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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation2|Change
Price:£6.56+ £2.03 shipping

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on 1 July 2003
This is an odd but incredibly fun game. Although the aim of the game is to chase and stop bad guys in your cool starsky&hutch-mobile...you are actually IN the TV show. The game has seasons and in each of these seasons are a number of episodes (levels). When you complete an episode you unlock the next episode.
The levels are huge and frantic with two main aims per level. 1. Stop the bad guy etc and 2. Sub missions like destroy 20 boxes, shoot 20 cranes etc. You also have to collect hidden keys to unlock more cars, find Huggy tokens but these can be done at your leisure.
But the viewer ratings are where the game excels. You have to do stunts and collect viewer-rating tokens to maintain viewers during each level. You can also trigger special events by shooting star icons (such as a truck spilling over and exploding!!!) If your viewer level drops to zero the game is over. Sounds complicated? Well it isn't.
As you play, the game remembers the highest viewer rating you achieved and awards a gold, silver or bronze police badge for your score. You need a collection of police badges to unlock the next season (e.g. 2 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze) and you can replay the levels to increase your rating. If you hit civilians or crash into other cars your viewer rating goes down. If you crash into boxes, lampposts and hydrants your rating goes up.
The greatest thing about this game is two-player mode. One of you can drive while the other one shoots (this is light-gun compatible also BTW) and all without horrid split screens.
The graphics are as good as you would expect (see midnight run 2 and vice city et al) and it is very similar to these games. There is a free roam mode that you unlock as you progress through the game. And although I am only at the end of season 1, I am utterly hooked.
This game is definitely for two players. Single player is fun but it lacks the satisfaction of co-operating with another player and driving and shooting at the same time is problematic but not impossible.
It's refreshing to see a game that has a decent hook (remember chase HQ?) and I am amazed this hasn't been implemented in a game sooner. Hopefully more titles will follow.
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on 1 July 2003
I was given this game as a Birthday present, and I must say, I wouldn't have brought it myself. However, having played the game for a while, it is pretty good fun. The introduction scenes are all in a cartoon style and the voice over from Huggy Bear is pretty good, but it would have been better if they had got Starsky and Hutch involved. The game itself is really funny, especially watching someone else and the two player mode is great fun, but completely impossible for the shooter. The car dynamics are terrible compared to GTA3 and Gran Tourismo, but that can be forgiven when you get into the chasing down of criminals whilst trying to do cool stunts, smashing through boxes and jumping the Starsky car around the place, in fact, I kept forgetting about the objectives and just had fun smashing up the car.
In conclusion, the game is pretty good, but not excellent. It captures the feel of Starsky and Hutch well, and is great fun with a few mates around. If your looking for a laugh, and a bit of a challenge in one player mode. Give it a go, but don't expect anything like the quality of GTA3 Vice City.
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on 23 June 2003
Anyone who can remember these two cool cops are in for a treat, indeed anyone who likes fast pace driving will love this regardless. The beauty of this game is that it doesnt take itself too seriously.
The missions are basically made up of chasing the bad guys through the busy streets, rushing over jumps, pulling skids, screeching down alleyways and its great fun! The missions vary from chasing and being shot at, to protecting convoys, all the while you have to keep the viewers rating high, the more excitement the higher the rating, if your boring the viewers switch off and its game over, this is a great and original feature.
Even though you may feel the game is repetitive level wise its never boring and you'll want to complete it to get all the extras!
The extras include videos and music, new vehicles, free roaming around the rather well done city ( a bit like GTA) photos and more!
Theres also the option of two player, anyone with a light gun can be hutch shooting the bad guys while the other player becomes starsky driving the car.
This is a fun title that doesnt take itself too seriously but is enjoyable and exciting and has a pick up and play feel without being overly complicated. Well worth purchasing in my view.
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on 21 July 2003
Marriage? What's he on about. Well, let me explain.
Starsky & Hutch does nothing new. It's a mission based game with driving and shooting. This has led to criticism in certain quarters that it's a one-trick pony. I personally think that's a bit strong. It no more applies here than for Vice City. No, to my mind the essential problem is that this game can't decide whether or not to be blisteringly good as a one player romp, or to be a tremendous two player experience.
Two players co-operate, one as each of the cops.Use either two pads, a pad and a G-Con, wheel and G-Con....take your pick.However, -you knew there was a but lurking- the aiming with the gun is less than great. The calibration is the worst I've ever seen. But the bigger problem lies in the structure of the levels. Some work brilliantly well with the free aim given to a player using a gun. Some however are far easier with the auto-lock aim in one player. Of course this works in reverse too.Some are pad bashingly annoying in one player but are a breeze with two.Only problem is, the game is the same no matter how many players.So you are forced through all the levels. No choices..play in order or nothing.
This necessitates loading screens after every level.....and boy oh boy, this gets really annoying.Especially if it fails to load.You heard me right, the disc suffers loading issues, and soft resetting via the pad doesn't work.Also, the game sometimes sticks mid level so you have to wait till it manages to redraw....uggh!
Too many tech issues drag this down...it is still very playable and a good laugh....but you will get very very annoyed. Don't say I didn't tll ya!
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on 14 March 2010
This is a good game, for action packed driving & shooting!

Buy the GCON45 to enhance the experience! One person can shoot with the gun , the other drives - Improves the game immensely.

I own the game & the gun
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on 16 July 2003
Yes, thats right, there back. This is a brilliant game for anyone who loved that series of those two crazy detectives: Starsky and Hutch. Jump back into the 70's and ride that classic lip stick red Gran Torino and take on the crime life of Bay City.
While Starsky drives , Hutch is hanging out the car window shooting those bad guys. Along with the naration and help of Huggy Bear , take out some of the toughest and roughest cases with a 100 square miles of Bay City to explore. All the video clips are set in 2D which gives that extra 70's feeling. With 3 season to complete and 6 levels in each season, and hand full of extra stuff , this is a game jamed packed full fun. I highly recommend this. So what are u waiting for? Go get this game, Bay City needs you.
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on 29 August 2008
I bought this game as an alternative to gta, just to see what it was like

oh boy did i mess up

the first thing i notice is the loading screens....terrible, they take about 2 minutes to load a mission, then another 2 minutes if you want to retry it, then another just to get to the mission menu....

the driving is ok, but the mechanics aren that good, and its far too easy to just get stuck somewhere, then run out of "viewers" (a clever way of describing a time limit)

the missions are quite varied, but the annoying thing is, almost all of them are thinly disguised ways of saying, destroy this car before it gets somewhere
and the horrible thing is, to knock them out, you have to shoot them
i remember the tv series, and when they had chases, they would either shoot the actual person, or shoot the tyres out, which would cause it to skid out of control
not here1 you just have to keep shooting....and shoooting.....and shooting, i found out, if you centre on the shot (takes about two seconds) you need to do atleast 50 of them before the car is destroyed

utterly terrible game...

the one good thing about this is the freeroam, where you can drive any cars youve unlocked. pretty cool

only, when they say freeroam...they mean you have 120 seconds...and to extend that you have to collect 5 scattered badges...fair enough, maybe you unlock the actual freeroam after doing this?


this means you can drive around for a maximum of 300 seconds....what utter rubbish

i was incredibly dissappointed with this game, seeing as i spent £30 on it, it just got so boring so quickly

if you are thinking of buying this
get gta

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VINE VOICEon 27 June 2003
Starsky & Hutch brings the jazzy, sassy 70s to the Playstation 2. The cult TV series of the 70s gets the virtual makeover and is put on the PS2.
U start in a story mode were U chase a criminal as beat U can, but of coarse it's not as straight forward as that. To make ti more exciting they've added stunts and ''special events'' that's similar to those in GTA 3 & GTA: Vice City. There is also a free roam mode so U can enjoy Bay City.
The story mode works like a show, U have to make it exciting to get high ratings. U complete the mission U get hidden items.
Starsky & Hutch is a really enjoyable but can't measure up to Vice city standards.
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on 24 June 2003
What can i say - i have been waiting for this game for what seems like forever, but it was well worth the wait.
With cool stylised graphics and the classic theme tune i felt trasported into the middle of an action packed episode of the 70's show.
Racing around Bay City in all its glory has never been so much fun, chasing the bad-guys, ramming them off the road or hanging out of the window and blasting them with one of many weapons. its a joy.
Good fun arcade action. Give it a try, you might just get as hooked as I did.
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on 4 January 2015
great game
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