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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 18 April 2003
Well I'm about a third of the way through this game and can give it a 5 star thumbs up already. I will repost if it goes downhill though.
Fans of Tombraider will find themselves in familiar territory as Indy jumps, climbs and swings his way through ruined temples and lost cities. There are artifacts to collect and switches to pull as you progress through each level. So far so Lara.
It does differ in two aspects. For a less taxing gaming experience the puzzles are nowhere near so mindnumbing as Tombraider at its most obtuse. Indy even gets helpful maps with the required artifacts clearly marked. Personally I'd prefer something between the two.
However where Indy wins hands down against the early Tombraider games is when it comes to combat. Indy does like to get up close and personal with the bad guys - fists, boots, bottles and table legs all fly wildly when you bump into the Nazis. And of course he has the whip and lots and lots of guns to help out too. Environments destruct and broken objects sometime yield additional weapons. And Indy doesn't mind planting a solid kick to the ribs of any opponent when he's down.
The environments look lovely and you also get that Tombraider experience of climbing up and up and looking way down to where you started.
All in all a good solid game, which is quick to pick up with easy controls which should appeal to fans of the Indy movies and Tombraider too.
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on 4 March 2004
I bought this game because I am a big time fan of Indy. The main character looks like Indy and even sounds like him,the music is exactly the same as in the movies and you even get the famous whip!
The game though is like playing another Tomb Raider title but without Lara and without really good puzzles. The controls are easy to learn, and the character motion is very good especially when fighting. The graphics on the other hand are looking outdated, but still the locations look nice and they give you a pretty good feel of the era.
The levels are quite linear, meaning there aren't many ways to go. There is only one way and after a while it gets a little bit of a bore. Sure there are some puzzles envolved but they are pretty easy to figure out.
The whole expirience though feels like Indy. I just wish it had better graphics and a little bit more hard puzzles to solve
If you are a Indy fan buy it. Its fun.
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on 11 May 2007
I bought this game preowned about a year after it's release and man am I glad I did. I hadn't been that impressed with the previous Indiana game (The Infernal Machine for the PC) because he could not fight unarmed, something which he does a lot more than shooting! Also the puzzles were a little too frustrating.

However I got this for my ancient and beloved PS2 and was hooked from the word go. The only complaint is that the graphics are not that good (near N64 in places) but the gameplay will distract you from that. This time he can fight unarmed, which is what I did a majority of the time and a nice little touch is that if Indy takes so many beatings at once his hat falls off but doesn't fade away leaving you to pick it up! The puzzles, although hard thinking at times, are not so frustrating you feel like putting your head through the door Jack Nicholson style. Another nice touch is if you knock an enemy into a shark or beast infected water, they get gobbled up (from what I remember vaguely) by them!

As I said the graphics could've done with a bit more polish but the gameplay is brilliant. Get it!
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on 16 April 2003
Indiana Jones is back in his biggest and easily best videogame adaptation ever. Having played most Indy games over the years I can say that this one is the first that truly makes you feel like the great man himself, the controls are almost flawless as you whip, swing and punch your way to glory.
The levels are truly impressive and they expand across numerous sub-levels, always saving your place as you go so advancing is challenging, rather than impossible. The movies in between levels are excellent and add to the Lucas/Spielberg polish which you've come to expect from the franchise.
This is Lara Croft with depth, containing puzzles which can tax the brain for hours but always seem rewarding in their own little way. Shooting has never been so much fun, the only thing that would make it better is a multiplayer deathmatch mode. Indy versus all his previous bad guys? Now that would be sheer heaven. But other than that, this is a brilliant addition to the Indiana Jones saga!!
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on 14 April 2003
I had convinced myself into thinking that this game would be as exciting as Tomb Raider, with the same wit and clever puzzles that made the early Indiana Jones games for me. I guess that on paper, the game isn't too far off this, but for a game thats not been devloped on any other console, I was slightly dissapointed where Lucasarts had skimped. For example, the water looks very, very poor, when compared to game such as Morrowind, Baldurs Gate or Halo, all of which are older than this game. The controls also throw me a bit - You don't use a jump button to climb ledges, you just have to walk into them, whereas you have to jump on others. I may be being a bit picky, but this game just doesn't have the "grip" factor on me that others do, and I can't see me playing it for long. Upon saying that, the opening movie which shows various clips from later on in the game really does look quite impressive.
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on 2 April 2003
I have played the demo version of this game. the graphics are good and the way the game plays kind of reminds me of obi-wan on the xbox. you, of course, have your trust whip which you can use to kill enemies or swing across places that are too far to jump.
when fighting against another charecter there are plenty of different moves to preform, you can pick them up and throw them, pick up chairs and bottles etc, kick them through boxes, and even pull weapons out of there hands with your whip and at the end of the fight if your hat has been knock off you have to go over and pick it up and put it back on Indy style!!
you can collect and use different weapons like pistols and shotguns, you can swim too...
looks like it could be a good game. I will get it when it comes out myself and recomend it to you.
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on 21 May 2009
Indiana Jones and The Emperors Tomb is a must have for any Indiana Jones Fan, or even if you want to play a good game.
I think this is the 2nd Indy game they made, and its a big improvement from the Infernal Machine. It has some nice features in, and, you guessed it, Jones is fighting the Nazi's again.
It has that Indy feel to it. Swinging across a cavern or shooting some baddies with your pistol has never felt so much fun when playing as Indiana Jones I highly recommend this game.
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on 7 April 2003
lovely graphics and good controls make this a top game. loads of fisty cuffs and puzzel solving will take at least a week to complete on normal level then can do it all again on difficult, hours of enjoyment. plus a chinese chick pops up now and again. every now and again there is a static machine gun to shoot bikes,cars,aeroplanes and the nasty hun. is a good job there is hard level coz i have almost completed it. well worth the bucks!
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on 18 April 2003
I give this game 10/10. The story is excellent and original, the graphics are great with excellent gameplay. The controls are easy to get hold of once you start playing.Indy fans will love this game. If you are an adventurer lover get this game it will keep you without getting bored for days and days as the game is not that short. Always entertaining.
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on 4 April 2003
this is an excellent game with plenty of action and adventure breathtaking scenes with plenty to keep you challenged, from fighting, puzzles shooting at cars, bike's, and airoplanes, swinging jumping and dodging it will be a classic. only down side is the music keeps breaking up and one time it went realy jerky and then crashed
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