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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2013
I thought that that film was a strange mix of utter bilge and some really good ideas.

Jodi Foster is a recently divorced mum and takes a new house (with a panic room) with her precocious teenage daughter. Forest Whitaker breaks in believing that Foster has not yet moved in, and seeks to gain access to the the panic room where the previous owner of the house has stashed a lot of money. Naturally, Foster wakes up and gets into the panic room first - cue "high tension".

Right, the bad things; two main areas really. Kirsten Stewart is Fosters daughter, and is only at her most convincing when she is in a coma. As I have said before, the acting range of a bowl of custard. Secondly, the character of "Raoul" is just woeful - a character who is evil for no other reason than being evil.When will Hollywood learn that people need a reason to be bad.

Anyway, the good things; the plot moves at a fair pace, and both Forester and Whitaker are pretty good.

However, for me, the real delight was the character of Junior (played by Jared Leto), who did a fantastic turn as a bungling petty criminal. This film is not going to change your life - there are no big twists, or powerful insights into the human condition.

The ending is predictable, but that does not mean it is not satisfactory, and the scene with the money (in the form of bonds) being released was actually really good.

This is not a horror film that terrorises, but rather one of slow creeping tension. Does it ever reach its peak? Not really, and much more could have been when the sadist captures the daughter - that said, I appreciate the audience this aimed at, and they are probably not going to want consider such atrocities. On the whole, a fair effort - watch once and then maybe recommend to a friend who doesn't like visceral horror. 3/5
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 October 2006
I'd give the film 3 and a half stars, its an entertaining movie with some good performances from Jodie Foster and Forest Whittaker. The director David Fincher (Seven, Alien3, Fight Club) uses some interesting camera moves to keep you on your toes - the camera goes through keyholes, down air vents etc. However it does rehash a lot of standard thriller plotlines and actually isn't that thrilling.

Why this special edition gets 4 stars is because the extras are very good. You wouldn't believe the amount of money they spent building the inside of the house. The courtyard at the back of the house is also a set as well. The extras are really good and make this version well worth getting. In all honesty I'm more likely to watch some of the extras before I watch the film again.

Its also worth mentioning that this film needs to watched after dark, as it is filmed in at best half light, and most of the time less than that. So if its still daylight outside and you haven't got heavy curtains select another movie.
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on 16 July 2003
Jodie Foster is an exceptional actress, and it is not surprising that I can follow this by saying that this film has the hallmarks of her professionalism stamped all over it. It was a gripping, sit on the edge of your seat thriller. The bugulars had enough evilness in them to keep you glued to the screen in fear, and Jodie has enough spirit in her to show she wasnt planning on giving in without a really good fight! Well done Jodie Foster on another exceptional performance.
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on 11 July 2012
when the movie started, it does not really give the viewer any reasons to be scared or give away much of what's happening. after the tour of the new house, i think that the main bit of the movie started too quickly. it's very fast paced. as for the main storyline, i bet a lot of people would ask me why on earth would you watch a story based around a single room and people trying to get in?. but actually- it's not like that at all. i think the acting was really good, especially the thieves- keep thinking of ways to try and get in. as for the the room, well, that was shocking about the daughter being ill- i think it would have been good to find out about that earlier in the film. to me, because i didon't know about it at the start, i see it as something suddenly thrown in to try and enhance the storyline. no thought, just.. oh, let's make the daughter ill- that kind of thing. the ending of the film was not what i expected, in fact it was typical of most horror movies in my view. i think the bit where they are looking at another house right at the end is good though, even if it's boring time and time again for the end of movies to end like that. i'd suggest watching it, it's not really as cary as i thought it would be but it's a good movie if you're just getting in to horror.
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on 9 January 2004
This film was absolutely fantastic. It was extraordinarily gripping and you'll find yourself shouting at the screen. It was truly nothing short of amazing and by the time you reach the end of this film, I promise that you'll want a panic room of your own! I'm not going to go into the whole plot and explain it all, all I have to say is buy it. You will not be disappointed.
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on 4 August 2004
I refrained from buying the lame single disc edition as I thought they would do something like this and release a special edition (unfortunately I didn't forsee this with Saving Private Ryan which is now coming out in a 60th D-Day Anniversary Special Edition, booooo)!!
The movie itself is about a mother who moves into a rather large house with her daughter which has a Panic Room installed by it's previous owner. Unfortunately for them, 3 robbers break into the house on their first night. The seek refuge in the Panic Room unaware that what the burglars are after is in that very room!! Cue highly tense scenes as they try to survive in the room with the daughter's illness a ticking bomb, and the robbers trying to get in! The ending is very tense and quite terrifying but thats down to the acting.
Jodie Foster is one of my favourite actresses and she doesn't disappoint in her lead as Meg Altman. Kirsten Stewart does very well as the daughter (her name escapes me!) Forest Whittaker again is brillaint as one of the burglars and Dwight Yoakman is very intimidating as the mysterious Raoul who is a plain psycho!
There is a healthy dose of special features in this 3-disc edition with 2 audio commentaries, documentaries, trailers, photo galleries and what not! Also a wee booklet comes with the package just outlining the film.
All in all its a great film (one of my favourite thrillers) with good performances, topped off with the special features the film deserves. Don't bother with the single disc version and just get this one! You won't be disappointed.............unless you don't like the film!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 December 2012
Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) and her teenage daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) move into a spacious house in New York. They move in a week earlier than expected because the purchase formalities were completed a week earlier than scheduled. They no sooner arrive than three intruders get into their home one night while they are sleeping, expecting the house to be empty. The intruders are intent upon finding a fortune left in a `strong room' by the previous occupant. Fortunately for Meg and Sarah, the `strong room' is in fact a `panic room' built into the house for security. It is fitted with steel doors and has its own electricity supply and ventilation, and a supply of food. This thrilling story is a battle of wits between the intruders who are trying to break into the room and the occupants who have to leave the security of their room to get supplies. Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam and Jared Leto and Meg's estranged husband Stephen (Patrick Bauchau) is dragged into the raid by a panic phone call from Meg.
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on 11 April 2005
This film does not disappoint, the action starts not long after the film has started and keeps you glued to the screen all the way through.
i wont tell you what the stories about as you can read any of the other reviews to find that out.
There are loads of bonus features in this 3 disc special edition and 3 easter eggs and 2 hidden featurettes (these arent easter eggs )
the first easter egg is on disc 2. if you go to "pre-production" and then at the next menu click "prep". after this just put the cursor over "safe cracking school" (dont click on it) press the right button and you will find a featurette called "real safe rooms"
the second is again on the 2nd disc. click onh "production" in the menu and put the cursor over "main menu" then press right. now press enter to watch "breaking the mirror"
the third easter egg is on the last disc. click on visual effects, then go to the fourth page of featurettes and put the cursor on "CGI propane tank".
the two hidden featurettes are hidden inside a featurette. both on the 3rd disc - ones on 3rd page of visual effects - press enter on "the flashlight" a couple of minutes into it, it will say at the bottom of the screen press enter and you will see "anamorphic lens flares"
the second - 3rd page of visual effects - select "x-ray floor" and a couple of minutes into it press enter and you will see a shot from the film "the lodger".
i think the acting in this film is brilliant and creates suspense, and this is what you call a special edition not like the ring - collectors edition. most normal editions are better than that!!
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on 5 February 2004
Great Director (david fincher - fight club, se7en, alien3), great cast (jodie foster - silence of the lambs, forest whitaker - phone booth) and a great storyline make this film a must for any fans of Fincher's earlier films any tense thriller fans. Overall, an original film (though it really aint scary at all) and a great charismatic performance particularly from bad guy Forest Whitaker who i really think is a great actor (watch ghost dog:way of the samurai) and by the end of the film i bet you'll begin 2 feel sorry for the man. Still, i strongly recommend every1 to watch this film. The DVD features on the other hand are crap; only a trailer and filmographies. I recommend to anyone who wants to buy the film to wait until April 19th 2004 when there will be a triple disc set of Panic room released...yes really!
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on 5 December 2002
Panic Room is the best film of 2002 (so far). It is the best David Fincher movie yet, and one of Jodie Foster's best performances. It is intense, intelligent, exciting and downright scary. Jodie's character is subjected to a home invasion fom which she must protect herself and her daughter (Kristen Stewart who absolutely steals the show). That is as much of the plot that I will detail. Know this. Panic Room is not a brainless shoot'em up action flick, but rather a thriller for the thinking man. It is a cat and mouse game with realistic characters and exceptional dialogue. The camera movements, angles, and sweeps are perfect. Even the openinig credits are brilliant. I cannot say enough about this masterpiece. Watch it twice!
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