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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
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on 15 December 2002
I have mixed feelings about this title, it is a brilliant game, and one that I would recommend to anyone, however, there are a few things I will mention towards the end of this review for an overall, very good game.
The gameplay is fantastic (however ridiculous the story, I'm not aware of the previous titles, but the plot seemed farcical) and the feeling of power is fantastic. You can carry out your 'hit' any way you choose, and the replay value for most of the levels is fantastic. This is not an easy game, and the challenge that it presents, will defiantly keep you playing, giving up is not an option. Perhaps awarding the most praise to the most sinister element of the game, but the bodies look, and feel and even sound, superb. They really are in a league of their own. Arms and legs will catch on doorways, and the rubbery slapping sound of flesh on stone helps to draw you deeper into the game as you drag the corpses into the shadows.
This is needed however, as it is extremely hard to become immersed in the game in many other ways, this is not a game where you can feel scared for your own life when detected, you will not jump off the sofa at dangerous moments, you will not forget it is a game. But it is a game. And a very superior one. The fact that this is not an Xbox exclusive, means that visuals can, at times, be disappointing, and audio is not exceptional, but the levels, ideas and overall, atmosphere is fresh.
This is a first class game, and it more than earns its failings.
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on 6 December 2003
This is the sequel to the computer game a few years back. But before I go on, I feel that I should point out that this is a very mature game. It has violent and disturbing content in large amounts. But its also incredibly fun.
The game starts you off a while after the events of the first game. 47 has now "retired", and wishes to live his life in a Sicilian monastery, peacefully. But as you can guess, this is shattered when his past catches up with him, (tending tomatoes doesn't make for a very exciting game), and once again he must enter a dark world of violence, to save his friend Padre Vittorio. But who gives a damn? On with the game.
After a very brief tutorial, which also shows Vittorio’s kidnapping, the player is thrust head first into the game. The controls are very easy to master, and for the inverted gamer (like myself) it’s easy to tweak them to fit your needs.
Graphically & sonically, this game is superb. They are so good that you are sucked right into the game, and the game’s classical score composed specifically for the game is also very good. The only things that detracts from the game’s realism is the fact that corpses tend to react somewhat vigorously to being shot (I’m talking flying about 10m backwards when hit with a pair of pistols!) This is the factor that makes this a 4 & not 5 star game.
Speaking of weapons, there is an absolutely huge range to choose from, ranging from crossbows to silenced MP5’s to scalpels to sawn-off shotguns to tranquillisers. They all looks great and are great fun to use; they’re all different guns, and not just a load of polygons with different sounds. And oh yes, the Hitman’s trademark Ballers are back two, along with his garrotte.
47 looks great too. The animations are brilliant, and some lovely graphics, like his red tie swinging in the breeze and the way he walks add some really effective sinister touches.
In terms of replay, it has to be one of the games strongest points. There are so many ways that a level can be completed, from killing a servant, taking his clothes and then serving your target a poisoned glass of champagne to going in, and massacring everyone in your way. After every level, you are rated on aggression and stealth, and given a title, from “mass murderer” to ”silent assassin”- the highest rating (try to get this rating at least once- it unlocks the silenced Ballers, which are fantastic.
In summing up, this is a terrifically gritty, violent, disturbing and entertaining game, ruined only by those bloody flying bodies…
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on 13 December 2003
This game was made to be a stealth game and after Splinter Cell I wanted another. This isn't one. A stealth game is when you can't set off alarms, can't run and not be heard, can't just run into a place and shoot everyone.
Having said that the game is a great game. It is fun. That is all you can describe it as. The storyline is poor to say the least and the graphics dont compare to the top games. The weapons are great, there is a wide range for each level except for one somewhat boring and pointless level. You have no weapon, nowhere to hide and if anyone sees you, you're doomed. It is luck if you make it or not and your best bet is to run as fast as you can through the city and hope that no one sees you. The other levels are cool though. Even before you start each level you can practise your aim.
5 stars for gameplay but that one level knocks a star off. You might never complete it.
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on 11 February 2016
I bought for my son- he says it's great .
Game appear new and in excellent condition
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on 19 July 2016
Once again only plays on xbox not xbox 360
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on 29 April 2003
This is one of the best x box games I have ever played. It is jam packed with action. There are over 40 weapons to choose from, ranging from the simple but deadly fibre wire (strangulation cord ) to the ak assault rifle. I would recommend you buy this game, Overall this game does deserve the full 5 stars.
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on 7 July 2009
This works on the 360 and is still great - lots of good missions, but the last one is my favourite- you start with no weapons and build from there. I found trying to complete it sneakily as the most entertaining.
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on 24 May 2015
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on 9 October 2015
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