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on 28 January 2018
Picture the scene: You are sat talking with your friends/ loved ones/ clergy/ random people in the street and they start to speak about scenes that you haven’t seen in the Fellowship of the Ring. It’s maddening. The thought that you haven’t seen how Sam gets his Elven rope. Why haven’t you seen the full Bilbo party scene in the Shire? Anger starts to build. You pick up the nearest thing you can and start bashing them over the head repeated times. The judge sentences you to 5 years behind bars. THINK. Buy the extra content. Stay safe out there.
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on 22 February 2017
Much much better than the cinema release version, so many extra bits that were left out are now in their rightful place, whole scenes that now make much more sense, we will not be watching the original again not now we have this 100% better replacement, it's longer, but worth it, I am now looking for other extended cut films, if they improve them to this extent.
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on 14 November 2016
What can I say, this version takes me back to when I watched this back in the cinema. The picture and sound quality is top notch. The extended version is around 3 and a half long however includes scenes which make the original version feel less rushed, if that's even possible. My only gripe is that it comes on two discs, meaning you have to change discs midway through the movie. Still for the price its well worth a buy in my book.
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on 17 February 2018
it's actually better to buy the German version, which also has the English included, than to buy the single language English version available in the UK... at least if you are learning German that is. Very pleased with the product. Not pleased that movie companies are ripping us off by producing versions for each country and cutting out the languages on the disks
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on 13 May 2016
I have just watched the extended version.
I watched the original DVD release years ago.
Wonderful escapism in this film.
Good actors throughout.
The story is quite complicated, lots of names and information to remember.
That's why DVD's are great, I can just skip back and check things out.
I'm away to watch 'the Two Towers' again now I've seen this first film again.
I've also got the 3 Hobbit films, which I haven't seen, looks like a Tolkien festival for me!
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on 31 January 2011
This is a good film, good acting throughout and some cool fight scenes. Sean Bean puts in one of his best performances as does Viggo Mortensen (Sorry I dont know how to spell :( )
The one thing that gets on my nerves ABOUT THE FILMS is some of the darker fight scenes. The fighting is going on and the camera seems to be going with the sword so its like a "swush, swush, swush" efect on the camera. It just makes me think why they didnt zoom out a little bit and let the fights go on.
About the box, very nice. Its the same size as a normal DVD, unlike the other extended version, which is about the size of a video.
I brought this because I didnt want to change the discs over half way through the film like in the extended version. However, To my disappointment I do. Theres two discs inside and one is the special features and the other is the two films, normal and extended, On this disc you have a side A and a side B, I thought one would be the normal and the other side the Extended, which makes sense, but NO! you put the disc in and it comes up normal or extended, and around halfway through you need to swap the disc over to continue watching :(
I hope on the extended blu-ray version they dont do this.

Overall a good film its just whoever put the set together
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on 7 September 2015
Come on folks if you have not yet seen lord of the rings, (probably for the same reason I was reluctant to watch it for, remembered how hard the animated version was, attempted to read the book) it's a must before you die, don't expect this to have the normal ending, keep in mind it's a trilogy it kept me pinned to my seat the first time and still does, I own this film yet still rented it, that must tell you something. (Ok I misplaced it, I'm old it comes to us all, found it since though). Watch it you won't be sorry.
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on 27 February 2018
The first movie of the greatest trilogy ever made! Yes, in my opinion, Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is greater than the Godfather and the original Star Wars trilogy (with George Lucas' legacy being continually diminished by Disney). Of the three LOTR movies, the Fellowship, although not as epic as the two movies that followed, has always been my favourite. It's great to watch this through Amazon Prime as I no longer need to switch Blu-ray discs in the middle of the movie!
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on 10 May 2016
I can safely say this movie introduced me to fantasy. Its got a compelling story, likeable characters and great action. Elijah Wood does a great job as Frodo and he has great chemistry with Aragon, Gandalf and the other hobbits and for me helps carry the movie. The supporting cast is great aswell especially Elrond. The story when boiled down is essentially a quest to destroy a ring- a ring of ultimate power- but as the movie continues more and more characters are introduced along with interesting conflicts between characters. Eventhough, this has a huge cast, you understand the motives behind the characters and why they chose to do certain things which shows you how great the great writing and directing is. The action is also amazing, this movie has an epic opening battle scene and has some great and easy to follow action that manages to keep you in the edge of your seat. None of that quick cuts or jumps from scene to scene that makes it hard to follow the action like some modern movies tend to do. However, I do have one gripe about the battles,sometimes the main characters seem a bit too overpowered, like when Aragon faced a whole army of Uruk-hai alone and the Uruk-hai followed the trope of just attacking him one by one instead of swarming him and when Aragon fought off all the ring wraiths alone. Moreover, the practical effects and costume design was mindblowing. None of the costumes or sets seems dated, from the shire to Modor, it looked spectacular and I have to give praise for the people who created the Uruk-hai and orcs make up and costume, they truly seemed terrifying. Overall, I would recommend this movie, it is a great fantasy movie introducing people to world that Tolkien created.
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on 23 February 2014
I have been a Middle Earth Appreciator since the 1960s when I first read the Hobbit and LOTR trilogy and I faithfully recorded every one of the 26 half hour episodes broadcast on R4 in 1981. When the film was released I was first in the cinema queue and pre-ordered the DVDs as they came out. Just before Christmas I felt the need to watch again and unfortunately The Fellowship of the Ring was missing so I had to buy it again having forgotten to whom it was lent (must start a loans book). Jackson has done marvels: the cast is perfect and the CGI stuff is mind blowing. Of the three films, this is is my favourite and it never ceases to amaze me. J R R Tolkien would have been astounded.
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