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VINE VOICEon 2 June 2006
John Garcia is rightly heralded as one of the finest voices in rock n roll, you could put his voice over any old piece of guitar driven rock and it would be enjoyable. Any old piece of rock the rest of Hermano are certainly not. With `Only A Suggestion', Garcia carries his career on in style from the glory days of Kyuss, and the brief excellence of Unida. At just under 30 minutes it is a short, sharp and very sweet little album. It rocks too.

Understandably Mr. Garcia steals the show, his voice is just so engulfing, ranging from softer, dreamy vocals to that trademark angsty, gritty delivery that makes a decent riff a great one. And a decent riff Hermano can certainly execute, `The Bottle' is everything a fan of riff-rock could possibly want. The riff is catchy and powerful, Garcia's vocals are raspy and exciting and the band experiment with various tempos and riff changes. Superb opener.

The central piece to the album is the flooring `Senor Moreno's Introduction/Senor Moreno's Plan' Starting with a mysterious introduction a faint piano theme slowly builds into an adrenaline racing riff that swaggers throughout the song. Of course, all of this is complemented by John's perfect vocals. `Landetta (Motherload)' is another wonderful highlight to the album, the opening and verse is rather tedious at first; not really going anywhere. This is until an absolutely monumental chorus floors you with John relishing the huge riff, blurting out `you hit the motherload!' `5 to 5' is a short and fun piece with a catchy guitar lick and `Nick's Yea' is a slightly more experimental way to finish the album, sounding more like a Queens of the Stone Age song, except with John's flourishing delivery to give it extra gusto.

For any fan of John Garcia's past works, this is simply a must-have. It encapsulates everything good about the riff-rock or stoner rock (whatever name you may call it) genre. Great riffs, great vocals. Give it the devils horns.

For fans of Kyuss, Unida, Lowrider, Karma to Burn...
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on 23 July 2002
If this were by any other singer it would get 5 stars, but it isn't!!!
The legendary 'stoner' singer, John Garcia strikes again with his new project, Hermano. It is more in the vein of Unida, especially songs like Thorn and Dwarf It; straight up rock and roll!
This only gets 4 stars because, naturally, i'm comparing it to Kyuss. Of course, nothing compares to Kyuss so it will not be as good in my opinion. However this album deserves more than that. The songwriting is to notch, with standout tracks as Landetta(motherload), Alone Jeffe, Senor Moreno's Plan & 5 To 5 being prime examples of this.
If youre familiar with stoner rock, John Garcia or just brilliant rock music, this is a worthy purchase!
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on 11 October 2002
So this is the new opus from John Garcia's latest project, Hermano and it rocks! This is strongly reminiscent of his material with Unida and indeed, if you like Unida, Slo Burn, Orange Goblin or Kyuss, then this album is for you.
It does take a couple of listens to get into, but after that, you'll be hooked. Yet again, everything John Garcia's magical voice appears on turns to gold. It seems that any artists he works with rise to his level of talent, although I haven't heard anything from the other artists on this album.
All in all though, if you're a fan of John Garcia's other work, or any bands of a similar nature to those above, you'll love this album.
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on 21 July 2002
I have only had this album for a couple of days and it's already one of my favourites. From the opening track..The Bottle..you know you have not wasted your money on this album. Goosebumps shot down my arms, my head nodded automatically and surgeons could not remove the smile from my face. As always, John Garcia is faultless in delivering his smooth yet powerful vocals, while the guitars compliment him by laying down some of the most heaviest, laidback grooves and fantastic leads that i have heard in a long time. Stand out tracks are: The Bottle and Managers Special although the whole album stands out from most albums around at the moment. The style of this album is reminiscent to classic Kyuss...maybe speeded up a notch, so if your a fan prepare to cream yourselves all over again...and if your not...it's time to listen to what real music should sound like!!!.
Sit back and enjoy!!!..9/10 stoners said they wouldn't give their ears anything else!!!. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 28 April 2011
Another great piece of work for John Garcia and his mates.
Superb vocals once again.
Groove form start to finish, even though I prefer Unida and Kyuss I think that this is the one closest to them.
You will have a great time if you love these bands.
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on 20 July 2002
John Garcia (ex Kyuss, Unida, and Sloburn) returns with the new band Hermano for this gem of an album. For all fans of past recordings of his, especially Unida and Sloburn, the case will sit empty on the shelf for a long time. From track one youre glued and ready for the trip; 'The Bottle' opens with the driving beat closely followed by the opening guitar riff, which will rattle the dags off any sheep, Garcia comes in then on vocals to further the dag procedure, just fantastic! From there on the album stays on this steady classic hard rock, kick heiny, break neck brilliance, he's back and there no denying, this is a pearler! A highlight is '5 to 5', everything complementing everything musically, driving hell-bound riff's with vocals to match. Some great lyrics aswell just to tantalize!
There are similarities here from Garcia's previous band Unida (Coping with the Urban Coyote), but with differences in the guitar department, Dave Angstrom (Supafuz) has a unique style about him which fills the albums songs with groove but with a difference to most of the 'Desert styley' guitar work, and it works big time!
This is sure to be enjoyed by fans of one of the worlds best vocalist's, but a great intro for new listeners of Dessert/Stoner. He rocks, the band behind kicks and the overall effect is stokes fire in anybody's CD collection...Score it!
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on 23 November 2003
After a long wait - something has turned up that kicks you right back in the seat of your pants, this album hits the button and i want more. My only downside is that after 27.57 mins i wanted more - so i had to play it from the start again - and again - and again.
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