game was v old and scratched. This replacement one we purchased was not the same version - complete different and quality was terrible, despite the fact that the covers on both games are identical. (So I presume one may be authentic and one is not?) Pixelated screen, completely different scenes, characters and narration. A very unhappy son!
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on 15 May 2003
I think the Harry Potter Play Station 2 Game is reely good. I think so becuse it gives me more offers and help. And the best bit is that its 3D. I alsow like it becuse I get to be Harry Potter.
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on 2 April 2012
As a Harry Potter fan I love owning the games the books and other merchandise and what I was missing was this game the PS2 version. I got it yesterday and it was good fun however there was no booklet. Luckily I know my way around Harry Potter games by now and for people who don't theres as always an ingame tutorial getting you used to the game. Unfortunately after 1 day the game has frozen on the start up :s I have no idea why but I shall clean the disc and should hope it works.
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on 19 August 2003
This is a good game but chances are you'll be disappointed. The game as a whole is alright. The pros being:
- Brilliant graphics
- Simple, easy to learn controls
- Good range of spells
- Brilliant representation of Hogwarts, inside and out
- Loads of wizard cards to collect, secret places to find
- Get to fly around the castle on your broom
However there are some things which are a real let down to both casual gamers and fans of the books. These are:
- The huge amount of times it has to load and the amount of time it takes doing it
- Horrible, wooden, naff voice-acting
- Small range of pathectic enemies
- Constant boring wizard duels which seem to last forever
- Annoying, badly done stealth sections
- Cuts huge chunks out of the book and film
- Far too easy and gets boring quick
It is a reasonably good game but don't get your hopes too high.
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