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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
The Professionals: Season 1 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£13.72+ Free shipping

on 24 September 2017
very good serie. Brought back some fantastic memories. I miss Body enormously. I am so sorry that Lewis Collins did not appear on more movies.
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VINE VOICEon 16 March 2017
Be warned, the packaging in Dutch or something like that and there are subtitles for each episode, so it is not wonderful to watch.
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on 18 July 2017
Came as advertised in prestine condition only fault is the episodes don't seem to be in as they r on imdb
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on 21 April 2017
Not in English brought them for my son who has learning problems
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on 25 May 2017
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on 5 August 2002
This is the one I have been waiting for - Series 1 is suddenly made available on a package of 4 discs, no more hunting through the "Granada Plus" listings for re-runs, the package is well put together and allegedly in "production" order which makes viewing even more fascinating watching the styles and the vehicles change throughout the run. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to watch these programmes without advertisement breaks for the very first time... Marvellous. Season One had a couple of mediocre episodes but also it`s fair share of absolute classics as the characters and programme themes evolved. Still some unanswered questions though, two esquisitely crafted stories "When the heat cools off" and "Everest was also conquered" both feature a different intro with a very young looking Bodie and Doyle (Cowley looks the same) yet they weren`t pilot episodes according to the "Mission briefs". An extra bonus is the never before seen episode "Klansmen", a crying shame LWT/Granada didn`t broadcast this back in 78, it`s clever storyline hides a message that probably would have had an impact even then.
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on 8 August 2002
I was very pleasantly surprised that these shows had dated as little as they had. Apart from the hair, clothes and cars they stories still stood up relatively well.
We had many fantastic evenings of nostalgia as up to 8 family members/friends wanted to be present for each evening we were watching the men from CI5.
There always could have been more in the special features, but they were OK. I spent my Saturday nights when younger religiously watching the Professionals, and now I can do it again. I ordered this item all the way from Australia as the version released here had only 4 episodes and I am extremely glad I did.
The screen tension between Bodie(Lewis Collins) and Doyle (Martin Shaw) crackles delightfully after all these years and Cowley (Gordon Jackson) is just the same as I remember him. The human side keeps trying break through and occasionally looks like it might succeed. The lovely window sticker was delightfully surprising touch.
I have just gone ahead and ordered Season 2 and look forward to much more action!
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on 30 July 2002
Move over Swarzeneger, get lost Stallone. make way for the original hard men. Naff Fashions, Dodgy haircuts & fast cars. The series that made the Capri a star. Of course its got too be the Professionals.
From the moment the plate glass shatters & the Granada smashes through. you know its action,action,action all the way.
I was 16 when the series first hit our screens, not old enough to drive however dieing to get into my dad's car & practise handbrake turns & fast cornering.
Bodie, dead hard ex-para (& SAS ?). hard drinking ladies man. what better a role model.
Doyle, Honest copper (a novel concept in the 70's), ugly git, very dodgy hair style & even worse clothes. Yet he still pulled the birds (giving hope to us all).
Cowley, Old Scotch Git, however he'd kill you if you called him that. like your dad except 10 times harder.
I remembered all of them fondly & now with the release of these DVD's can relive my youth. Glad Martin Sheen did not pull the plug on the release of these as he has done in the past.
Great episodes, cant wait for season 2 to be delivered.
So If your driving around Brum & you see an MPV skidding around corners on 2 wheels, doing handbrake turns etc. its only me & I've been watching the boys again.
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on 1 July 2002
Please, everybody buy this! It may seem like alot to spend in one go, but take a chance because its worth it. And, if you don't like it you can always sell it as used on Amazon so some sensible person can watch it. All I remembered about the Professionals was that my dad used to watch it so I actually bought it with him in mind, and thank god, he doesn't have a DVD player! This is just hours gun-toting, un-PC, no nonsense British CI5 agents (new government organisation-criminal intelligence 5) Bodie and Doyle bombing it around in Ford Capris' and other seventies cars I don't know the names of, screeching to a (sped-up) halt, never locking the car doors (but then, it was the seventies) and saving giggly, wide eyed women who even put up with the occasional 'pull yourself together woman!' resounding slap. Like all cop dramas, neither can hold down a relationship 'because of the job'. But the women still fell into bed with them anyway. Its like English Starsky and Hutch but better.
And of course, not forgetting Cowley the battle-axe boss who favours them like sons in a 'I used to be just like you' fashion. You'll be continually surprised by the challenges they face- hitmen, atomic bombs, terrorists, london mobsters, kidnappings, crazy people...the list is endless. And when the dated look wears off and you get into it (not that there is anything wrong with dated-it is twenty five years old) you actually see how well done it is for the time and have to wonder how much expense went into making it.
Unlike the previous review (sorry!) I found that the way the sound had been gated spoilt it abit most notably in the first episode, though I don't know whether that was on the original recording or added when it was remastered but they've basically removed background noise except when there is speaking and the result is long spells of un-natural silence.
But don't let that deter you! Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson did this series proud.
Get some popcorn and some icecream and take the phone off the hook to watch this or even take a couple of days off work!
Heres a quote to tempt you..."This isn't a regular bust-you're not coppers!" "No, we're worse. Much worse."
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on 8 May 2008
And "Adam 12" this ain't. These cops never heard of the Miranda rule!

A terrific action-packed police series from the UK, but only available in Region 2 encoding, so you will need a multi-region DVD player to watch them. Hopefully, a DVD collection will be available in Region 1 encoding for us here in the USA. Check [...] for ordering if interested.

Although the series was criticized for being too violent and somewhat sexist upon its release, The Professionals is both a gritty, tense, and realistic crime series. These episodes are a refreshing antidote to the politically-correct police dramas that poliferate today's cable and regular broadcast networks with cops that are apparently more comfortable in the laboratory than fighting the bad guys.

Ex-soldier Bodie and former street cop Doyle (Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw), are the agents for CI5 with Scotsman George Cowley (Gordon Jackson)as their no-nonsense boss. All three characters are unconventional, tough, and uncompromising foes of international crime, corruption, terrorism and anarchy. Seriously, this is an enjoyable and entertaining crime drama--the action simply does not let up.

The interplay and the banter between the three characters is excellent and, at times, very amusing. Bodie and Doyle are a couple of wiseasses who often take the law into their own hands and require Cowley keep them in line. The scripts and the stories around are interesting and hardly feel dated at all.

The transfers in this set are uncut and digtially remastered and look reasonably good for their age (circa 1977-80).

The series is an unconventional and refreshing combination of action and drama a la "Starsky and Hutch" and "Lethal Weapon." Exciting viewing all the same..Enjoy!
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