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3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2015
growing up in the eighties and being a fan of cartoons when they were decent (x-men,he-man,transformers,visionaires etc) i was feeling nostalgic and fed up with modern day efforts (everythings dumbed down/cutiefied/educational/looks like bad computer game graphics) so decided to get the first series of transformers on dvd.oh dear.time has not been kind.watching them back now you realise how basic the stories were.initially it was great seeing the old proper animation and characters.but by my 6th episode of 'decepticons attack a facility,make energon cubes,get thwarted by autobots' i realised thats all that happens.plus the 'fight' scenes consist of far too much dialogue between each punch/shot thrown.all the insulting and punning became irritating after a while.maybe later seasons improved and grew up a bit i cant remember.the movie was good! but i think when i bought this i was remembering it through rose-coloured spectacles!
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on 23 September 2014
very good
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on 6 August 2014
Great thanks
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on 6 January 2007
When I first brought the three Original Series DVD's I thought I was getting the complete series in Sequance.

Sadly it turns out to be just the reverse, Volume 1 should have had "More then Meets the Eye" parts 1 to 3 on it to start the series off, but instead we end up having to watch volume 2 in order watch from the very beginning which has the first 6 episodes from the original series in their correct order, why it was placed as Volume 2 I can't Understand.

Of the 5 Episodes on the other 2 Volumes, Volume 2 should have been episode #1 "SOS Dinobots", which ends up on Volume 3, episodes #2 to 4 should have been "The Ulitmate Doom" part 1 to 3 which are on Volume One instead and episode #5 should have been "War Of The Dinobots" which is also on Volume 1 but placed before "The Ulitmate Doom" when it should have been after!

Volume 3's first episode should have been "Countdown to Extinction" which is instead the third episode here on Volume 3, the second episode which is placed first here on Volume 3 instead is "Fire in the Sky", the third episode should have been "Heavy Metal War", instead it's place last here on the 3rd Volume, "Fire on the Mountain" should have been Fourth is instead is on Volume 1 as the first episode, after that the fith and last episode of the first Original series should have been "A Plague of Insecticons", instead it's the next to last as the 4th episode here on Volume 3.

Maverick who designed and produced these DVD's did a very poor job, while the menu setup is ok, having the wrong episodes on each volume and in the wrong order is a huge negative, add to the fact that there is NO extras just makes these DVD's a miss at all costs set, I'd rather buy the Silver Grey Season One box set.

The only reason I can give it one star is because it was a brillant animated series, if it had been any other series, I wouldn't have even given it a single star for such a poorly excuted DVD Release.
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on 17 June 2004
greats show ever
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on 5 December 2002
At last, the Transformers have been re-released! This DVD is perhaps the best of the bunch avaliable as it contains two of the best episodes, A Plauge of Insectacons and Heavy Metal War. Its fun spotting the animation mistakes and holes in the plot. This is by no means, a top class product in production terms, but the Transformers have gained a cult status which has lasted tot his day. Continued DVD releases can only continue this.
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First off, it needs to be said that the most frustrating thing about the Transformers DVD collection is that the individual episodes are not published in chronological order - which makes watching this series something of a choir at times and could confuse those of you who are new fans or simply do not know which order the episodes go in.
That said, this is not a bad DVD by any means and nor is the Transformers animated series in general. Watching these episodes brings back many happy memories of sitting in front of the TV watching 'Wacaday' when I was a kid, just dying to catch the next installment of my favourite animated show!
Generally, these episodes cannot be considered as high culture. Many of the storylines are nothing more than juvenile and are very hard to stomach by fans of the comic series, which in relation to the cartoon was much more adult orienated.
Perhaps the real saving grace of this particular DVD is 'Heavy Metal War' - which is not only one of the best episodes out of the 89 which were origionally created but also one of the better animated (the quality of animation throughout the series does vary immensly)
Lets not be too dour though - These episodes were created nearly 20 years ago and are not supposed to be disected by the critics amongst us. They are easily absorbed fun, very much black and white in terms of theme. This DVD is great for the twentysomethings amongst you who were fans first time around and beats the pants off the animated nonsense that we feed kids today such as 'Pokemon'.
I mean for crying out loud! Pikachu translates as 'Electric Mouse' whilst Optimus Prime translates as 'The first, the best'.
Thats what this series is.
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