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on 6 January 2013
WWF Wrestlemania X8 took place on Sunday, March 17th, 2002 at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario. The event marked the final WrestleMania event under the WWF name.

Disc 1

Intercontinental Championship Match
William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam

Good little opening match at wrestlemania. Back and forth type of match and last just over 6 mins log. A little note William Regal opening wrestlemania for the seconds time in a row. Some good moments within the match as well.

European Championship Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian

Another match that lasts just over 6 mins. Christian cuts good promo ripping Canada and is a brilliant heel. Its a very good match, I think this math is one of the most underrated at a wrestlemania.

Hardcore Championship Match
Maven vs. Goldust

This match was your basic hardcore beatdown, with the 24-7 rule about to be played throughout the night backstage.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Just over 10 mins long, I dont think that Kurt Angle and Kane had much of a build up to the feud and I think it was a match that was just made for wrestlemania. However, this match was pretty good match both guy were selling the moves well.

Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

The video package to this was brilliant. This was Ric Flair first wrestlemania since wrestlemania 8, and Undertaker was going for 10-0 at wreslemania. This was a great match, two biggest names in wrestling everything was done well from the beatdowns, to Flair not giving up. A good wrestling match for Wrestlemania 18

Booker T vs. Edge

This was really just a typical one on one match. Another match just over 6mins long.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall

Yes Stone Cold is mid card and hes against the nWo. Scott Hall himself had that brilliant match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania but now abit of time has past. This wasnt that much of a good match but that might be due to the health and attitude towards themselves and the then WWF.

Bonus Features

* Interview with Mr. McMahon on Byte This!

* 5 WWE Superstars reveal their favourite WrestleMania Moments

* Top 5 WrestleMania Finishes

* Top 3 WrestleMania Attendances

* 5 Post-Match Interviews

* The Making of the Cast

* Press Conference Highlights

Disc 2

Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck vs. Dudley Boyz vs. APA vs. Hardy Boyz

This match felt too long, plus the crowd was rooting for the good guys as well. Overall some solid wrestling, wouldnt say its a classic.

Icon vs. Icon
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock

This probably/arguably could of been the Main Event because matches like this don't come around often. The crowd made the first section in the stare down between the two. The chants for the Rock were overshadowed by the Hogan chants, but here again in Canada with Hogan, who lost against Ultimate Warrior. Standing at over 16 mins long The aftermath with the nWo was good but it was the match that was for the ages.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Championship
Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus

This was a strange match maybe it was just because of the previous match but it didnt really have much flow, there is a few good moves but that is all. This match is purely building up to the main event.

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Triple H

Triple H has MOTORHEAD play his way down to the ring. Jericho get Stephanie McMahon, who looks quite hot tbh. But anyway, this wasnt a very good match. Both men had better matches against eachother. The was dead here as well, the match stands at over 18mins plus triple h has just come back from an injury.

restleMania X8 Highlights

Bonus Features

* WWE Championship & Intercontinental Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania 6

* The Rock Challenges Hulk Hogan (Raw, 18/02/02)

* The Rock Tells A Story

* The Night after WrestleMania

* Cat Fight between Lita & Trish Stratus (SmackDown, 14/03/02)
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on 29 November 2013
Sadly this card is painfully average and I agree with a previous reviewer that there are some nauseating displays of egotism on display here. Both Hulk Hogan and Triple H showed self serving conduct here, although Triple H's scheming backfired spectacularly. Now, onto the matches.

Intercontinental title: Rob Van Dam vs William Regal 5/10
A decent match which could have been considerably better had it been a few minutes longer.

Hardcore Title: Maven vs Goldust 0/10
Utterly pointless. The hardcore title was worthless and this match should not have been booked on a pay per view, it was useless. They do at least keep it short but it was followed by numerous backstage segments throughout the rest of the show in which wrestlers beat each other for the title to further emphasize the pointlessness of the title.

European Title: Diamond Dallas Page vs Christian 6/10
This was fairly good but it should have been longer.

Kane vs Kurt Angle 7/10
A pretty good match, I was really enjoying this before the blown finish.

No Disqualification match: The Undertaker vs Ric Flair 9/10
I thoroughly enjoyed this match, for me it was match of the night. Flair bladed (naturally) and Undertaker was surprisingly charitable with the much older Flair. Arn Anderson's interference provided a memorable moment.

Edge vs Booker T 2/10
Rubbish. This was far too short and had an asinine story line behind it. Edge was screwed in his hometown and former World heavyweight champion Booker T was made to look like a chump (again).

Steve Austin vs Scott Hall (with Kevin Nash) 5/10
Was a washed up Scott Hall a WrestleMania caliber opponent for the WWF's top star Austin? Erm, no. Did anyone believe that Hall (who had never been a headliner in the WWF) would defeat Austin? Probably not. Nevertheless the match was decent while it lasted. There was plenty of interference from Kevin 'Big Lazy' Nash and several ref bumps which prevent the match from becoming boring.

Fatal four way elimination Tag team title match: Billy and Chuck vs The Dudleys vs The Hardys vs the APA 5/10
This is adequate although not a patch on the classic tag team ladder matches from the previous two WrestleManias.

'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan vs The Rock 5/10
A fairly lousy athletic display carried by the electric nostalgia fueled crowd reaction. The self obsessed Hogan deliberately played to the crowd and behaved as a babyface with the inevitable result that they cheered him and mercilessly booed and jeered the Rock and temporarily turned him heel. Austin turned down the opportunity to face the Hulkster on this show due to his contempt for Hogan, a wise move when you consider Hogan's treatment of the Rock here.

Women's title: Jazz vs Trish Stratus vs Lita 1/10
Going on after Rock vs Hogan the girls were doomed out there, but even so this was a clumsy, botch filled shambles. Lita looks particularly terrible. For some reason hometown girl Stratus didn't go over.

Undisputed title: Chris Jericho vs Triple H 8/10
It has been said many times that Rock vs Hogan should have been the main event of this show, but Triple H thought he knew better, he felt that his heroic return from injury and the culmination of his quest to become champion should go on last. Spectators were underwhelmed and most of the match played before an embarrassingly quiet crowd, that said in the ring this match was actually pretty good. Interestingly Triple H's ego affected the story line behind this match as he vetoed the planned Jericho/Stephanie McMahon affair as he felt it would make him look foolish and he couldn't be having that, so Jericho was left looking like a chump performing a selection of demeaning tasks for Steph such as walking a dog.

So there you have it, a mediocre WrestleMania with a few good matches but mainly poor matches or matches which weren't long enough. Perhaps the WWF was wrong to book as many as 11 matches on the card, or perhaps they shouldn't have had Saliva and Drowning pool do so many lame live performances which ate up air time. There were also no classic matches which is a shame. Coming a year after Wrestlemania X-Seven, the greatest 'Mania ever, this was a colossal disappointment.
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on 19 September 2002
WWF Wrestlemania X8 took place in Toronto,Ontario,Canada in the amazing Toronto Skydome on March 17th 2002.I don't think it's as good as Wrestlemania X7 but it's pretty damn close.Here is what happened without giving away results:
A performance by Saliva singing 'Superstar' one of the 2 themes for WMX8.
William Regal(c) VS Rob Van Dam.
(The best match Regal has had in WWF.Some nasty suplexes on RVD that could have crippled him)
DDP(c) VS Christian.
(Better than you would expect.This is DDP's last WWF PPV match and it is quite good)
Maven(c) VS Goldust.
(Maven is too inexperienced to be on a Wrestlemania.He botches a few spots but it's not that bad and I suppose Maven's mistakes were down to nerves,understandable really)
4)Kurt Angle VS Kane.
(Great match.These 2 should have been higher on the card.Plenty of great moves.Angle is awesome.Only problem here is the ending is a bit sloppy)
Ric Flair VS The Undertaker.
(This match was brilliant,not what I expected.Lots of blood and a great run-in and spinebuster by Arn Anderson.Taker was 9-0 at Wrestlemania and was aiming for 10)
Drowning Pool perform 'Tear Away' the other WMX8 theme.Not a good performance,the crowd is silent.
6)Edge VS Booker T.
(Decent match with 2 future main eventers.Good moves from both)
7)Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Scott Hall.
(This match is horrible.I'm a big Austin fan but Hall is really washed up now and drags the match down the toilet)
Billy & Chuck(c) VS Dudley Boys VS APA VS Hardy Boys.
(This is a decent match but a pointless ending.The Dudleys come out with Saliva playing their music)
9)The Rock VS Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
(This match was electric.The crowd reaction to this match was huge and Rock being booed makes it more interesting.Probably Hogan's best match ever)
Jazz(c) VS Lita VS Trish Stratus.
(Much better than you would expect.Some great moves here and an awesome finishing move at the end)
'Y2J'Chris Jericho(c) VS Triple H.
(This was a good match but Stephanie managing Y2J was silly and the HHH-Steph feud overshadowed the HHH-Y2J feud.Also HHH gives Steph the Pedigree.Overall a great match)
This was one of the best Wrestlemanias ever.There were way more good matches than bad.The best matches were HHH-Y2J,Rock-Hogan,Taker-Flair and Angle-Kane.I recommend you get this and SummerSlam 2002 when it is released,they are the 2 best PPVs so far this year.
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on 7 December 2008
If you like wrestling, especially when it was known as WWF, than you will love this, it really had everything. 68,237 fans in toronto, Ontorio canada watched as wwf really proved how good it is.

RVD vs william Regal for the IC tittle 8/10

Set the tone for a great Wrestlemania, 2 really top class wrestlers here, know exactly how to create a good match.

DDP vs christian for the European tittle 7/10

Good grudge match lov'in DDP's gimmick at this time, lol christian wrestled a good match as he has so many times at mania.

Maven vs Goldust 7/10 for the Hardcore tittle

Goldust showed how to control a match really well here i thought, Interesting to have a running story the whole night on the hardcore tittle.

Kane vs kurt angle 7/10

okay match but, i do tend to skip it if i watch the dvd. poor ending.

Ric flair vs Undertaker 9.5/10

Absaloutly awsome match really enjoyed it but wouldnt expect any less with these two in the ring almost stole the show before hogan vs rock of course.

Edge vs Booker T 7/10

Not really a great match edge got good reaction in his hometown, good counters towards the end.

Stone cold steve austin vs scott hall (with kevin nash) 8.5/10

good match again one of the best of the night worth a watch nash interfeared heavily unsurprisingly watch out for the last stunner lol its huge!!!.

Dudleys vs hardyz vs APA vs billy and chuck for the tag team tittles 8/10

very strong tag team match never going to match the tlc's of the last 2 manias but strong match.

the rock vs hollywood hogan 11/10!

Can't think of any words really to describe this match, sometimes in wrestling everything goes right in a match. The crowd were so into the match it was untrue they really tell the story. If you have not seen this match then you MUST, it really lives up to the hype and way beyond it. CLASSIC BEST OF THE NIGHT!.

jazz vs lita vs trish stratus for the wwf women's tittle 9/10

really good for a women's match not the weakest match on the card, which is saying something for a women's match.

Chris Jericho (with stephanie McMahon) vs Triple H for the Undisputed WWF championship 10/10

really impresive finish to the event. I am a huge HHH fan and this is in his top 5 in my opinion.

Great wrestlemania, a fantastic watch
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on 27 May 2002
The eighteenth installment of wrestling's centre peice did not dissapoint anyone. The Rock vs Hogan was a match that was hyped as the best ever, and although i have seen better matches, it still did not disappoint, the fans were electric throughout the match. Triple H vs Jericho was a good encounter although suffered due to its relatively poor build up and by the time the match goes on, no one was really interested. However, look out for great matches between RVD and William Regal, Kurt Angle and Kane, the Undertaker making it 10-0 against Ric Flair and a very entertaining harcore title situation that develops throughout the event. Not as good as last year, but it was never going to be, although i consider last year's Wrestlemania to be the best ever. A worthy addition to your collection.
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on 20 January 2004
Intercontinental title macth
Rob Van Dam v William Regal 8/10
european title macth
DDP V Christian 7/10
hardcore title macth
Maven v goldust including 24/7 rule 8/10
no DQ
Undertaker v Ric Flair 10/10
The Rock v Hollywood Hulk Hogan 10/10
Stone Cold Steve Austin v Scott Hall 7/10
Edge V Booker T 6.5/10
Kane V kurt Angle 8/10
Four Way Tag Team Title Macth
Billy Gunn and Chuck palumbo v Hardy Boyz v Dudley Boyz v A.P.A
9/10 u see stacys ass
wwf womens title macth
Lita V Jazz v Trish Stratus 7/10 good ending
WWF Undisputed Title Macth
Y2J Chris Jericho v Triple H 9/10
some people say this is the worse main event eva well let me tell u that there wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 20 November 2007
wrestlemania 18,the first since wcw went to the great wrestling junkyard in the sky is one of the most confident and self assured wrestlemanias in recent years,wrestlemania is the daddy of all wrestling events and always has been and probably always will be ,but here there is just so mucjh going for the event,a crowd baying in madness,matches filled with stars and as i mentioned a growing and glowing confidence and maybe arrogance in places,the wwe had it all now and this was their ultimate party.
The event started with a title match,always a good sign,it was the intercontiental title,holder,william regal vs wrestlemania newcomer rob van dam,the match is pacey and lively as one would expect and ends on a high note,regal helps out van dam by letting him have his way a little but this is a fine opening.
Next up is another title match,european champion diamond dallas page,versus christian who hams it up slightly in his own town but he made me laugh,the match is very good,doesnt outstay its welcome by any means and ends with a solid ending,again the quality remains.
The next match was for the hardcore title,holder maven vs goldust,now this match ends on no contest ruling after just 3 minutes and indeed that sounds like a waste of time,but this leads to a running succession of little snippets throughout the night where new challengers take the belt backstage,it is funny to note that all the challengers have a referee with them to make the three count,that was a fine wee bonus.
Next up is a match of high quality,kurt angle vs kane,some say that kane is all impact and that means his matches can be a bit one dimensional,but that isnt the case when angle is in the ring with him,a ten minute match with plenty of wrestling and lots of quality,kane gives his all but angle is better and it shows but this isnt just a match to showcase the angle talent,its a good match that did kane no harm either,great.
By now,some cynics may expect a filler match,it aint happening folks,we all love no disqualification matches,dont we,some have been messed up in the past though,this match features the badass era undertaker vs the nature boy ric flair and you will be hard pressed to find a better match of its kind,aggressive,tortured,lots of wrestling as well and a few surprises,both men bled their merits into the ground and the outcome wasnt just for the winner,it was for both men who elevated the company to a new plateau.
Edge and booker t were up next and wrestled an accomplished match,edge mocking the bookers finishing move and proving he couldnt actually do it that well was fun to watch as was the entire match if im honest.
Next up is a match that wasnt the greatest in the world but delivered when it counted,stone cold who by now was a force vs scott hall who was clawing his way back in a company that he may have thought would never take him back,the nwo character remained but this wasnt halls finest hour,looking a little sluggish,austin was having time of his life,some interference followed,ref getting knocked out and all of that jazz before a pleasing outcome but like i said the match wouldnt list as a true great but it is always good when stonecold is in the house.
The four corners elimination match promised much but didnt quite deliver,certainly the dudley boyzhave had better matches,thats for sure,the hardy boyz did their bit to liven encounters but the outcome was a little safe in its approach but again this match didnt drag and that is a good thing.
Now onto the best match of the night,some say the greatest match of all time,i wouldnt state that myself but what a match,icon vs icon,hollywood hogan vs the rock,hollywood hogan being hulk hogan for those not too certain of that,the best of the past vs the best of here and now,the crowd were fanatical here,many thought the near 70,000 crowd would be split down the middle ,no such luck for the rock im afraid,this is hogan land and the crowd made that clear,the match had it all in truth and the outcome may suit some but the aftermath was the highlight of the night,spine tingling good,a dream match and it let no one down in its quality.
How odd to see this classic followed by the womens title match,regular readers of my wwe reviews will testify that i aint no womens wrestling fans,it is eye candy at the best of times,this match is no better although you would be hard pressed to call jazz eye candy,a bit of a beast.
The main event followed,triple h vs the undisputedchampion chris jericho with stephanie mcmahon at his side,the match wasnt the greatest in the world in terms of wrestling,triple h had a bad leg iinjurt so y2j worked on that weakness and the match became a match of desire and endurance and suffering,some dynamic moves were in it but ultimately the match was limited to submission moves and moves of pain directed at the leg,i cant blame jericho for going down that road but at times i wanted something else but as main events go this was still a fine one and a good outcome yet again,depending on who you support of course.
Overall this was a fine time in the heart of the wwe,they had it all and the wrestlers were all great to a degree so with all this in mind this is a purchase that wont ruin your day.Thanks
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on 10 April 2003
Wrestlemania X-8, not my fave mania but it had it's great parts.
1st off RVD faced Regal for the IC title in a good opening bout.
Next up Christian took on DDP in to be honest a rather boring bout for the European chamionship.
Goldust then took on the rookie Maven, this hardcore title match was just getting good when Spike interferes but don't worry too much because throughout the event footage is shown of plenty of hardcore title changes with various weapons etc. (watch out for Al Snow's attempt!)
Next Kane fights Angle in a pretty good match since there were no titles on the line and no special stipulations.
Next was one of my fave matches of the event as Undertaker took on Ric Flair with no DQ. And a blood bath it was, involving chairs, signs and a lead pipe.
Edge vs Booker, boring like DDP and Christian bout earlier.
Austin vs Hall was quite good with Nash at ringside could Austin still win? Watch and find out!
Next the tag title 4 corner elimination match with APA vs Dudleys vs Hardys vs Billy and Chuck. This was a cool match feturing D-Von meeting a table and Stacey getting smacked by Jeff, shame the ending was just pointless.
Rock vs Hogan was a cool match with tons of amazing kick outs, and the crowd acting all weird. I din't think it was THAT great, but it was quite cool.
Womens title Lita vs Jazz vs Trish. God (for a womens match that is!).
Finally HHH tried to win Jericho's WWF title in the last match of the night which was cool to watch with some really good bits but it seemed too short.
Overall Wrestlemania X-8 was great but it didn't feel as WRESTLEMANIA YEAH! as Wrestlmania X-7 and 16 did.
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on 3 May 2016
Got DVD within the time scale of expected delivery, I am very disappointed as the wife & I went to watch it & it won't play properly. I've tried cleaning the discs as they were a little dirty, there are some very little scuff marks, it jumps then sticks and causes the player to play up. I've gotta wait now for a week to HOPEFULLY watch it, as I've gotta take it to CEX so they can buff the discs clean. PLEASE check DVDs before (independant) seller's sell them on, it's unpleasant to receive goods that doesn't work.
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on 9 December 2007
March 17, 2002
Sky Dome
Toronto, Canada

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs William Regal (c)
Good opener, but was kept fairly short. 7/10

European Championship
Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs Christian.
Solid match, worth a watch. 6.5/10

Hardcore Championship
Maven (c) vs Goldust
This wasn't really a match as a Superstar took advantage of the 24/7 rule. This way the viewers see several different title changes throughout the night. None the less, 6/10.

Kurt Angle vs Kane
It was a solid back and forth bout, which up until the ending was good. The ending sucked. 7/10

Undertaker vs Ric Flair
The start of the match and the first 10 mins were exciting, but after that I felt they dragged it on to the good ending.

Edge vs Booker T
Nothing special, stupid storyline. None the less, a solid match. 6.5/10

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall.
This was more of a brawl, but an entertaining one. The ending was pretty good too. 7.5/10

Four Team Elimination Match for the Tag Team Championship
Billy & Chuck (c) vs The Hardy Boyz vs The APA vs The Dudley Boyz.
This was a excellent exciting match with lots of great spots including a table. Great to see these four teams competing at Wrestlemania.

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
It wasn't the wrestling that made this match famous. It was the electricity in the arena. If you buy this DVD buy it for this. Fans chanting for Hogan, fans chanting for the Rock. Back and forth action. A real feel-good ending. 9.5/10.

Triple-Threat Match for the Women's Championship
Jazz (c) vs Lita vs Trish Stratus
A good womens match given the right time to keep it from getting ruined.
One of the better matches from the women's divison.

Undisputed Championship
Chris Jericho w/Stephanie McMahon (c) vs Triple H
An entertaining main event. The two main eventers are great wrestlers anyway so a good match is to be expected.

Overall I can say it was the best PPV of 2002.
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