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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars

on 2 January 2013
a fine addition to any music fans collection and if your a james fan there really is lots on here the fantastic concert and hidden gems aswell as some promo videos. any buyer would truly love to own this piece of history
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on 16 October 2002
Wow! It was James' last gig in their hometown, Manchester, and what a performance it was. The direction and editing of the DVD give a good representation of the atmosphere at the concert, and the quality of picture and sound do James all the justice they deserve for such an emotional concert.
The only thing that can be said against the DVD is that the long build up to sound, as Tim Booth made his way back to the stage, has been edited out. There are many wonderful highlights left in, however.
For anybody that went to the concert it's a must have, and for any that didnt it's a should have.
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on 18 June 2002
I must say that whilst watching this DVD I experienced a mixture of feelings and emotions, not all of them pleasant ones. I felt regret and sadness that I had missed the opportunity to see my favourite group, and in my opinion one of the best british acts in the last 20 years, live in concert. I may have most of their albums and now this DVD but it is no real alternative to having seen them live.
Actually I tell a lie! I did once see them live in concert in Nottingham but only as a warmup act before Bryan Adams, and they only performed for half an hour. Watching the DVD helped give me some idea of the incredible atmosphere that was present at the MEN Arena that night - as if it wasn't enough that this was their last ever concert, they would be performing it at their home venue.
The crowd were fantastic and it seemed that every single individual knew all the lyrics to every song. When Tim Booth and Saul Davies were performing in the crowd towards the end of the concert during 'Top of the World', the reaction of the crowd was amazing. Despite the fact that there were many bottles of beer being demolished that night, there was never any mishaps or need for security to get involved, such was the good feeling.
And the music! My god, it's unbelievable enough hearing the studio albums but James' songs represent some of the best suited music to live performances ever. I was impressed by the fact that they chose to include only two, and in my opinion the best two, songs from 'Pleased to Meet You', as I felt that this was their weakest album. The improv and simulated sounds gave some incredible edges to the performances and the comradre between the band members was fantastic. Things really kicked off when Larry Gott arrived on stage, and with the help of his guitaring and amazing versions of 'Protect Me' and 'Out To Get You', the concert reached a peak and remained there until the very end.
I'm grateful that I was given the chance to experience the 'Ultimate James Live Experience', albeit even if not first hand. I think this really is the definitve collection that sums up a band who have had a fantastic 20 years on the edges of the britpop scene and made their many fans very happy indeed. I am sure that if they wanted to be remembered in any way, it would be like the way they were when performing during this concert.
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Were you there? Anybody who was lucky enough to be at one of the 2001 gigs will testify to the fact that these were James's finest live performances. Over twenty years they've had plenty of opportunity, but I've never seen them in such superb form, musically perfect, interlacing the emotion of Tim Booth's farewell performance with the sheer passion that their music demands.
Of course all the classics are here, from the eternal anthem Sit Down through their entire back catalogue of instantly recognisable songs. The return of old band members is a highlight, and the touching version of Out To Get You is a memory that no one will ever forget. For the more established fan, standouts include the ever-raucous God Only Knows.
The additional material should be a great bonus, perhaps shedding a light on Tim's decision to leave and the future plans of the rest of the band.
This will be an absolute must have for any self respecting James fan. For those who are curious about why James have such a devoted fan base, and have been so important for the last twenty years, this will be a fantastic insight. I hope it's not too late to sign up new recruits; after seeing this you'll be desperate for the real thing.
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on 26 April 2009
...there are precious few bands that can really deliver live. That is that they can surpass their produced and re-mastered studio recordings. Now James studio work is pretty good to begin with, but live they really are immense. A band that have played together for years and innately know where each are going - if in any doubt listen to Wah-Wah for the late night ramblings of a very creative act.

Now my usual experience of 'live' albums is that they simply don't live up to the real thing, but this package is brilliant - the audio CD is fantastic; Johnny Yen is a personal favourite, but throughout the production and recording really does capture the nature of a James live gig and the DVD is a great addition - the sound quality is great and it really does convey what a James gig is like. Sadly didn't go to the MEN concert, but both the CD & DVD very accurately capture and mirror what James have been like every time I've seen them.

A great audio album in it's own right; but made doubly good by including a brilliant live DVD.
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on 19 June 2002
Well what can I say? An end of an era regarding James' live performances has sadly descended upon us. However the magic of their gigs lives on with this dvd. The filming is excellent, capturing James at their best and allowing us (the faithful fans) to enjoy their onstage show again and again. This dvd will somewhat fill the hole that has been created by Tim Booth's departure. There are numerous interviews included which help to shed light on the "James Story" and enable you to learn more about the characters that make up James. There are 20 or more songs on the playlist ranging from their beginnings to the end, and the sound quality throughout is excellent.
This is a must for all James fans. With this dvd "JAMES LAST".
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on 13 September 2002
Those of us you have enjoyed James live will love this album - for me all the best songs with some great mixes - 5 stars
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on 20 July 2002
Say Something, Sometimes, Laid, Tomorrow, She's a Star, Come Home, Sit Down. You've all heard of them whether avid James followers or not and it suddenly hits you just what a major influence this group has had on music over the last 20 years. I sit here typing this whilst listening to 'Top of the World' and I can't think of a better way to describe the life of this band. The concert is one of the most emotional gigs you could possibly watch without actually being there not just because it is James and they do this every time they play live but because this is the last time you will see the singing (and of course dancing) of lead singer Tim Booth. Packed full of the above tunes and more it is though some of the earlier tunes like God Only Knows, In for Me, Top of the World and of course the live favourite Johnny Yen that capture what James is all about. Will they continue? Is there a solo career for Booth? Well what ever happens to them I would like to say a big thank.
Getting Away With It?? Well I don't think so but if they did they did a damn fine job of it! Thanks B to James!!
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on 4 September 2005
This DVD destroys all the competition as far as I'm concerned. James are/were by definition a LIVE band. None of their music was "written" but it was all improvised by the seven-piece band. It was all recorded LIVE too on EVERY album (apart from Millionaires).
No overdubs, No tricks, No forced studio sound that isnt there live. Just complete musicianship.
Therefore, this DVD captures an amazing performance FILLED with collective imropovisations that even U2 couldn't match with all their might.
Anyone who thinks that Adrian Oxaal was a poor replacement for Larry Gott....prepare to be changed by Oxaal's astounding solos on this gig. Some life defining stuff on here.
This tour marked one serious line in the sand for James - one that theyve yet to appear on the other side of. Their music always had this special soulfilled edge and live it exploded even further. This DVD captures an amazing night where this happened.
Buy it.
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on 18 October 2013
The DVD is great, you can chose to see the whole concert or separate songs. Between the songs there are cool short videos with short stories told by band members and production team. I love this music! The DVD was in great condition, delivered promptly.
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