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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2002
Bargaining 1&2 - At the end of season five we saw the very sad departure of Buffy, and the begining of this season starts 3 months since then, and the scoobie gang are having to kill the vampires and the demons by them selves with a lot of help from Spike and Willows Magic oh and of course the Buffy bot . But the gang want buffy back ans willow knows a way to do it which leads to a rather upseting scean with a dear but they get ready to perform the spell but a vampire finds out about the buffy bot and goes to tell these motor bike menaces. Willow brings Buffy back with a spell but a motor bike menace drives over a important ingrediant. but Buffy still comes back and after a series of avents buffy ends up at the tower which she jumep of but it starts to fall and Dawn gets her down in time.
The rest of the season focuses on the whole Buffy was in heaven thing when her friend think that she was in hell.
These are my favourite eposoides
Once more with felling - the singing xtraviganser
rating 5 out of 5
Life seril - the trio try to test buffy for weakneses (very funny)
4 out of 5
Tabula Rasa - Everybody loses their minds because of one of Willows spells
5 out of 5
Smashed and Wreked - Willow get addicted to magic and a sorceror who has extreme power gives it out to withches but there are consercuences when willow hurts Dawn and Willow bring amy to a human.
5 out of 5
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on 7 November 2000
All the episodes in this box set were quite good especially the episode "nightmares" which was hilarious, the scene where Xander found the chocolate bars on the floor, and then started stuffing his face was brilliant. The last episode "Prophecy Girl" was strange though, the ending was a bit weak, I thought that it wrapped everything up a little abruptly and it didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the episode but I have got to say that Buffy was brilliant as a vampire!
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on 30 July 2002
I came into this boxset with low expectations, having read so many bad reviews of Season 6. However, it's not nearly as bad as some would have you believe. In fact, there are some great episodes on here. It starts off with the two-parter, 'Bargaining', which can be rather gruesome at times, but SMG as the Buffybot provides some laughs. Episode 3, 'After Life' is one of the best and the full cast perform well here. 'Flooded' and 'Life Serial' introduce the villains for S6, and 'Life Serial' in particular is funny. 'Flooded' has its moments too. 'All The Way' is the Halloween episode, and isn't bad, just a solid filler episode. You then have the musical episode which deserved its great reviews. Again, the full cast perform well. Likewise 'Tabula Rasa', which is both funny and poignant. Admittedly, the quality starts to slide on the third tape. 'Smashed' is the best on it. 'Wrecked' is just laughable-the plot holes and events had me shaking my head. 'Gone' isn't one of the best either and I thought it could have been executed better. I haven't seen the second half, but the first half of the season is strong, and certainly on par with previous seasons. I would recommend this boxset to fans of the show.
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on 15 July 2003
This promised such a lot and in the end failed to deliver. After the darkness and angst of Series 6 we were promised a lighter and brighter final series, with the main theme being back to the beginning. Yes, in Lessons we see Dawn starting high school and reminding us of the trauma that Buffy suffered during her high school days, but after that it went off topic. The main theme became the redemption of Spike; not that I objected to that as Spike is far and away my favourite character, but all the other main characters suffered as a result and became marginalised. There were some good episodes and some good scenes within episodes, but most of the comedy has gone and Buffy has become such a pain! Where is the witty repartee and the funny and wonderful interaction between the core Scoobies? On the plus side there is lots of semi naked Spike. There were major issues, yet we see little or no discussion of them. I can't help but feel that Joss missed an opportunity for some high drama there.
Joss was involved with 2 other television shows during much of this series and it shows. He needed to pay more attention to his original concept.
Having said all that, overall Buffy is still probably the best American television show to make it to this side of the pond.
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on 23 May 2003
This is easily the best season of Buffy as it is the last and it has so many good episodes, the highlights of season 7.1 are Lessons the season premeier which is an average episode, has some pretty good fight scenes and a very good ending.
Selfless which explores Anyas past and is very funny again another great amazing fight scene between two of the main characters.
Conversations With Dead People this episode could easily be the best of the series as it only has 3 of it's main characters present for this episode and it sets up an amazing story arc about The First and it's intentions.
Sleeper is another great episode which is mainly centred around Spike, this is where the episodes start to get good as there is more of The First Evil around and you start to learn more about it plus it has a great ending.
Bring On The Night is one of the best episodes of the season with a very dangerous vampire rising from the hellmouth which kicks Buffys ass twice and it shows you that The First isn't messing around anymore, plus the ubervamp plays an important part in the finale and the potentials start to arrive.
Showtime which is the last episode of the boxset is a conclusion to Bring On The Night and again it is a very good episode with a great fight scene and more potentials arrive.
Overall this is the beginning of the best season, which builds up to an amazing series finale if you think this is a good boxset you haven't seen nothing yet!!
I give it a 10/10
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on 28 May 2003
Buffy is one of those great tv shows that I'll never forget. As you know season 7 is the last but one of the best. My favorite seasons are the third and the fith one and this one was really amazing. Especially because in this season, vampires are back. Yes for the last four years many of us were wondering the meaning of "vampire slayer" since Buffy was fighting against a giant snake, something green and mechanic, a sexy-evil goddess and an evil witch. But from now on you'll get big surprises. When many creators don't know how to end their show, Wheadon offered a great conclusion.
Buy this set you won't regret it.
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on 31 May 2003
Many people think that since Buffy died in Dawn's place to save the world, or even since Buffy left high school, that the series hasn't been as good. Well my feelings are completely the opposite. Now don't get me wrong I still love the early high school and college seasons and I thought Glory was brilliant, but I still think that Buffy gets better as it goes along, and if some people thought that last year was too dark then you'll love this new season.
Season 7 goes back to the beginning, first of all the high school returns with Dawn attending and Buffy getting a job there (no more Doublemeat Palace), all the characters (including some new and some returning favourites) are fiery and happy again and an old evil returns to put the Scoobies through their scariest and best year ever!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes back to its old technique of having a monster of the week while also progressing the characters and the overall story line. That is until the main story arc finally takes off, and the season really gets going, which means laughter, tears, torment and death for all our favourite characters.
As this is the last season everything seems bigger and better, the suspense is built up extremely well, the major story line is very much linked to the mythology of the whole series in general and there are great continuity references and links to the old days of Buffy (including the 'Big Bad�) that will have long time fans going mad with joy and excitement.
This season also includes some of the most frightening scenes to date, including a skin eating demon and old faces visiting from beyond the grave!
Add to that new chilling prophecies, warnings and visions, new interesting storylines, new love interests, new spells and fighting skills, new twists and new foes including their most formidable enemies and 'Big, Big Bad' yet and you've got the all new best season of the best series in the world!
!!!Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!!
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on 19 July 2003
Fabulous series, but i have in my box set a different episode to the one there should be! Instead of "showtime" i have "potential" (which should be on the next box set), so i'm left with the problem of not having seen an episode that predates one i have seen!
In general though wellmade and well crafted series, slightly dissapointing number of new slayerettes who come and go confusingly, but a wellcome return to drusilla, the mayor and a number of old favourites.
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on 24 May 2003
Continuing from the horrific events of last season, it is quite hard to pick up the pieces in the first few episodes, which could be better but do give us a general feel for the great story to come. All the characters are happier in this season, especially Buffy who seems much like her younger self.
Characters such as Dawn and Spike are given bigger parts this season, and we discover more secrets that each character is hiding. We also see the return of many familiar faces.After 3 introduction episodes, things soon pick up from episode 4 and the season builds up to some fantastic battles and heartbreaking scenes mixed with the humour that we know and love from previous seasons.
Memorable episodes include - Episode 4 "Help" and Episode 7 - "Conversations with dead people" which have fantastic scripts and dramatic events that change the lives of all the characters, also if you liked the musical episode last year, you may be in for a treat with episode 5.
Buy this boxset if you have seen the other seasons of Buffy, as this is the final chapter of an epic series, bringing together all the loose ties that left us wondering across the years. With increased special effects and a bigger evil to fight, Buffy Season 7 part one is a must to add to your collection.
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on 18 May 2003
Well, those words have never been truer for Buffy. This box set contains the first 11 episodes, of Buffy's 7th and Final Season. This is the big build-up to the storyline of The First evil, and Buffys final battle. Of this writting the series finale has not yet aired, but Everyone can already tell it will be wonderful. The Episode in this set are...
- Lessons - Dawn attends Sunndydale High-School, and Buffy gets offered a Job as a counceiler.
- Beneath you
- Same Time, Same Place - Willow Returns to Sunnydale
- Help
- Selfless - Anya's History is releaved finally
- Him
- Conversations With Dead People - Season 7's answer to "Hush", "the Body" for "Once more with Feeling"
- Sleeper
- Never Leave Me
- Bring on the Night - Giles returns to Sunnydale with the first batch of potental slayers.
- Showtime - Buffy battles the fiercest vampire in history
Well thats it, the first half of the last season.
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