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on 6 September 2016
What can I say except WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!, NETWORK does it again. in junior school i'd go rushing home on Saturday tea-time 1st time round on tv to watch these cos I wanted to be Michael Praed & Jason Connery and loved the era this was filmed in and set in t'boot. I won't debate over who was the best 'robin' as both did an amazing job and a job I didn't want to see end at the time and always wanted more. There were (according to legend) 2 robin hoods, 1 a millers 'possibly adopted' son, and the other who took up the mantle was an earl's son. This is IMO 'THE' best treatment /interpretation of the robin hood legend. The late Richard Carpenter broke the mould with these 3 seasons which ran from 1983 to 1985. All cast members ply their parts spot on, most of whom were relatively unknowns at the time which only added to the realism of the series. The locations were quality..really nice, i'm not sure where, possibly wales to pass for Nottingham/Sherwood as these days there isn't hardly any Sherwood-Forest left apart from the major oak. As for the incidental music/soundtrack, who better than CLANNAD, the appearance of the pagan-god herne the hunter the 80's synth backing, amongst others, really fits the series. If I could compare this series to anything I would say in terms of picture format and style, filmed some 10/15yrs later, CADFAEL reminds me of robin of Sherwood, possibly due to it being set in the same era of the 1100's & knights Templar. I strongly recommend the soundtrack called clannad-legend from 84 on cd to compliment these now even cleaner than DVD releases!!!!!!!!
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on 18 July 2017
I agree with everything everyone else says about the show BUT the subtitles are appalling. A prerequisite of being a subtitler is surely having basic spelling skills - so what is the excuse for 'pitty' instead of 'pity', 'Litchfield' for 'Lichfield', or 'toothach'?!
In addition, the subtitles here are not just a reduction of what's said on screen - they're a rewrite! Often actually longer than the words spoken, the subtitles are disrespectful of the lines written by Kip Carpenter.
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on 2 September 2014
Of all the Robin Hood series, that have been filmed, this continues to be my favourite.
There is a steller cast, all fabulous actors, including a young Ray Winstone. My favourite actor s Nikolas Grace, who plays the evil sheriff to over the top perfection.
The stories reflect realistic medieval like, but intertwinned with pagan folklore and mythology.
All episodes are well scripted, with atmospheric lighting.
The hauntingly beautiful music by Clannad is also spot on. Still as good now as when it was first shown 30 years ago.
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on 15 December 2013
I'm a very big fan of RoS. I started off with the VHS Video collection, then moved onto the DVD box sets. At the time I thought (as many people did) this would be it...the definitive treatment. I was always slightly underwhelmed by the picture and sound quality and figured it was the source material at fault + crappy encoding/compression. Well, most things were crap back in 1990's and early 2000's particularly digital compression technology. I'll cut to the chase, this BluRay release is simply stunning. Its like watching it for the first time. You see details, colours and sounds like never before. I was actually really shocked to see such a massive improvement both visually and aurally. The packaging design and booklet are first class. All the extras are superb. I can hand on heart say this really is the definitive collection. Its pricey...but if your a fan its a must have. 10/10.
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on 17 September 2013
Well, you have a hit series with a great cast with a chemistry that means your show could run for a few series yet and then suddenly your leading man quits...It's moments like these that the writer is called upon to steady the ship and the late Richard Carpenter does it magnificently. You see, there are two broad interpretations of the Robin Hood legend, one where he's a yeoman who rises up (the Praed version) and the other where he's a nobleman righting wrongs, and this is the version we have here.

At the end of series 2, Robin of Loxley is dead, but the "merry men" are saved by a mysterious hooded man, revealed in this series to be Robert of Huntingdon, sent by Herne the Hunter to take the mantle of Robin Hood and become the outlaws new leader; it also introduces our new leading man Jason Connery (son of Sean). Both in terms of the script and the actual production, we have a period of remembering what we've lost, whilst seeing what the new guy can do and beginning to accept that the difference will be the making of the outlaws adventures, not its undoing.

Given a fresh viewing, as a fan of the broad legend, I loved the fact that the writing is sophosticated and reflects viewers feelings through the characters on screen. We've been through a loss, and of course, when coming back to this situation, the feelings are still raw. Carpenters genius is that he doesn't try to forget any of what has gone before, but he allows us a good 3 episoded to wallow in that grief, to feel the mourning process of the characters we love and ultimately, heal with them as we take a new Robin to our hearts, and then we're off!

To reflect on the casting of Connery for just a moment - he is very different to his predecessor, and it's a good thing, because too much of the same would have led to an imitation of Praed, rather that setting up something that couldn't be taken for anything other than as performance on its own terms. Also, for U.S. audiences who got the show through the Showtime channel, the name would be a benifit in a time when the re-casting of roles was still a relatively new thing - this was the mid 80's remember.

Given the length of this series - 13 episodes, Carpenter shares writing duties with new scribe Anthony Horowitz (I wonder what became of him!) and we have a set of episodes that give us more of what we have come to expect and cherish with some new twists that take us into pure fantasy, I'm thinking of Crom Cruac and Time of the Wolf. With hindsight I wonder if keeping the sorcerer Gulnar was such a great idea? Brilliant though Richard O'Brien is, and he really is fabulous to watch, the character does belong in a pure fantasy setting, but this is a minor grumble and purely a personal view.

Overall we still have great production standards, a cast back who are different (changed by the new dynamic and the loss of their friend) but the same, as they fight along side a new leader. The only thing I would say is that Connerys performance wobbles a bit for me...I accept that he is fresh from acting school and has a daunting task stepping into lead man status in a highly succesful show, and for the most part, he does a good job, but some of the moments with Marion just wobble a bit and for me; I find I see the actor, not the character...

Technically, the Blu-ray process has just lifted the fog on the visuals and the soundtrack, meaning we get lovely visuals and the chance to really hear the dialogue delivered wonderfully by the regulars and the extremely strong guest cast, not to mention the superb music soundtrack by Clannad.

All in all, if you loved the show, and it's right up there in terms of being one of the best re-tellings of the legend, this is a very welcome addition to the Praed series - the only shame is the unresolved ending of the series (brought about by circumstances beyond the producers control) but in a funny sort of way, it lends itself to the legend and keeps us hungry for more!
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on 20 April 2009
I don't know if Robin Hood (Robin in the hood) ever really existed, but I find this series (all 3 series in fact) so very entertaining, visually beautiful and atmospheric. Excellent well cast actors and the music by Clannad is also something special.

The picture quality on DVD is noticably better than on Freeview. The only criticism is that all three series do not have subtitles for the hard of hearing - something my elderly mother always needs.
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on 21 February 2018
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on 5 January 2017
I loved this series as a kid and now my children love it too!
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on 7 June 2016
Marvelous stuff: the definitive 'Robin' that, so far, puts to shame all other productions on the subject. If only they made them like this more often.
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on 19 January 2014
A nice collection to have, which brings out the day to day social living of Medieval times, as well as the adventures of an historic English legend. There are many great scenes in these episodes.
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