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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 May 2017
Excellent collection of songs that sum up this great band's career. Would definitely recommend even if you already have them for the dvd
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on 28 April 2017
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on 20 June 2017
It's great !
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The Sound of the Jam is the perfect album for any lover of good music.
The Jam were one of the best British bands to emerge from the Punk Explosion of 1977 & ride the New Wave into the 1980's.
This album documents the Jam's journey as a band from their debut single , the energetic "In the City" to their final single & fourth No.1 "Beat Surrender".
All the Jam's singles are here to savour , a few classic B sides like Liza Radley & the Butterfly Collector are standout tracks which show the diversity of the Jam's music.
"Private Hell" is an outstanding track taken from the "Setting Sons" album and it shows Paul Weller's songwriting at its very best.
"Smithers Jones" one of Bruce Foxton's few songwriting outings with the Jam paints a vivid picture of the urban life and is well worth a listen.
The powerhouse three piece of Weller,Foxton & Buckler provides Muscle Music with "Fire n' Skill"
(as emblazoned across their Marshall amplifiers in the early days)
The Sound of the Jam is a very good compilation album celebrating the Jam's music on the 25th anniversary of their first release.
26 Tracks including 11 top 40 hits & 4 number ones now "That's Entertainment !"
Check it out you won't be disappointed.
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on 13 July 2004
I am a young music fan and really became interested in the Jam as a result of my Dad. For a music fan, like myself, who is new to the music of the Jam, this compilation serves as a perfect overview of their work. However there are some notable omissions evident and although their four #1 hits are here I can't help but feel that some of their best work has been overlooked in favour of other less impressive material. Most notably with "That's Entertainment" where I feel this "previously unreleased" version is vastly inferior to the sublime original.
However it is hard to critisize the work of undoubtedly one of the best British bands ever. Besides the few obvious omissions this is a very comprehensive compilation and as I already said most of their hits are here. Overall this is the best Jam compilation available and although I feel the omissions perhaps leave it a little unsatisfactory to massive fans it is an ideal album for any casual music fan.
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on 26 June 2007
As yet another middle-aged Jam fan still trying to get around to replacing all my old vinyl, I can tell you that this CD set is a very good compilation indeed. However, I also purchased Snap!, another Jam compilation CD. If you're an older Jam 'fan' then I would recommend that you buy Snap! as well The Sound of the Jam...that's if you really want a good 'fix' of the Jam; both of these albums really are absolutely necessary.

Tracks NOT on Sound of the Jam but on Snap!:

All Around The World; News Of The World; Billy Hunt; 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street; Strange Town; When You're Young; Dreams Of Children; Man In The Corner Shop; Funeral Pyre; Absolute Beginners; Precious; The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)

Tracks NOT on Snap! but on Sound of the Jam:

It's Too Bad; To Be Someone; Private Hell; Saturdays Kids; Liza Radley; Pretty Green; Boy About Town; Ghosts; Carnation

By buying both compilations (and they are available at silly prices) you get 21 more tracks. Now of the 17 tracks that are on both albums 4 are different versions. For example, on Snap! Eton Rifles is 30 seconds longer than the track on The Sound of The Jam (mostly the ending is different and longer and accounts for most of the extra time). That's Entertainment and Start on Snap! are 21 seconds and 14 seconds longer, respectively, than on TSOTJ, and Tales From The Riverbank on Snap! is 10 seconds shorter than on the TSOTJ offering. So a bit of variety there IOW.

Anyhow, great on it's own, better with the Snap! compilation as well.

I must say though, that after listening to these compilation albums, I get a great yearning to actually buy the original albums again: In the City (1977), This Is the Modern World (1977), All Mod Cons (1978), Setting Sons(1979) Sound Affects, (1980), and The Gift (1982) are all excellent albums IMO - some people didn't like The Gift, but I did. Okay, not as strong as the others, but I always liked the way the album opened with Happy Together, and then followed by Ghost. Sadly, Happy together isn't on the compilations.

Oh, and finally, if you had the original Snap! album on vinyl with the extra EP (had 4 songs on it) you still won't find those extra songs on any of these compilations. Shame really.
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on 21 May 2002
Should you buy this album? In a word...YES! I can promise you, you wont be disappointed. Its a cracker! It's been a good while since i last listened to The Jam. I have all their albums, but to be honest for the last 10 years they havent made their way onto my CD player very regualrly, but in the past two weeks, since buying this collection, i have listened to nothing else.
Why? Because the music is the key. Beautiful, powerful, breathtaking at times, and always to the point. Their songs never sell you short, in my opinion they didnt produce a duff track, all the stuff is of the highest quality and this collection of their work proves that.
Paul Weller's insightful. bitter and often cutting lyrics help to make this album on the greatest "best of"'s ever released. No one can argue the quality of the tracks on this album, they speak for themselves, from the violent, protesting "Eton Rifles" to the tender, simple "English Rose" this album has it all. "Going Underground" will have you pogoing like a lunatic and most of us can understand the pain of a relationship ending expressed in "It's too bad". If you havent listened to The Jam before (how old are you and where have you been?) this is an excellent taster, giving you not only hit singles but rarer tracks, including a pleasing never before released version of "That's Entertainment".
I think im going to dust down my parka and get me a lambretta....
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on 20 April 2004
Personally, I can't see how any serious Jam collection can miss out "AllAround the World". If you've got the 1991 Greatest Hits album and SettingSons then you probably don't need this one
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on 12 July 2002
A mighty Jam collection that will have you (if you're a middle-aged git like me) wishing you had kept your turntable and vinyl Jam albums. It will force you to buy all the albums again on cd, which will make this cracker redundant. This will give you the opportunity to pass it on to somebody else, maybe a younger person who doesn't know the Jam's mighty oeuvre. Will they like it? Who cares - you'll have all the Jam albums again!
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on 25 February 2006
This Cd shows the quality of the jams songwritng and it is phonominal. the reason i din't give this 5 stars was because of the omission of all around the world, strange town and when you're young. this shows part of why paul weller got his outstanding contribution to music award at this years brits.
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