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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Ozzy Osbourne's No Rest For The Wicked was his fifth studio album as a solo artist and was released in 1988. This was the first Ozzy album to feature Zack Wlyde who replaced Jake E Lee on guitar duties.

Zack has a very different guitar style to either Randy's or Jake E Lee's; his playing is full of pinch harmonics, squeals and other little flourishes that make his playing different to each of Ozzy's previous guitarists, on top of that he delivers a more heavy metal style of riff more frequently and as a consequence the direction of this album changed.

After the death of original guitarist Randy Rhodes, Ozzy started heading in a more commercial direction, but No Rest For The Wicked reverse the trend with a very rock orientated sound musically and much heavier production sound.

No Rest For The Wicked primarily contains straight up hard and heavy numbers, with a much less commercial direction than the previous two albums and as such hasn't dated just as badly as they have. Surprisingly; give the increased heaviness of the album, it sold very well and was a large commercial and critical success.

The album is full of strong and well written music, including the excellent `Miracle Man,' `Breaking All The Rules,' and `Crazy Babies.' The whole album is fairly consistent and the majority of the material is of that same high quality.

If you enjoy big riffs and bold guitar solos then this is a superb album, the only real flaw you could level at it is that it may be a bit repetitive, certainly so if you don't like pinch harmonics. For everyone else, this shouldn't put you off however and I highly recommend you give the album a shot.

Overall, No Rest For The Wicked is one of the better Ozzy albums out there, the material is strong, consistent and fairly heavy. Overall, it is a pretty essential buy for fans.
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on 13 June 2002
with a superb production and a fantastic band behind him ozzy sounds excellent.songs such as "devils daughter" , "bloodbath in paradise"and "crazy babies"would fit on any classic ozzy or sabbath album.special praise goes to "the beast"zakk wlyde whos guitar excellence never ceases to amaze me.the album does have some weak moments and is not as consistent as "blizzard of ozz" or "bark at the moon",but ozzy retains his crown as the ultimate metal god!!!!!!!!
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on 2 February 2016
Wow Another great album from Ozzy for my collection that keeps growing bigger all the time
One must admit he does have what fans seek in music.... just fantastic tunes and singing songs
plus his backing band all goes to make a brilliant album....
Five Gold Stars from me for this album and looking foreword to the next one
Ask any OZZY fan and they will say buy it... just brilliant music to play loud...
And if you need good speakers see DJ Speakers on AMAZON'S web site
plus yes the big ones flash blue to the music when you crank up the volume just brilliant stuff
( see photo's with my review )
review image review image review image review image
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on 2 December 2015
this was maybe the less popular album for ozzy back then in my land that's the middle east my bro and sis of true metal and in the 80s we didnt have any exposure to any media that spoke metal but having ozzy and we had black sabbath high in our list while they were history in the USA what made this a must. today in my opinion some of the songs are dated but having Zakk power all over the killer tracks the 1st 5 tracks what makes this an important album to own
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on 4 November 2013
Miracle Man, showing that Ozzy is not the Devil incarnate, but a humorous song about a shamed tv Evangelist. A song about the dangers of alcohol misuse. Classic Rock from The Prince of Darkness, who at one time was the most famous of the Osbourne family.
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on 13 September 2012
This albums is not his great after several of great classics, but as a collector i own it because i love Ozzy and i support him in 100% so you should do the same.
It is the first record with another genius Zakk Wylde and the good songs for me are: "Devil's Daughter", "Bloodbath In Paradise" and "Demon Alcohol".
Buy it.
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on 8 May 2007
This album got a bit of a panning at the time of its release, and didn't really seem to get the thumbs up from many of Ozzy's fans who'd been there during the Randy Rhoads years. However. That said. This album is the sound of Ozzy rediscovering his metal roots, and creating a full blown heavy metal album. And about time to I say. Zakk Wylde is blistering on this record. His guitar absolutely dominates the sound - and all for the better actually, as it injects real drive and energy into the songs. It's true there's a couple of below par numbers, (I'm thinking Breakin all the rules and Tatooed dancer), which sound a bit formulaic. But for the rest - Miracle Man, Bloodbath in Paradise, Devil's Daughter....they're all top drawer. And he saved the best to last. The original album closed with Demon Alcohol, an ode to his battles with the bottle. What A RIFF!!

If you don't own this album, but love a good bit of all out classic heavy metal then this is the CD for you. If you already have this but haven't listened to it in years, then it's time you rediscover this overlooked diamond.
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on 9 February 2011
This is by no means a CLASSIC rock album, nor is it a duffer. After the departure of Jake E Lee for Badlands, Ozzy recruits Zakk Wylde; a self confessed Sabbath/Ozzy/Randy Rhoads fan. Gone was the tinny sound from 'Ultimate Sin', back came the crunching riffs :)

I admit I like this album. 'Miracle Man', 'Devils Daughter' and 'Crazy Babies' set the tone, and its a heavy one! 'Breaking All The Rules' I think has a great riff. 'Fire In The Sky' tells a story of Ozzy growing up and has that epic feel to it. 'Demon Alcohol' needs no explaining! 'Hero' (the bonus track)is a hidden gem!!

Yes, this album has 'Tattoed Dancer' and can sound a bit samey, but its a step in the right direction for Ozzy. This is an album that sits there quietly in its place. Month after month it sits, waiting patiently. Then it gets played for a few days and is returned to the shelf with a big smile on your face. Job done!
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on 11 February 2009
Flat sounding production and too many substandard, going through the motions songs. Not as good as any of the previous albums and Jake E Lee was a superior guitar player to this new guy IMO. It's by no means a bad album it is all just VERY average.
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on 3 April 2001
This offering is acts as the bridge between the cheese ridden "Ultimate Sin" and the much more professionally written and produced "No More Tears"(despite Zakk Wylde's ridiculous hairdo). At last Ozzy gets heavy again using eerier effects and getting the best out of Randy Rhoads' most adequate replacement Zakk Wylde. The lack of an obvious chart single is probably this albums most attractive feature. Wheras "So Tired" (good but cheesy) and "Shot In The Dark" (aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh help it's the Ultimate Cheese!) were blatant attempts at commercial success, songs such as Miracle Man and Bloodbath in Paradise endear themselves to any Ozzy/Sabbath fans. There is still however a bit too much of that 80'sness hangin' around on the album and is noticeable how Metallica seemed to steal the show on the 86 tour with their more vibrant thrash/speed attack. However the clash between grunge and thrash would coincide with Ozzy's best offering since "Bark At The Moon", "No More Tears".
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