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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2004
I grew up with two of the most famous irish bands played to me on a regular basis. Those two were the pogues and the dubliners. When I've tried to introduce these two to my friends one of the biggests problems they have especially with the dubliners is they can't get into the music. There isn't too much irish mainstream music around especially not these days but Flogging Molly have changed all that. They are instantly catchy and even pop idol fanatics will be able to admit these guys (and one girl) are the real deal.
They bring back that feeling of music as an experience and when you finish listening to the cd you may havetohave a wee rest before starting it up again.
Brilliant cd from an enormously talented band. Without even seeing them you know this would be one of the best live bands you could hope to see. So my advice is to buy the album this summer and kick back with a bottle of magners in the sun and dream that more bands could be this good.
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on 20 January 2003
The first thing you notice about this album is that Floggin Molly are obviously very accomplished Irish folk musicians. They make punk Irish music with a full traditional set up from both styles, plus some. Included are the sounds of the Fiddle, Tin Wistle, Uilleann pipes, Accordion, Bodhran Drum , Electric Guitar, Drums, Banjo and something called a Bazouki which I've never heard of but which is apparently a bit like a mandola.
The opening and title track of the album sounds like an Irish folk song, only at a rip roaring pace, punked up, and seemingly not dropping a note.
What follows ranges from the almost acoustic 'If I Ever Leave This World Alive', to the very punk 'Cruel Mistress', and to the very traditional 'Death Valley Queen'. There is even a cover of Dubliner Pete St. John's 1970's hit, 'The Rare Old Times,' though obviously done at twice the speed.
So is it any good?
Yes, fantastic band, great tunes, traditional, modern and interesting at the same time. This album really does grab your attention. The only thing I would say against it is that it can be a bit 'samey'. This isn't too much of a problem though, as it is so good.
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on 13 April 2003
As a keen fan of the Pogues to find a band that are even better is a wonderful feeling. This album has it all, from footstomping, 100 mph singalong tracks, to more controlled ballards. To listen to an album for the first time and enjoy every track and yet after a number of listenings not to have a favourite, shows the range of this excellent group. Enough of these words - I'm off to listen to it again.
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on 18 June 2004
This album is probably the best album I have ever bought. I you are into The Pogues and you like your punk this is the album for you! From the moving intro to "What's Left Of The Flag" to the hyperactive "Drunken Lullabies" this album has it all. After hearing Drunken Lullabies on the radio for the first time I was intrigued by the sound but did not quite fully understand it. Now after seeing the band live and buying all the albums that they have ever released I understand what they are all about.... just plain auld fashioned fun. Buy this album you'll not be disappointed. It's a modern day punk CLASSIC!!!
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on 7 June 2003
Drunken Lullabies is a fantastic album from start to finish. The Fusion of Folk and Punk sounds natural and flawless rather than forced as with some other bands of the same genre. Highly recommended album from a highly recommended band...go see them Live, you'll have a blast!
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on 11 June 2003
This is the newest release from the great band Flogging Molly. After releasing two albums before ("Alive Behind The Green Door" and "Swagger") they are at the peak of their proficiency. They play Irish Punk Rock at its best and this album offers a wide variety of songs, from rather punky and fast tracks (like Cruel Mistress) to very quiet songs (like the last song The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)).
All of the songs are awesome, I especially love Drunken Lullabies (a happy drinking song which spreads good vibrations) and Death Vally Queen (nice song, which sonds a bit Egyptian at the beginning). The way they are playing their instruments show, that they are really good musicians, which we can't say from most of the punk bands.
Flogging Molly reach this variety through using quite a lot of instruments: guitars (electric as well as accoustic), bass, drums, violine, trumpet, accordian, banjo, mandolin and two typical irish folk instruments: tin whistle and bodhran which make the record smooth and lovely even though it's undeniable punk influences. That's why you will often feel like you are somewhere in Ireland and that's a nice feeling!
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on 13 February 2004
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Flogging Molly they represent a really, really interesting mix of the fast punk beats of The Descendents and those novelty bottles of ‘Instant Orgasm’ pills…except replace ‘Orgasm’ with ‘Irish’ and you have the idea. There are accordions, banjos, spoons, a fiddle, tin whistles and of course the standard rock set up for good measure, although it is far from over used. This record really is the epitome of Irish as the first high octane song pounds out at the listener.
This is followed by the flagship track of the entire album; ‘What Is Left Of The Flag’. It is an epic number, in the way ‘Keasby Nights’ was for Catch 22 all those years ago. With lyrics such as; ‘Walk away me boy, walk away and by morning we’ll be free, with the golden tear from your mother dear and what is left of the flag for me’. These all sound like adapted Irish ditties and songs; that is the atmosphere they create. The ‘Dropkick Murphys’ often use the old styles with modern lyrics whereas ‘Flogging Molly’ keep the folk style very true to form with of course the addition of the rocky punk sound. I believe this to be the better method of the two and would pick this record over one by the other aforementioned band any day.
This is a really endearing record. Where love conquers, then is conquered, reminisced over and then has a wee drink. ‘If I Ever Leave This World’ with it’s slow nostalgic acoustic introduction that slowly picks up the pass with a simple but utterly addictive beat that makes you develop a mood to dance like no other punk song is capable of creating. Such slow songs are not the order of the day on ‘Drunken Lullabies’ as much of this record is thriving with a bawdy energy that is carried by the vast number of instruments. These are busy songs, make no mistake. Perhaps busy to the point where whatever you listen to after this record will seem almost one dimensional and dull in comparison.
Steve Albini working on this album in the recording seat has given it a very ‘live album’ feeling without any of the drawbacks of poor production and lulls. That said it is far from totally polished – meeting somewhere in the middle with a pleasing, clear and vibrant sound. ‘Rebels of the Sacred Heart’ is a rebellious number no less and leaves you feeling patriotic to a country you don’t even reside in. An interesting phenomenon that I am sure more than a few will feel after hearing this album.
‘Drunken Lullabies’ is an exciting, busy album that contains that same epic feeling that you would obtain from old ‘Catch 22’ or more recently ‘Streetlight Manifesto’. I honestly believe that this could easily do very well in a chart simply because it is interesting, vibrant, unique and full of good feeling and sorrow alike. This album has a great sound, great style and 14 tracks of heart warming soul shaking Irish music done very well.
Standout Tracks: ‘What's Left Of The Flag’, ‘If I Ever Leave This World Alive’, ‘Rebels Of The Sacred Heart’ & ‘Another Bag Of Bricks’.
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Having heard one of the tracks from this album on a film recently I thought I'd give this a go and I am so glad I did. `Drunken Lullabies' is one of those albums that is truly infectious and which leaves you with a big grin plastered over your face. Flogging Molly can best be described as Irish punk folk, but they aren't too heavy and the folk side is perfectly balanced with the punk. The album opener `Drunken Lullabies' shows you what a treat you are in for, with it's thumping drums, addictive fiddle and punk/folk vocals you are soon captivated and stamping your feet along with wild abandon. The rest of the album continues in much the same vein, but one of the gentler tracks is `If I Ever Leave this World Alive' which is a beautiful ballad with poignant lyrics, and a gentle build-up throughout the song where more instruments gradually come in, until the song reaches it's crescendo. Magnificent stuff. This album manages to offer a good mix of music that lifts the spirits and leaves you wanting more. There is also a bonus track at the end of a live performance that show their live audiences love them as much as you'd expect after hearing this. This band is well worth a try.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 26 March 2010
I love Celtic punk and Flogging Molly seems to be the best celtic-punk band of today. Similar to the Pogues in style and in lyrics but with a more modern electric guitar sound added on top. They may be Americans singing in fake Irish accents but that doesnt bother this Englishman at all. I loved the album and at the moment I am listening to it quite often.
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on 9 September 2002
Wow what an album!
I decided to buy it after listining to the song 'whats left of the flag'A brilliant moving and enjoyable track on the album!
I am into soft punk and rock and me buying this, I was worried that it was going to be a bit too Irish folk for mem but this is a really classic piece. It mixes Punk and Irish Folk music into one amazing combination! It really works!
It is also quite a moving album and has some brilliant moving lyrics and songs.
In my view whatever music you enjoy, you can't go wrong with this album- Buy it and enjoy it!
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