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on 17 December 2015
This one bursts out the gates with two pretty graphic murders, and is evenly punctuated with some full-on eye-opening, jaw-dropping gore throughout. Once scene in particular had me completely shocked – which is a total rarity. Joe Spinell puts in a top shift as the unhinged lead; switching from feral, deranged and demented through to normal, vulnerable, childlike, and charming. The audio helps emphasise the unsettling vibes the movie gives, with creepy internal dialogue and an off-kilter synth/electro track for tension building. It’s visually strange too, with creepy mannequins, seedy New York locations, and a bizarrely open ended finale.

Put this all together and you have a film that’s way above the standard of the genre, and arguably beyond the taste of other slashers from this era. Dark, completely bonkers, and still genuinely shocking 35 years on; Maniac is a thoroughbred slasher film that’s difficult to enjoy, easy to appreciate – but ultimately hard to recommend to anyone that doesn’t like video nasties.

Score: 7.5/10
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on 11 July 2014
One of the best slasher movies from the early years of the genre (1978 - 1981), as Friday 13th, The Prowler, The Burning, Prom Night, and of course, the influential Halloween. Bloody, violent, pessimistic, sick, anyway, an example of strong direction, coming from the independent film view, almost at the foot of Abel Ferrara's 1979 Driller Killer movie. The issue of Blu-underground brings interesting extras, including the story that the movie would have been an inspiration to an infamous musical picture of the middle 80s. There is nothing to complain for the picture image, very clear, highlighting the bright red of the blood gushed in torrents. For anyone who is a fan of the original period slasher genre, Maniac is a mandatory film, and yet, now that released on blu-ray, brings a new perspective on a film with such a prolific period when the first half of the 80s. Without a shadow of doubt: BUY NOW.
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on 5 January 2012
Maniac is often overlooked, but as a horror fan of the last thirty years I have no qualms in putting this movie in my all time top ten list.

Joe Spinell was one of the great character actors of the late seventies early eighties and he shines through in this grisly tale about a serial killer in New York City.

Seemingly abused as a child and hatred towards his dead mother Spinell goes after females and scalps their heads as prize trophies to drape over his mannequins at his sleazy one bedroom apartment. The movie reeks with atmosphere.

Though the kills can be gruesome they are expertly directed by William Lustig in a manner in which one feels utter sympathy for a character that we hardly know.

Spinell gives a brilliant performance switching mid way through the film as a manic serial killer to a likeble and charming seducer. Any horror fan who does not have this in their collection, be ashamed of your selves and get this quick. Make sure you get the uncut version.
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on 5 June 2017
The item came really fast, in perfect condition.Everything is as described. The story is great - classic slasher/exploitation from early 80's,picture quality is perfect.100 % entertainment.The price is not cheap, but that's hard-to-find title so, don't hesitate - BUY IT NOW!
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on 13 June 2015
Maniac. U.S region free DVD, unrated, 1980.
The picture quality's first rate, 1.85:1 no black bars.
Dark, grotty & great, New York lunatic carves and shoots his
way through the 'big apple'. Cue mannequin obsession and pretty full on gore courtesy of our favourite Mr. Tom Savini.
Maybe not one you should watch if your feeling slightly blue.
Run time:1hr 27min 37secs. Extras: commentary & quite a bit more.
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on 29 July 2013
This is still cut!

The scene in the subway is edited by at least three minutes.
Now I have fallen out with online reviewer's over this.

My Dad and I rented the uncut version from Radio Rentals, back in 1980.
Anyway the nurse, played by Kelly is bayoneted, this is shown/

Frank then decapitates her, puts her head on the sink and says, ''I told you not to go out tonight''.

I know the then head of the BBFC James Ferman was responsible for the 3 minute edit.
I am seldom wrong on this subject.
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on 29 January 2017
This is a great 80's slasher and has a career best performance from Joe spin ell as a mad serial killer who slices and dices his way through victims, its definitely a classic slasher done in a violent style that you just dont get anymore with slasher films!!
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on 29 January 2016
Waited 10 weeks for this to arrive from America. The picture quality is awful. I've only given it 2 stars because of the great FX work by The master Tom Savini
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on 13 December 2017
Good 80’s classic slasher movie
Fast delivery service
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on 18 July 2014
When you see somthing you have not seen for ages then watch it again you think what was all the fuss about,well maniac is such a film,besides that the blu-ray pq is not so great,sq is a bit better,but it is worth getting just for the commentry by the director and tom savini also joe spinels preformance.
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