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By the Way
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 22 May 2015
By the way by red hot chilies
The album is cool and starts with song with same name as the album’s name. This song is lyrically powerful and fast. It has a bass bit that sounds like someone going wow wow wow wow wow wow and they shout loosely related phrases in time with the drums with lots of microphone effects. It’s quite a long song. Can’t stop is another song after the first one, it’s bouncy and and rhyms a lot more than the first one, this is good, its also more harmonically sung. The guitar gets louder and quitter, it is playing a really nice riff but it’s very repetitive, this could be more varied because it goes round in circles, maybe its because it cant stop like the song says. The next two song’s are great and could be consedired the crucial ballads of the album along with a couple of the others, which is inevitable, it’s a longish album. Universally speaking is the sing-song one and has really nice ‘feeling-esque’, cheesy harmonies and a nearly there key change to add to the happy dynamics, so do the strings and the solo on the guitar and the jazz hand worthy drum smash ending. The album moves swiftly into the contrastly gritty and hypothetically dark don’t forget me. It is easy to shrug angrily along to, which is good. The drums are my favourite drumming on the album because they stay understated for a bit then crash crash crash.
I cant be botherd to talk about the next one, we’ll just say its good. This is the place is my favourite. It has lots of things going on in it at the same time and has so many harmonies its like a song sponge cake with lovely guitar riffs and chords as the jam and some keys as the nice cream in the middle, it has some bouncy wobbly bass bits like the cakes served with jelly. Minor thing is could, it sounds a bit like universally speaking a bit. Cabron is crap, it sounds like a Mexican nursery rhyme, they should do it in a nativity. The next ones great it has a really floaty introduction, that sounds like snow storm or waves or distant screaming and the guitar has an interesting effect which Dylan probably knows the name of (ask him) and inbetween nice singing it comes back again. The next song is amaaaaazing, it’s very informative and thougt provokating. It cleverly rhymes some words like television transmition ….tion and then repeats it ‘like a story getting old’ but it has scratchy guitar that sounds like a helicopter. The next four songs sound really great and the album ends nicely. Ovrall it’s a fab album.
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on 19 January 2014
If you stick this record on expecting to hear some hardcore funk rock with screaming vocals, slap bass lines and distorted guitars you couldn't be more wrong. This, in comparison to other Chilis records, is a very mellow album. And it is bloomin' incredible.

This is the record where John took far more responsibility over the musical direction of the album, hence his heavy influence in the tracks. The Chilis have used techniques in this record that they've never really used before, such as layered melodic guitars, electronic synthesisers and almost choral backing vocals. The tracks on this album range from the energetic, psychedelic Chilis style which we know and love to the new, mellow, poetic, almost beautiful (in some cases) style which makes this record so damn awesome. I'll now go through each of the tracks on the record.

For me the stand-out tracks on this album are numerous. My personal favourite on the album (which is also my favourite Chilis song, and favourite song of all time) is Dosed. This beautiful track opens with three or four layered guitar melodies and wonderful lyrics, the second verse accompanied by harmonic backing vocals. The chorus is enough to make anyone cry. You just have to listen to it, I can't explain it. Other stand-out tracks include Can't Stop; a funky, hard-rocking hit; Cabron, a flamenco-style Spanishy song; Throw Away Your Television; a surreal, techo-ish song with very odd lyrics; Venice Queen, a long acoustic song with an extended outro passage with deep lyrics about the Band's friend Gloria; Don't Forget Me which opens and closes with a simple four chord bass riff played by flea with a powerful chorus and many others.

I Can't Stop dancing to this record at Midnight, I'm afraid i might Tear a muscle. At this rate I might Throw Away My Television because I can't get enough. By The Way, I hear this record is pretty big On Mercury, but that's just a Minor Thing 'cause This Is The Place where it belongs.

If you don't have this record take a long look at your life and see where you went wrong. This is an absolute must-have for any Chilis fan or Music fan in general. Buy this record NOW.
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on 28 August 2017
The best album of the red hot chili peppers
review image
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on 10 July 2002
Ive been a rhcp fan for a long time and like all of their albums. That now includes this, 'By the Way'. Its a great album and yes, the chili's have changed their style in many songs, but its all good. they've been around for nearly 20 years now and its unrealistic to think that their music wont differ from album to album. there are a lot of ballads on this album and most hit the mark with strong vocals and beautiful guitar melodies created by john. however, as usual throughout their albums there's that immensely strong rhythym section and yes, that man flea is in fine form again. my favourite tracks on the album are probably 'on mercury' (phat bassline), 'by the way' (surprisingly another fantastical bassline from flea) and maybe 'the zephyr song' and 'cabron'. a series lowpoint for me, being such a long time fan of the boys and especially their funk/rock sound, is the use of synthesisers on a number of tracks- for instance a small section of 'universally speaking' and most, if not all of 'warm tape' (arghhhh!!!!). nasty! but all in all a supreme effort which im sure will earn them great success.
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on 23 July 2002
For those who have grown up with the Chili Peppers you will understand the progress the band have made - Three quarters of the band reached the age of 40 this year, this fact is indicative of the sound of this album - a mellow soulful display from the Chili Peppers. Maybe as not as hardcore as BSSM and everything that went before and ironically enough one of the bands only 'drug free' recordings - which may say something. But for those who have been following John's solo releases it is evident that he has had the main influence o the sound of this album through some amazingly beautiful melodies and infectious riffs, add to that an obvious influence of British music, more experimental production from Rick Rubin and Anthony's usual heart breaking lyrics backed for the first time with the Chilli's harmonising. Taking that all into account By the Way is a grown up sound from a band who have yet again found a sound that is unique in music, and a wonderful sound it is too.
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on 5 February 2003
This is the best album I've purchased in a long time. If you listen to the sample tracks at the top of the page (by clicking on any of names of the first five tracks) I personally would ignore the fifth track because it is one of the only tracks I don't like so much but the others are very good. If you liked Californication (album of the year 1999) and the singles the chili peppers have released so far then you will love this. It truly is a beautiful album that almost anyone can like of any age if you give it a chance even if you wouldn't usually listen to this sort of music. Definately an album that should be in every household. Highly reccomended.
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on 20 August 2003
So, I'd bought Californication, I thought it was great, maybe with a couple of weak songs, but overall a great album. I was nervous when they brought their next album out, although I bought it anyway, because, after all, I'm a fan. What a relief! On this album there are 16 gorgeous songs, ranging from the mellow sounds of Midnight and I Could Die For You to the funk-ridden uptempo beats of By The Way and Can't Stop. Venice Queen is a very interesting song that swoops and soars through several different sections. My personal favourite, however, is Dosed. Despite containing the usual randomness of RHCP lyrics, it conveys this heartbreaking sense of bereavement that is really quite moving.
If you're debating whether to buy it because you've heard the singles and you don't know if the album will be worth it, buy it, because they didn't release all of the strongest songs.
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on 26 October 2002
Red Hot Chili Peppers always seem to have thought of themselves as a funk/hard-rock band. For about fifteen years they cornered themselves into a dead-end genre and did a remarkable job of hiding their talent (except for Under The Bridge). Then, on Californication, something clicked, and they produced half of a brilliant rock album. Half of the songs (ie six of the first seven tracks, plus the last one) were focussed, emotionally acute and vital. The rest of the album was, unfortunately, meandering and inconsistent. All that, however, has changed with By The Way.
The album is a total revelation. Teeming with instantly memorable melodies, it crash-lands them in the forefront of 21st-century rock music. Anthony Kiedis' voice and songwriting have matured beyond all recognition, and the songs are undoubtedly helped by the fact that all four of the band are uncommonly talented musicians.
It made an atmospheric and impressive first single, but the title track and opener By The Way is not the best track on the album. It might have been, had development of that beautiful melody not been sacrificed in favour of a funk-rock workout. But this is one of the few 'funk' moments on the album.
Universally Speaking is a definite grower. It bursts with energy and spirit, and contains an absolutely delightful guitar solo. The fourth, fifth and sixth tracks are three of the best the Chili Peppers have ever done. Dosed is a huge, soaring ballad, with lyrics that are spectacularly over the top and yet totally moving ('Way up on the mountain where she died/All I ever wanted was your life'), and Kiedis' voice shows a depth and emotion rarely heard before. On Don't Forget Me, which boasts a massive, climactic and apocalyptic chorus, he writes lyrics darker and more troubled than you ever thought he'd be able to ('I'm an inbred and a pothead...now we know it all for sure'). New single Zephyr Song has glorius sunshine harmonies and lyrics to match ('Fly away on my zephyr, we're going to live forever').
It's very much an album of two halves. The first half is more traditional rock, whereas the second half is wildly eclectic, the band venturing confidently into a number of unknown genres. Midnight is soaked in beautifully arranged strings, and Throw Away Your Television, after messing around with a catchy bassline for two minutes, explodes into bubbling eighties-style keyboard Euro-pop, which somehow manages to sound incredibly cool. Cabron is a joyous burst of Spanish guitars, On Mercury is ska-punk (and excellent ska-punk at that), and Minor Thing is driving, propulsive piano rock. The real stand out on the second half, however, is the Beach Boys homage Tear, which opens with just an electric piano, and builds up to a fantastic surging, windy chorus.
The album is admittedly too long at 16 tracks and 68 minutes, and cringingly soppy Bon Jovi ballad I Could Die For You should without doubt have been culled at birth. Can't Stop's relative immaturity is shown up by the rest of the album, and Warm Tape is unmemorable. But on an album where almost every track could be a single, it would be churlish not to give this a resounding five stars.
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on 26 July 2002
I purchased this album the very day it was released and with no hesitations i can say that i have no regrets. This album has been sat in my CD player now since i bought it, and i don't plan to take it out for a little while yet. Earlier last year i bought Californication which is a beautiful and classic album and it has a similar sound to that. I am a huge chili's fan and i can enjoy the funky bass riffs of Blood Sugar Sex Magik though i also love the melodic vocals and guitar of Californication and By The Way.. This album is far more mellow than any others so far and i feel its all better for it. Give a listen to songs like universally speaking, minor thing, dosed, this is the place and on mercury. These i would say are my fave tracks on the album but i must also add that there are no songs i dislike either. Sure a few are worse than others like cabron, throw away your television and midnight. Though all round i would say a master class album and yes, the best yet .
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on 28 October 2015
What can I say, what an incredible album, every track is amazing, 'throw away your television' is the weakest but stil great particularly live, features the Chilis greatest line up of course of kiedes, frusciante, flea and Smith, impossible to pick my favourite track by the way, dosed, the zephyr song, tear, on mercury, minor thing, Venice queen, can't stop etc I couldn't possibly choose, this album always reminds me of a great time in life aswell, I always say this is the album that got me into the Chilis and music in general because at the time I wasn't a huge fan of music but by the way changed that it made me go back and buy all of chilis previous stuff and Ive been hooked since, I am a massive chilis fan so I love near enough all there songs but I know people who hate the Chilis but stil love this record. I also love the fact this was my first ever album also the greatest?! Don't take my word for it buy it and hear for yaself!! If you think your not a fan of the Chilis this record may change your mind it's that great. The best ever album?! My opinion and it's also a fact
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