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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 July 2002
Well well well. It's now been 10 years into the fray for Oasis, or 7 if you count the time since their emergence on the scene. In that time, drugs have been taken, given up, crowds have been wowed consistantly and fans have both loved and hated them in equal measure for very different reasons.
But how BORING would the nineties (and, yes, the noughties) have been without this fantastic band? From the opening bars of 'The Hindu Times', through the sing-a-longs of 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' and 'Little By Little', to the spine-tingling final chords of 'Better Man', this album reminds us all of how precious Oasis have become.
A 'return to form', people said. Well, in my opinion they only really lost it with 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants', a scratch and sniff album which, quite frankly, smelled as bad as Liam's mac after Knebworth (I'll bet). And yes, I do include 'Be Here Now' as a bona fide classic - just listen to it again, skipping 'The Girl In The Dirty Shirt' and tell me you don't like it. Thought as much.
After the rock n roll excess of the nineties then, Oasis' fourth album proper DOES give us a cause to be jubilant in the jubilee year (there's no other reason, after all). Filled to the brim with classic Oasis tunes, it's the sign of a great album that when me and my mates had a conversation about it after seeing them at Finsbury Park twice last week, we couldn't agree on the best track. In fact, the four of us nominated FOUR different songs. And, a week later, mine's changed already from 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' to 'Better Man'. Argh...decisions, eh?
So, from the slamming of the door at the end of 'Be Here Now' which ironically marked the end of Oasis Mark I, we have finally got off the ground with Oasis Mark II after the arrival of this album. I'll lay my money on the next Oasis album being their best - all these great rock groups like The Beatles, The Stones etc have at least two golden periods and it looks like Oasis are hitting their second one now. I for one can't wait.
Bring it on!
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on 12 June 2002
The heathen Gallagher brothers with their amazing love-hate chemistry (hence the title) have made another superb album. This is probably their best since Definitely Maybe, but really is the combination of all their albums. The rawness of Definitely Maybe is captured in the rockers like "The Hindu Times", "Hung In A Bad Place", "(Probably) All in the Mind" and "Better Man". Then there is the great craftmanship and flow to all of the songs like What's the Story Morning Glory, with notable standouts like "Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out", the "Champagne Supernova" of nowadays and the love song to Noel's new flame with "She is Love". The hard knocking and fun, but lyrically slight ineptitude with the catchy "Force of Nature". Finally, there is the sense of maturity started with "Standing On the Shoulder of Giants" with "Little by Little", and "Born on a Different Cloud". It's all there, and all Oasis. I wouldn't say it's a comeback, because they never really left. But, this album really should blow the other summer releases pending out of the water. Noel is at his finest, the new members Gem Archer and Andy Bell contribute to better music parts and good songs, and Liam is proving he will be a songwriting force to be reckoned with. Not a bad song on it, even the instrumental is fair. The album endures repeated listens and even improves with each listen rather than burning out. The only disappointment will be the wait for the next album!
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on 19 July 2005
I have listened to many artists. I usually criticise them. But Heathen Chemistry I thought was an excellent album. Oasis have created a superb album that is one of my favourites. With songs like " The Hindu Times", "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" and "Little by Little" this album is truly excellent and I would recommend it to any music fan. Even if your not a fan of Oasis I'd still recommend it. It's that good.
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on 11 February 2014
Judging by other reviews, this album seems to be rather underrated. As a big fan of Oasis I must say I believe this to be one of their best albums. With classics on it such as "Stop Crying Your Heart Out." and "She Is Love." what is not to like? If you liked the album (What's the Story) Morning Glory? you'll like this one as well most likely.
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on 10 August 2006
People said that Oasis were finally back on form with the album 'don't believe the truth'. When I heard this statement I was outraged. They had overlooked such a masterpiece as this album. I am not a huge oasis fan and a lot of their stuff doesn't appeal to me and I not mad on listening to it. After three or four songs released from this I knew I had to have it. The song listing and my ratings are as follows:

1) The Hindu Times - (commercial release) 4/5

2) Force of Nature - 5/5 - makes me want to shout it at the top of my voice when I hear it. Very anthemic sounding to me.

3) Hung in a bad place - 4/5 - not as good as the first two but still amazing

4) Stop crying your heart out (commercial release) - 5/5 - fantastic slow song, one of my influences for buying the album.

5) Songbird (commercial release) - 2/5 - good song but when I saw it on TOTP it put me off of the album.

6) Little by little (commercial release) - 4/5

7) A quick peep - 2/5 - good but whats the point? Gets quite annoying listening to album several times

8) Probably all in the mind - 3/5 -the start of the slower happy songs on the album, I am not mad on these but they are very good when you are in the right mood

9) She is love - 3/5 - quite irritating when you get 'lifted' by listening to the beginning of the album and then there is an acoustic track on there, good though

10) Born on a different cloud - 4/5 - quite weird at the beginning but gets very good, my favourite on the second half of the album

11) Better man - 4/5 - here come the accents, this song is great with a huge dabbling of manc accent in there. Fast forwrd for around 30 minutes when it finishes to get to a song like track seven but much better.

All in all this is a very good album and I would highly recommend it, it sits proudly on my shelf as one of my favourite albums.
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on 12 July 2002
People wrongly underrated their last two efforts, Be Here Now and SOTSOG, but they were both very unique in their own way. Heathen Chemistry seems to be a bit of a "back to basics" album, and it pulls it off tremendously.
Hindu Times - the flow and rhythm reminds me of Some Might Say a little, and the lyrics are great, and it's also a good choice for a first single.
Force Of Nature - again, typical Noel lyrics, it's an old song, I've heard it many times before, but it's always a good listen.
Hung In a Bad Place - Gem Archer shows he has songwriting talent, it's an upbeat song and really gets the album moving.
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - reminds me of DLBIA, slow, haunting Liam Gallagher vocals, the lyrics are just slightly repetitive, but it's all good.
Songbird - great Liam acoustic, much better songwriting than Little James.
Little By Little - by far the best track on the record, and the next sing-along in concert song. Noel at his very best in songwriting and vocals.
A Quick Peep - I actually enjoyed this number, bridges the first and last part of the album quite well.
(Probably) All In the Mind - my 2nd favorite track on the record, has a nice guitar solo, and the trademark snarling Liam vocals.
She Is Love - Noel acoustic, just him and the guitar, a nice little summery love song.
Born On a Different Cloud - a song I was a little down on, not as strong as the other offerings, but I still wouldn't skip past it.
Better Man - another Liam penned song, shows he's on his way to becoming a great songwriter as well the greatest singer in the universe.
Overall, it's a cross between the best of Definitely Maybe and WTSMG. Heathen Chemistry has a few rockers, a few slow songs, and a good blend of the old and the new. Don't miss Heathen Chemistry this summer!!
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on 29 June 2002
...It is an absolute cracker, and will definitely maybe be the best release this summer, if not this year...
Kicking off with Hindu Times, Oasis get you tingling with their driving guitars and Liam sounding as if he's having the time of his life. Look out Meg, as Force Of Nature sounds as if Noel on vocals is getting his own back. Ouch! Gem's song Hung In A Bad Place is next, and sounds punky and just a touch old school. Would not have been out of place on Definately Maybe. One of the albums top songs is Stop Crying Your Heart Out. This is a classic waiting to be made. Simple lyrics that give you hope and basically tell you to get on with the life you've been given. 10/10.
Liam's first lyrical venture on the album is next. Songbird is a rocky wee acoustic number that shows his writing skills have improved dramatically since Little James. Little By Little is a slower number, Noel again sounding a touch wounded by his ex. A Quick Peep (Jam Out) lets the listener take a breather, before All In The Mind sends you on a psychedelic trip, with John Squire style guitars, this track is another stand out.
Noel's song to his new love is She Is Love. This one will make you want to cuddle up to your own love of your life. Born On A Different Cloud sounds like Liam has been possessed by his hero, a certain Mr. J. Lennon. A dark number with haunting piano that could be a big favourite. The last track is Better Man. Liam sound as if he wants to settle down with his 'make love not war' style lyrics. Classic Oasis guitars give the album a fine ending, and ending up making you want more, more, more......
All-in-all, Heathen Chemistry is full on Oasis, back with a swagger in their step. Not a bad track on the whole album, and a sincere pleasure to listen to. Everything clicks into place and sounds great. Oasis are not so much back from the dead, as rising "so high you just can't feel it".
You know you want it, you lucky people!
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on 17 September 2002
Noel Gallagher said shortly before the release of "The Heathen Chemistry" that Oasis had made their second best album. THe fool. He was wrong. They had made their best album. Oh yes that's right.
From the second the magical riff to "The Hindu Times" kicks in to the end of the album, this is pure musical heaven. It is everything a rock and roll album should be, and there is no sign of a band trying to relive past glories. Oasis are living in the present, proof of that is that the setlist for recent shows comprised largely of numbers from this album.
The album has a good range of songs on. Hindu Times is straight out rock and roll, as you would expect from Oasis, as are Hung in a Bad Place and (Probably) All in the Mind. In Force of Nature we have a Noel singalong that is, quite simply awesome. Liam contributes three songs, one being Songbird, a two minute happy acoustic Lennonesque tune. His second song on the album is Born on a Different Cloud, a tribute to his son Lennon, using lyrics by John Lennon to highlight this point. The song is atmospheric, and well, brilliant. The album closer, Better Man, was also composed by Liam and is one of the hardest rocking songs Oasis have ever done, seemingly inspired by Led Zeppelin.
Noel sings on the powerful Little by Little, and the beautiful, happy hippy tune She Is Love but the album's best song is the gorgeous, catchy, anthemic masterpiece that is Stop Crying Your Heart Out. The simple ones are the best.
All in all, a faultless album. Still the best band around.
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on 3 July 2002
I am an absolutely massive Oasis fan and I accept from 1997 until now Oasis releases although good were extremely below par but this is a return to form. So they base there music on the Beatles? So what? As well as being brilliant at it this in itself is a testament to the Beatles . This album is absolutely fantastic kicking off with the up beat athemic 'The Hindu Times' which is an indication of the quality of songs that follow on from it. The Hindu Times is undoubtedly a classic Oasis song. However, this is not the best part of the album. Force of Nature (written and sung by Noel) and 'Hung in A Bad Place'(written by Gem and sung by Liam) are fantastic rock songs showing that Oasis have not lost their knack for a catchy rock song. However, Noel appears to have refound the ability to write a heartfelt yet anthemic cheer up song in ' Stop Crying Your Heart Out' which 'is Don't Look Back in Anger' MK II. Then comes Liam Gallagher's first offering since the poor effort that was 'Little James'. 'Songbird' is simple yet affective and it is this that makes this Happy, upbeat love song fantastic. 'Little by Little' sees Noel on vocals again and doesn't disappoint on this brilliant soft rock song. Andy Bells 'a quick peep' is a bluesy instrumental which is just as good as 'Fuckin in the bushes' (SOTSOG)and would be a great concert opener. '(Probably) All in the Mind' would have fitted on the last album had SOTSOG been 10 times better. Similar to 'Who feels love?' this song is miles better and is fantastically written. Noel then tries his hhand at a 100% love song and pulls it off with 100% success in 'She is love'. ''Born on a Different Cloud' is the next offering from Liam and it has to be said he has surpassed himself. Forget 'Little James' Liam Gallagher has written a classic in waiting. However, he does manage to sound like a John Lennon impressionist but to me he sounds great anyway. It is a great track!! The album finishes on 'better man' also written by Liam and is a growling, grinding rock song accompanied by Liams harsh rasping vocal. This album is the best Oasis album since Definitely Maybe and probably better all round than (Whats the story?) Morning Glory. Oasis are back to there irresistable best and should be given a lot of credit. An all time great album? Maybe!! A great Oasis album? Most definitely!!!
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on 6 July 2015
Its hard to give this record anything lower than 4 stars.
While there are some real slunkers on here, there are also some of Oasis's best moments.

The Hindu Times is no Some Might Say but its close. Stop crying your heart out, is a bit adult radio...but it works.
Strangely Betterman, Songbird and Born on a different cloud liams songs are the highlights.

I do think Shout it out loud should of been the closer, Better man the second track and Idlers dream in the middle somewhere.
I also think Thankyou for the good times would of made a good middle song and The Hindu Times should of been second to last.

I am sure there were other songs left off this, perhaps they appeared on Beady Eye or Noels albums.
I think this albums was a bit rushed, but if you want to know what Morning Glory and Definitely Maybe sound mixed together, this is a good place to start I guess. So that is no bad thing.

Perhaps its overlooked and underated, I think it is.
Do give the b sides a listen but most importantly a remaster and re-release of this by Owen Morris would be a brilliant idea.
The album itself is okay....but this album sounds a bit safe to me compared to the others.

One of their best though.
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