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on 8 December 2015
On a practical level I've found this DVD problematic, certainly the first disc with the gig on it. Of the 4 devices I've tried to play it on, it's only worked properly on 2. It's been problematic on my main player (a Sony BDP-S185 Blu-Ray/DVD player) and also on my Xbox 360 but played OK on my computer and on a Philips DVD Recorder/PVR device in another room. On both problematic machines it seems to falter during 'The Evil That Men Do' whereby everything stops or stutters and becomes unplayable. This continues through to and during the following track 'Fear of the Dark'. The disc is clean and the devices have no issues with any other of my DVDs. I'm not sure why this occurs, I'm guessing it's when the device tries to read from the 2nd data layer. As a result I'm not that happy with the product on a base level.

As for the gig itself, it's rather good. I wouldn't say I enjoy it as much as either 'Live After Death' or 'Maiden England' but the band put on a spirited and energetic performance in front of a huge crowd at Rock In Rio 2001.

The track list is good, highlighting some of the more recent tracks (at the time) from Brave New World and it's great to see Bruce wrap his pipes around these alongside both 'The Sign of the Cross' and 'The Clansman' from the Blaze era. I'm a bit tired of hearing 'Iron Maiden' and 'Sanctuary' towards the end of the set though. With such a large catalogue of classic tracks to choose from it would have been nice to hear something different but that's just my personal preference and there's always the other aforementioned live releases to turn to.

As has already been mentioned numerous time before, the editing is rather hyperactive and dizzying at times and the pacing of it doesn't always work as well as it could - maybe an ADHD Eddie got involved?. Want to see what fretboard magic Adrian, Dave or Janick (when he's standing still) are weaving during a solo or lead part? Good luck as the chances are it will rapidly cut away to Nicko or some other shot. It's a bit too much at times and can't keep still for too long. I think Steve could have done with some help and advice on the pacing/flow etc. Some folks might think it helps convey the energy of the band but I find it a tad distracting and annoying.

As for the sound, well it's a Kevin Shirley mix - it's OK, kind of loud and a bit muddy, much like their studio albums with him. It's not always easy to hear what each guitar is playing and it lacks a sense of space. Much of this can be forgiven with a live mix and maybe it sounds better in 5.1. I don't know as I've had to listen to it automatically downmixed to stereo.

All in all I've enjoyed it (the times when I've been able to play it anyway) and it's great to hear them play some of the reunion-era tracks live. That said I wouldn't rate it as highly as the other live releases I've mentioned which I think have better performances, editing and sound quality.
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on 24 September 2015
Really good gig of the final performance of BNW tour.The band play well,Bruce's vocals are quite strong considering how late in the tour this was shot.Negatives;The film editing is annoying at times(guitar solos missed by cameras on occasions,Adrian seems to change guitars back & forwards mid-song),the sound fluctuates later on being quite muffled on some tunes.As for the band well it's a strong performance,but I think they overdo the new stuff by about 2 songs.Just my opinion,good on 'em for NOT being a heritage act,constantly churning out the old stuff.No,you can't please everyone,but I think there should've been more of 7th son or Piece of Mind,even Somewhere In Time,but you'll never please everyone!!!!Bruce's stage patter between songs is irritating & peculiar,compared to previously.And then there's Jannick....Personally,I'm not a fan of the quality of his playing at all,or his stage demeanor,shall we say.He's absolutely awful.In no way worthy of maintaining his position in this great band.
Again,just my view.
This is a strong debut for the 6 piece line-up,but not as good,or as definitive as Live After Death,or as varied as Maiden England.
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on 8 November 2015
A truly brilliant DVD by iron maiden the reunion with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian smith with the release of the brave new world album which is brilliant and this is iron maiden at there very best
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on 17 September 2003
Having been a fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I lost touch with the band after Bruce left in '92.
Recently I was made aware the profit himself was back with the band, and immediately bought Brave New World. An excellent album. This DVD is basically that album live, with all the old songs thrown in.
Obviosuly being Maiden they would have to be on stage for 10 hours to play all of their classics, but this DVD gives you one hell of a buzz, and I've just booked two nights at different arenas to go and see them again.
If your a Maiden fan you need this DVD like you need your brain, if your not a fan, what are you waiting for, buy it anyway, otherwise you'll never know what your missing.
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on 31 July 2017
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on 12 June 2012
What can I say? This video I watched so long ago, but now I had a chance to buy and fist of all, this Maiden show rocks in its best and I love it. Now, something abot disk. Cover of this disk is pretty photocopy-look-like but the disks is original. No booklet in case like on live after death and death on the road. I think there is a some more edition of this concert which come in box and with booklet, but this wasn't. Sorry for my bad english, I rate this video of 4 stars. After all, its good choice ;)
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on 21 November 2016
Excellent video of a class band, essential viewing for all IM fans
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on 25 January 2014
i have been absolutely delighted with everything about this dvd. the sound and picture quality could not be faulted in any way
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on 29 December 2017
Only ordered Wednesday and arrived today. Five Star Service indeed! Many thanks - one happy hubby :-)
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on 8 February 2018
Class DVD
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