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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 July 2013
I bought this to complete my resident evil collection for ps2 as I already own Resident Evil Outbreak (PS2),Resident Evil Outbreak - File #2 (PS2),Resident Evil: Dead Aim (PS2),Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS2) and Resident Evil 4: Limited Edition (PS2) and I only realised that there was a resident evil survivor 2 as I was looking for retro ps2 games on amazon warehouse & decided it was worth a try.It's not your average resident evil game but it's o.k and if like me you already own lots of other resident evil titles it's a good one to add to your collection.7/10
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on 25 June 2002
This really isn't as bad as people are making out. And I speak as a big fan of Resident Evil.
Survivor 2 is not in the league of the regular games in the series, but then, it isn't presenting itself as one of them.
While the first Survivor offered to be a short story in between the third and fourth instalments, Survivor 2 makes no attempt to add to the overall storyline. Based on said fourth instalment, it really is a series of mini-games themed around that bigger game.
Free from the intention of telling a story, Survivor 2 is much more fun to play than the first Survivor. There lots of modes and challenges. These are broken into stages and graded so that you are encouraged to improve your performance.
As you can only save in between games, the shortness of each game makes play practical. It was the first Survivor's biggest flaw that despite its story-led nature, it had the save system of an arcade title. Knowing that each attempt to play required a clear horizon of several hours, with the risk of losing all progress if you died or switched off, made the first Survivor a game you did not want to pick up much.
Being a true arcade title, Survivor 2 is played in however many short bursts you want in a sitting. It is to arcade titles that Survivor 2 should be compared, not the regular Resident Evil games. Survivor 2's gameplay has nothing in common with regular Resident Evil. It has everything in common with home conversions like Silent Scope. And unlike Silent Scope at home, you can at least play Survivor 2 with a lightgun.
It's pointless grumbling about the fact that it doesn't run frantically on-the-rails like conventional lightgun games. Recent additions to the genre like EndGame, and even the latest Time Crisis, were well received but with a note of regret that they were basically the same as what went before. Survivor 2 allows you to move freely, a lightgun innovation unique to the Survivor games, and retains the time limit to keep you on your toes. It's different, and given the the only hollow pleasure expressed over polished clones like EndGame, different is good.
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on 19 June 2009
This is more of a "House Of The Dead" ARCADE style game than Resident Evil but its still worth adding to your collection.
Look at it as though it were a training mission with the idea of finishing each level in a short time limit as possible and using the least ammo possible.

Not anywhere near as good as Resident Evil : Survivor 1 [PS1], but still worth a "shot".
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on 23 June 2002
This game has had it's fair share of bad reviews, but I have no idea why, cause this game is great.
There are 2 games, arcade which is the proper one, and dungeon which is just a bit of fun, both are completely different. Arcade mode has 5 stages, which does not sound much, but when you get to level 3, it becomes very hard, so it would take you ages to complete it. Both people also have different weapons, and there are loads of extras aswell. This is probably one of the best games on PS2, and is the best resi game. I guess people don't like this cause they don't like horror games. BUY IT!!!
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As Capcom are known for there survival/horror type games in particular Resident Evil it was no
surprise to me to notice that i had no eagerness at all to purchase this game due to the fact that there have been countless games of this genre.I probably share
this level of eagerness with the rest of the gaming world. However when I heard that this game
was of a different perspective from the usual I thought I would play against the eagerness and
purchase it.
Normally when you say Resident Evil you think "third person perspective, walk around,shoot
various creatures, kill a few bosses and hey presto!". You are in for a surprise. Capcom have decided to adapt that third person perspective into a full-on no holds barred first person shoot-em up.
Various people will link this game to House of the Dead.DONT!! It is different on the basis of that you can roam about freely exploring areas without being placed on a fixed route to complete the game. The puzzle solving element remains but all the major characters from previous games have been scrapped.
The way of contolling is poorly thought out which tends to make a real gamer uninterested and bored of the game in a short period of time.
Small faults like difficulty turning corners can prove to be tedious to the the human brain.
With slow shooting and unrealistic deaths the game is a disappointment to those who love to see
zombies go down in a second.
Despite the fact this is a first person perspective game you still feel like you are playing a resident evilgame. This can be determined with the repetitive
background music.
The famous inventory screen still remains in this game as do the regular enemies zombies, lickers, and so forth. The amalgamation of first perspective and the usual resident evil elements convey a truly confusing
and frustrating layout.
A sadly poor effort from Capcom... 3/10
This could drive a true RE fan to tears.
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on 6 November 2014
Brilliant service and spot on game, thanks a lot!!!
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on 30 January 2015
worked well
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on 26 July 2010
For me this is without doubt the worst game in the resident evil seriest and one of the worst ps2 games of all time. The only reason you would want to buy this game is to have in your resident evil collection.
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on 30 March 2005
Normaily i would give this game 2 stars but a few days ago i play Resident Evil Gun Survivor and i rileased how bad the game was and i made up my mind i would rater play this than Gun Survivor so that opinon adds 2 stars to the final score which 4
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