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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2002
Following the incendiary and emotionally powerful debut album, this album is more of an emo affair, than straight hate. The first single from Worship and Tribute "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss" is absolutely stunning, a mixture of pummelling riffs and off-kilter melodies, with daryl palumbos soothing emotion provoking vocal talents.
Also check out the gently lulling "ape dos mil" and the scratchy wah-wah schizophrenia of "tip your bartender".
Initial import copies have an enhanced feature for alimited availability which will probably feature the video to "cosmopolitan bloodloss" which was no. 1 handpicked video at Mtv.com at this time of writing, and some live footage for a video for "ape dos mil" which is tipped to be the next single.
If you liked songs from Everything you allways wanted to know about silence, like "piano", "boom" and "majour" you'll love this album, there is plenty of heaviness and some of the most amazing riffs ever. This is probably this summers most anticipated album for me.
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on 30 January 2005
Glassjaw are a very special band to me. I guarantee you know somebody who is as passionate about them as I am. I force this band on everyone. I will force this band on you...
I reccomend this album if you want to get into them. Everything you ever Wanted To Know About Silence is great, but its not for everyone. As Daryl (singer/lyricist) said: "You can only relate to this album if you've had your heart broken".
The special thing about Glassjaw are the lyrics, the way the guitarists both play completely different things, but fit together so tightly, the unpredictable dynamic changes, the beauty in songs like must've run all day, the noise of Stuck Pig... There's such beautiful contrast in this album. Each song sounds really sincere. Not like the other manufactured American stuff that I really, REALLY hate.
The lyrics aren't cliche and teen angst at all. They're really deep and meaningful, and I love to work out what they're about. They're sang which such emotion and meaning and you just can't not be touched by it. "Its a shame that our messiah's move their pawns from different mountains; and we're left to dance these bodies 'round the fountain"
Please, don't listen to emo. Listen to Glassjaw.
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on 18 December 2002
Having been a fan of hardcore music for quite some time it still stuns me to see that a band can still come up with an album that blows most of the competition away. In comparison to 'Everything...', Glassjaw's last album, 'Worship...' may appear to compromise the hardcore punky roots that made their debut so compelling. However, one or two listens and it becomes apparent that their sound has matured to the point where they can happily cross to the mainstream. It is a refreshing change to hear a vocalist as talented as Daryl not wasting his talents on pointless angst (I'm looking your way Staind, Disturbed et al) but giving his lyrics real meaning. There are various stand out tracks on this album, in particular the stunning final three, 'The Gillette...', 'Trailer Park Jesus' and 'Two Tabs of Mescaline' and 'Must've Run All Day', brilliant and compelling evidence of their newfound maturity. In short, you would be a fool to buy a record which doesn't match up to this. If you enjoy this try BoySetsFire's 'After the Eulogy'(rawer and more punky) and Thursday's 'Full Collapse'(less raw and edgy but great songs).
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on 13 August 2003
One of the very few bands within the last 10 years which have created an original and distictivly excellent sound. I don't like putting them into a genre, as I believe they have created such a unique sound, that they cannot be compared to any other band or genre.
With an album as good as thier debut, I did not think they could exceed the greatness of such a record. I was wrong, this is an excellent record, wonderfully produced, consistantly great and one of the very few records, that can be listen from start to finish. Guitar work is outstanding, musically this band would be hard to be beaten, and as for the lead vocals, that is wot makes this band so brilliant...Daryl Palumbo is quite possibly my favorite vocalist on this decade. This is an excellent album, if you were thinking of buying this record, STOP THINKING AND START BUYING!
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on 13 April 2003
before i heard this album, glassJAw had been my favourite band for three years. as is expected, when i heard of the change of lineup and the change of sound, i was apprehensive, perhaps even disappointed, but within the first moment of 'tip your bartender' all my doubts perished in the firey onslaught of 'worship and tribute' in all its glory. as in EYEWTKAS, there is no common thread here, nothing to cling onto for safety. this isn't easy listening, but what else would glassJAw give you? here, in one plastic case is unadulterated emotion. pure, noxious, and intoxicating. it makes you listen. daryl's ceaselessly captivating voice, whether tuneful or otherwise demands your attention. todd, justin and dave on guitars draw you in and larry sets the rhythm for what is going to be the bumpiest and most glorious ride of your life. good luck.
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on 19 January 2006
The 'Jaw had a tough act to follow their classic debut album 'Everything you ever wanted to know about silence', but they sure took it to a new level with this release. The title itself refers to paying tribute to the bands that they grew up on, bands like Bad Brains, British indie pop acts such as Squeeze, Rockpile and Elvis Costello, to Faith no more, Youth of Today and Burn. You see with Glassjaw, they are in my humble opinion the most innovative band around. They can pull off elements of the aforementioned bands (you can hear the costello-esque vocal delivery and squeeze-esque melodies in Palumbo's voice), coupled with vocals reminiscent of the New York Hardcore scene they grew up on.The music is intricate and intelligent, intense and raw, with guitarists Beck and Todd using the craziest sounds and, at times, Fugazi-esque riffs which, one moment can be pummeling, the next delicate. The raw emotion and energy on display is amazing. The musicianship here demands repeated listens. Once the no-nonsense opener 'Tip Your Bartender' rolls into the chaotic follow-up 'Mu Empire', you know Glassjaw are BACK big style! Hairs stand up on arms! Yes, its THAT good!
More reflective tunes such as 'Must've Run All Day' and 'Ape Dos Mil' show a side to Glassjaw thats equally as intense and beautiful. And 'Stuck Pig' showcases the 'Jaw's undisputed ability to mix elements of heaviness with subtlety. Daryls vocals are amazing, both his screaming and singing! But dont be fooled, this isnt screamo or metalcore or whatever you want to label it, this is timless music that oozes longevity. Just like fellow legends/innovators Refused (a band that, in Daryls high pitched screaming vocals, bears a cool resemblance), they are making music to outlast shitty trends. Only thing that sucks is that my copy didnt end with old favourite 'Convectuoso' at the end, coz Roadrunner records were being twats about it! Although I believe this enhanced copy, now on Warner Bros, does.
So many emo/screamo bands try to copy Glassjaw, some do an alright job some completely fail. But THIS is what you should be listening to. It goes beyond genres. Add to this bassist Manny has had stints in Hardcore legends Burn and Die116, and you have the perfect band! Whenever the 3rd Glassjaw album arrives (it might take a while, they say maybe 2007!), whether it leans to their heavier side or more melodic side, you know its going to be VERY GOOD !!
p.s check out one of daryls other bands head automatica aswell (you probably know them by now). For elvis costello, squeeze and rockpile fans! Its sick! And, when it drops, his 'grindcore' project with geoff from Thursday!
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VINE VOICEon 4 February 2007
I hadn't listened to this in years, but decided to dust it off after hearing about the band's recent reformation and the imminent release of a (long-awaited) third album from the boys from Long Island. Boy, am I glad I did. Worship & Tribute is surely as sexy as screamo/post-hardcore/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-this-week gets, with its heart-attack guitar assault, and Daryl Palumbo's soaring vocals - not to mention nu-metal linchpin Ross Robinson's precision production...

Palumbo's voice is arguably the biggest draw of Glassjaw's music, and here he proves himself as something of a Mike Patton-esque vocal chameleon, as he lets his chords run the gamut of emotions and styles, to dazzling effect. Tracks like 'Mu Empire' and 'Cosmopolitan Blood Loss' are shot through with giant, sing-along choruses, giving us a prior indication of the frontman's pop sensibilities he was later to explore with Head Automatica. But nothing that band recorded comes close to the feral power and quirky inventiveness of tracks like 'Stuck Pig' and 'The Gilette Cavalcade of Sports', respectively. Both are simply stunning, much like the rest of this record.

This is an ambitious, accomplished and essential album and the fact that the band have reunited is cause for great excitement indeed. In the meantime, enjoy this!

Matt Pucci
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on 8 July 2002
From start to finish,another solid album from Glassjaw,going from strength to strength with each listen.Perhaps building on EYEWTKAS,perhaps finding a new sound,but not a complete change,and not a complete remake.The sound seems more melodic,standout tracks for me being the superb Ape Dos Mil and Cavalcade.There is perhaps a lack of the obvious emotion,that being Daryl's dissident screams are not too common on the songs,but this isnt a great loss,the songs still feel just as raw,just like there's more thought been put into the translation of feelings to songs.To anyone being a fan of any form of rock,this record really will move you.To older Glassjaw fans,this isnt a softcore move,its a superb show of Glassjaw growing in stature and maturity.An amazing record and welcome reminder that music isnt all going horribly downhill.
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on 27 July 2007
glassjaw,the darlings of all things screamcore released a debut that smashed senses in 2000 and following a departure from roadrunner records,the band found a loving arm with warner brothers and in 2002 this album was released to a good level of acclaim.
The first thing that you notice here is that there is less screaming than before but with the range in daryls vocals it isnt all a one way street,the guitars are as heavy as ever,just listen to snappy album opener 'tip your bartender' for proof.That is followed by 'mu empire' which is really proof that daryl has one of the finest voices around.The single 'cosmopolitan bloodloss' follows ,and at times you would think mike patton is singing here,well he is a big influence on the band.
The remainder of the album follows in big songs with big chorus' and pulsating riffs that slay at your face without compromising on the melody that has followed,and there are ballady moments and laid back segments as well so there is more variety here than the debut.If you listen closely there are jazz moments in various songs and there is less angst in the subject matters,less confrontation and more ambiance,this scared some but many warmed to this more mature way of thinking,angry young teens they aint.
If i am wearing my honesty hat then i must state that when i first heard this i was a bit alienated by the differences between this and the debut,but in the resulting years i have seen this albums strengths and realise that it had to be this way.There is no doubt that on the track 'pink roses' that their love for faith no more shines through and what a song.This album at first listen may not be as gratifying as the debut but on repeated listens you find a band that arent afraid of breaking the mould just a little,the new album cant come soon enough.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2008
After an influential and fantastic 2000 debut, Glassjaw's second album took everything great about the first record and amped it up even more.

Still produced by nu-metal mastermind Ross Robinson, the band knew they couldn't pull the same trick twice; as such, the hazy, humid sound of the first album is gone in favour of something much more jagged and in general, much more metal. It says something for the quality of the band's music that it doesn't suffer in this new environment, but instead thrives.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence was a collection of great songs amounting to a great album. Worship And Tribute, however, is much more of a complete piece, not just due to the segues between several songs but also because of its perfect pacing and order. Valedictory opener 'Tip Your Bartender' is gone in a flash, shifting into 'Mu Empire,' while the lighters-aloft anthem 'Must've Run All Day' collapses instantaneously into the pounding 'Stuck Pig.' The dazzling extremity of 'Two Tabs Of Mescaline' is the band's toughest moment, while 'Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports' might just be their greatest song.

A masterful second album, Worship And Tribute is adequate proof why six years on a new Glassjaw album is still something worth talking about. An essential purchase for fans of post-hardcore, metal or heavy music in general.
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