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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Although Weezer's previous studio album, the self-titled green one provided this Los Angeles band with not only a triumphant comeback, but their fastest selling album to date, I have to say that, although I do favour the latter, it's 2002 follow-up 'Maladroit', which arrived just a year later, is artistically superior, and stronger, if less commercial. It was also, the first Weezer album to feature bassist Scott Shriner, following the then recent departure of Mikey Welsh.

The opening track on 'Maladroit', 'American Gigolo' is an edgy hard rocker, along with another standout track 'Slob', which remains an all-time favourite of mine. The hit singles 'Dope Nose' and 'Keep Fishin'' are typical singalong feel-good anthems, and a contrast to the mellower 'Death and Destruction', and funky 'Burndt Jamb', which provide two other personal highlights.

If you enjoy the sound of early Weezer, then it might take some time to get used to the turned-up hard-rock flavour, but the trademark punk edge is still there throughout. If you're a lifelong fan, and happen to still not have this overlooked record in you collection, then you'll probably enjoy the band's forth studio album, because Maladroit' is. quite possibly one for the more than casual fan, but with the inclusion of those apparent heavy metal riffs, which were uncommon to their previous releases, it might well win over some new listeners as well.
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on 19 May 2002
The green album did it's job well, it edged weezer back into the publics conscience after the 5 year absence, but it was just a pre-cursor for on Maladroit Weezer really announce that they're back!
A much more rewarding record than green, here weezer are back in full flow, Rivers displaying the full spectrum of his ability as a song writer. The instantly recognisable pop rock of blue ('Dope nose' and 'burnt jamb') the darker, fuzzier growl of pinkerton ('space rock' and 'Take control) are both evident and hybrids of the two ('keep fishin' and 'living without you'). This is a intensley rewarding album, hum-able after one play but still revealing itself after multiple spins. Weezer fans will love it, so should non-Weezer fans but as per normal they probably just wont get it. YOU SHOULD!
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on 19 May 2002
Rivers and co let loose on their fourth album with a barrage of guitars, axe-wielding solos and a vast collection of beach boy 'woo-hoos' and high pitched harmonies.
The much harder sound echoes their pinkerton release but with more confident (and occasionally optimistic!) lyrics. Dope Nose, Possibilities and Keep fishin' are all guitar packed highlights while tracks like Death and Destruction sees the band explore a new, mellowish side.
Personally i find their new 'hard rock' direction fresh and interesting, a little different to their well established sound but still packed with the exquisite melodies you can hum for weeks.
Pat Wilson proves once again his brilliance behind the drums, and new signing Scott Shriner on bass fills out Weezer's rocking new outlook brilliantly.
An album that take Weezer in a fresh new direction, throwing off the nerd tag and hanging a brand new one round the band called 'rock'.
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on 12 June 2002
I felt I had to put a review on for this album & I am glad I did after I have been playing it back to back since it's release. When I first heard the single Dope Nose on XFM I though wow the album is going to be brilliant. I am a huge fan of the band & all previous albums are being worn out. However once I listened to the album I was very disapointed it sounded like a load of weezer B-sides.I kept thinking how can an band put out The Green album then this.What had happened!!! I would have given it 2 stars if I had reviewed it straight away. However to get the most out of the album I felt, you need to really listen to it again & again. 'Keep Fishin', 'Possibilities','Take Control' & 'Slob' are brilliant!!!!! The best track (which reminds me abit if Therapy) Living Without You which is a Non-LP Version is one of the best songs Rivers has written. The album is one of my favourites with all the songs really comming into their own on repeated listening. I was suprised to see Island In The Sun on the album, but it is a different version & is good also. I totally recommend this album to anyone. BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 13 May 2002
Back in April weezer released over thirty demo's through their website for the new album. All these songs showed definate promise but now sound like nothing but the bare bones of Maladroit.
Producing this album themselves has meant that the band have stripped much of the clean image that dogged last years 'the green album'. This is nothing but a full blown rock record complete with shredding guitar solo's, heavy riffs and cheesy lyrics.
With River's becoming a human pop music factory its pretty clear that we can expect similar goods from the as of yet untitled 5th album. Until then, however, diehard Weezer fans should be more than happy with Maladroit!
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on 13 May 2002
Maladroit, Weezers fourth offering, is certainly a much stronger album than their previous Green Album. Don't get me wrong, the green album was brilliant itself, yet maladroit sees weezer really showing the fans what they are capable of. In general its a much more evolved sound, the songs cover a wide range of styles (each with a unique weezer twist of course)and are incredibly well constructed. We get to hear weezer do that oh so catchy pop rock they do so well, particularly in the form of Dope Nose which easily surpasses Hash Pipe. Yet we also get to hear rock (Take Control), punk (Possibilities), emo (Death and Destruction) and more mellow sounds (Burndt Jamb and Keep Fishin').And of course everyone is able to indentify with River's sentiment.Although maladroit is not as easily accessible as the green album, with listening you will find it a far deeper and much more rewarding album. If you enjoyed the green album yet always throught there was something just underneath itching to be let out then this album will not dissapoint. Weezer are truly realising their full potential, and theres still that feeling that even better material is yet to come. Yet I would still always direct any weezer fans to their debut Blue Album which i still consider thier finest work, yet whether this is truley the case or simply sentiment i can not say. But one thing is for sure, if the Blue Album is not thier best, then Maladroit certainly is.
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on 13 May 2002
After waiting oh so patiently for 5 years, just to receive the 28-minute water treading exercise that was the Green album, my patience with Weezer was just about all out. Pass me the humble pie - this album reminds me what I saw in them in the first place. Apparently, Rivers Cuomo has been stockpiling songs for the last five years, and here are fourteen songs that, unlike their previous offering, have dynamics, a balance of light and shade, and some of the most catchy choruses and guitar hooks Weezer have ever offered us.
As always, the guitars crackle and fizz and feedback in just the right places, and each song cuts into the chorus just where you want it to, lifting each track higher into the stratosphere and taking you with it. The rhythm section sound far more composed with the change of bass player, and Rivers and co sound like they are having fun playing this music again. Experimentation also features on this album, with some wah-wah, differing time signatures, and a couple of tracks that border on some bizarre kind of out there rock-funk fusion. But for the most part this is one huge guitar and vocal harmony workout that is as good as anything Weezer have ever done.
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on 19 February 2003
Back in 1994 Weezer brought us "The Blue Album" which was a instant classic in the making although it was released at the same time when Nirvana was still running strong.
Now 7 or 8 years later, Weezer are now seen as one of the greatest punk/pop bands from America.
So where is there to go from here? Already with hit singles Hash Pipe, Buddy Holly and The Sweater Song under there wings, it was a tough decision for Rivers Cuomo, but a year on from "The Green Album" we are introduced to "Maladroit" (French for clumsy, although this record is never clumsy) Weezer's 4th album and quite frankly needless to say it does not disappoint.
Opener "American Gigolo" instantly proves that Weezer are here to stay, with pounding guitars and ace drums courtesy of Patrick Wilson.
What follows is two of weezer's greatest songs "Dope Nose" and "Keep Fishin'", both catchy with brilliant lyrics.
The rest of the album is just as great, none of the songs drain down.
Another Classic from Weezer! Buy Now!!
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on 19 September 2002
When I first listened to this, one thing was obvious - Maladroit lacked the immediate hooks of the Green Album. However, it didn't take me long to decide that this is Weezer's best work to date. This is an evolved, perhaps angrier, sound, but remains unmistakable Weezer. The wonderful riffs remain as an ode to excessive stadium rock - Take Control's seems to be lifted right from the Rocky soundtrack and is nothing short of glorious. There is also something for fans of the Blue and Green albums though, Keep Fishin', American Gigilo, Dope Nose and the resurrected Island in the Sun smack of the kind of stuff which made the first and third albums so enjoyable. In short - buy this now!
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on 15 May 2002
Ten years ago Weezer brought out the 'blue' album which was and still is their best record to date. Then came Pinkerton, the most under-rated CD ever and was not suprising that Rivers Cuomo took a lenghty gap before producing the modest 'green' album. However, astonishingly just over a year later Weezer have produced one of the finest albums to come out of America for a long time, a great relief from all of the manufactured nu metal crap that is dominating the US at the moment. Maldroit shows Weezers diversity for mixing infectious melodic rock with heavy metal riffs which works extremely well, especially on 'take control' and 'fall together'. The guitar solos are much more diverse than on their previous albums, showing Cuomo's true talent and the tempo is a lot faster on most of the songs, especially on the punkish 'Possibilities'. Generally the album has a much more up beat feel to it than the previous offerings. 'Dope nose', the first single is one of the best songs on the album along with 'keep fishin', 'Slob' and 'take control'. Weezer are obviously making up for lost time and it wont be long until they release their fifth album early nexy year. If you are a new Weezer fan then buy all of their albums because they are quite possibly one of the greatest, although under-rated bands this decade- but maybe things are about to change?
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