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on 16 September 2010
Resident Evil: REmake was commission for the short lived Capcom/Nintendo exclusivity deal, giving all future made RE games to Nintendo consoles, a very short lived deal. It was brought a new crowd for the then upcoming "Exclusive" RE4

Playing through the game it is more closely to the original than what the synopsis says, more 30% new than 70-80%, that's not a bad thing though as the original was a landmark and excellent game. You can play through the game as either Chris or Jill, each character has their own pros and cons with variations in their respective paths through the game. The game includes the original mansion map with some new areas and some different puzzles. The same old gem, wind crest and octagonal emblem weirdo logic puzzles which don't really suit the environment are still there.

The graphics are amongst the best I've seen and have been compared as life like, this is more apparent in the outdoor sections where the grass, trees and shadows sway and reflect light like you were really there. Although everything apart from the characters are pre rendered they hold up to current gen consoles easily.

The ambient music is excellent adds to the tense atmosphere and changes the mood of every room, the voice acting has been greatly improved and is of a very high class, monster sounds are bone chilling, especially Lisa Trevor's moans.

The game will take about 15-20 hours to play through and is well worth it, it is the foundation of the epic Resident Evil series and personally my favourite of the pre rendered series.
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on 12 September 2010
Imagine it, you're all alone, you're walking down an old dark corridor with mirrors and candles through out, then suddenly there is alot of pounding on the door ahead of you, it's bending as though it's about to bust open; while you're frozen unsure if you should walk forward there is a flash of lightning that lights the corridor through a stray window. Amidst the flash the corpse behind you; that has been laying dead on the ground for a long time is now up and running towards you, arms outstretched with claws on finger tips, the loud clap of thunder follows the flash and you realize that in a matter of seconds you now have to run forward and through that door... That is horror perfection right there. Not running around some lame african streets fighting ohhh the parasite people while they throw hatchets at you.

This game, well i'll cut to the chase, it's brilliant! I had the original on PS1 and the graphics and voice acting..ah first game or not they were awful and a idea as good as resident evil 1 deserved better. But now it's here! Well it was here about 8 years ago but i always wanted to play the remake and i bought it recently having got a Wii.

It is a true horror in every sense, it is set in (what appears to be) a large 17th century mansion in the middle of the arklay mountains, the US. You play as one of the two special s.t.a.r.s police units, jill valentine or chris redfield. The s.t.a.r.s team were sent in to investigate mysterious murders that had happened nearby in remote areas. But upon landing in the forest the team soon gets split up and attacked, after running for their lives it's then they quickly run into the mansion to take cover; or into the frying pan.

This game has really nice graphics. The back drops are beautiful, they're all static and not really 3D, but even so everything looks very authentic and lovely (and thats saying something for a gamecube game released in 2002) The lighting is another highlight, from the reflection of your character on the marble floor to the fires/candles and lightning that lights the place up every now and then. The sound effects are nice and the voice acting (thank goodness) is alot more serious and realistic, nothing like the funny drivel the characters said in the original.
The controls aren't so wonderful, it's still the original "tank" controls but despite sometimes misjudging corners and running into walls, you get used to them quickly (even if you aren't used to using a gamecube control). The camera angles are the same too but there is now a handy auto aim function, so when you enter a room, just aim and if your character doesn't lock onto anything - it's safe; simple.

Is the game worth getting if you've played the original? yes! Even if it was dead the same and only with the graphical update it would be, but the way you solve puzzles, the order they're done, it's all a bit different, the mansions layout is also a little bit different which means there are a few more areas to explore. There are even new puzzles to solve, if i haven't convinced you to buy this game for as cheap as you can now get it, or no one else has; then there's no hope. P.S - It's probably better to get on gamecube than attempting to use the dodgey Wii controls (there's no difference between the two)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 April 2016
Gamer alert.
Retro gaming - old games on old consoles.
About the game play not the graphics resolution or advancing by cut scenes.
The challenge was to play Resi in the dark - at night - on your own - with headphones on.
Good to experience one of the games that redefined the zombie apocalypse genre again.
This GameCube disc arrived in good condition.
Not the same as the remembered PS1 version but still classic.
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on 18 July 2016
Loving the retro vibe at the moment and this is a great example of a classic gamecube game. The discs arrived in good condition, plus the case and instructions were the same. This is well worth it and a great price too!
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on 26 February 2009
In 1996 people were amazed by this game as you free roamed around a mansion for the first half but in 2002 the re-make of resident evil made people believe in it more as it made the series continue. The game cube version was the first version I ever played and I was freaked out, realistic zombies, like the crimson's, Lisa who was a deformed one always freaked people out. Imagine walking around dark rooms and then into a corridor when suddenly a window cracks but nothing comes through but then when you come back to it a Hunter which is like a liazard or a zombie comes jumping or sliding through and scares you. You also have to conserve ammo, plan ahead burn as many zombie bodies as possible so they won't come back and know the mansion, open all locked doors from the other side and avoid all confrontation with monsters if not blow there head off. Storyline wise your either Chris Refield or Jill Valentine who are members of S.T.A.R.S. and they have been sent to Racoon Forest which is near the Arklay mountains to find Bravo Team except Bravo Team isn't there no more so they get chased into a nearby mansion by Cerberus. From here on everything comes a mystery that you have to solve as your captain, Albert Wesker and Barry always dissapear or if you play as Chris Jill dissapears so you have to find them and find out what's going on around here, I give the gamecube vrsion 5 stars! it's worth buying.
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on 10 May 2016
Incredible remake of the unforgettable original. Played through several times now. Looks beautiful, even for a 14 year old (yes, 14!) game.
Must have for every GC collection.
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on 7 March 2014
this game added some really cool things to the game especially the dead zombies that get back up if you diddn't burn the bodies more puzzles and some original ones and some areas like a graveyard and a forest and nothing gets adrenalin pumping like encountering added nemesis Lisa trevor long story short i strongly urge people to get this game its tough and terrifying
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on 6 December 2013
This was a very pleasent surprise. I loved the original Resident Evil for PS1. I was expecting this to be a nice game, just improving grafics. But no! They improve every aspect in this game making this a "must play it". The gameplay, sound, cameras, lights, even the story was lightly changed with a few surprises for the fans.
Saddly it was one of the last true survival horror resident evil game.
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on 8 July 2016
Have been wanting to play this remake for years after falling in love with the original game.
Really amazing game, a must play for anyone with a GC!
Love every minute of playing it and it hasn't hardly aged since release.
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on 2 July 2016
Second scariest game in the series, woefully underrated, but still here and still worth a look. It offers the very best of the Game Cube's graphics and the very best of the tank controls. Play it as Chris on hard. Go on. I dare you.
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