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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Well, its that time of year again for all the studios to release their summer biggies, and along with them the annual spurt of everyone's soundtrack collection. This is an exciting time of year for any score fan, but when it's accompanied by the words 'John' and 'Williams', 'Star' and 'Wars', you just know you're in for a great time. This time around is no exception. Including all the themes already in everyone's subconcious from the original trilogy, he also brings to the fore once again the 'invasion' theme from Phantom Menace (this time used as a more general theme for the federation and its still useless droids) and the Duel of the Fates. And then there's THAT love theme. Oh my. Epic, stunning, graceful. All of the above. I won't go into the specifics of each track, I don't want to put any ideas, good or bad into your heads, you simple HAVE to discover and experience a Star Wars score for yourself, sufficed to say, for me, the stand-outs tracks are Across the Stars (the aforementioned love theme), Yoda and the Younglings (an almost ethereal piece subtly combined with elements of the 'Force' theme), Return to Tatooine (you can almost see Anakin fuming with rage as he desperatly searches for his missing mother) and the final battle(s) music, spread over three tracks, culminating in perhaps the most hair tingling moment of all, the full blown return of the Imperial March! My only problem with the score is there just isn't enough of it. At some point a full uncut version will no doubt be released, as happened with The Phantom Menace. It's just such a shame we all have to wait so long.......
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on 29 April 2002
I have just bought my copy today of the new Star Wars score by John Williams and it is nothing short of excellent!
It suceeds in bringing some of the themes established in The Phantom Menace and interlinking them with music from the original Star Wars trilogy (including The Imperial March which provides a truly spine-tingling moment on the CD!). Not overlooking of course the superb new material that Williams has written, yet again pushing the musical bounderies of the Star Wars universe that he has created. The "Love Theme" that recurrs throughout the score is suitably melancholic and haunting and the "Chase through Coruscant" is edge-of-the-seat exciting, electric guitar riffs included!
If there is to be any criticism with this new score, it is the fact we all know that in due time there will be a double CD available with all the recorded material from Attack of the Clones. Why not release this in the first place Mr Lucas?!
Despite this, this soundtrack remains evidence that one of the finest film composers of our time is still on top form. My favourite track? It has to be the Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale, if this alone doesn't make you want to see the new Star Wars film asap then you'd better check your pulse!
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on 3 May 2002
The Star Wars scores continues to amaze and astound! When i heard the score to episode 1 i thought it couldn't get any better, but the score to episode 2 has truly surpassed my expectations.
The love theme "Across The Stars" is beautiful, haunting, sinister and chilling all at the same time. Also, Duel Of The Fates makes a welcome return in "Return to Tatooine", and the Imperial March makes a full blown appearance during the climax of the film in "Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale".
An essential purchase, and a true masterpiece!
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on 21 May 2002
Where to start??? How about at he beginning, that's usually the best place.
The opening credits everybody knows and they will for always be an institution of film music. Did you know that the first 32 bars are the same in every film? How can he get away with it everytime? who knows? who cares? If it works why change it?
Now, how can anyone fail to be moved by the love theme for this film? My brother (a confirmed John Williams obsessive) played this CD non stop and for once I didn't attempt to stop him. Even before I had seen the movie I couldn't help but stop and listen everytime I heard this theme(which is quite a lot on this CD as most of you will know), no matter what I was doing. And I must admit that it is my very favourite piece and I happen to hum it to myself almost all day every day. And now I have seen the film it moves me even more.
I don't have enough space to write here about all the movements, but I have just got to say how much I admire John Williams for always trying something new. A perfect example of this must surely be Zam the Assassin. Who would even think about using an electric guitar with a full symphony orchestra, let alone use one?... well... John Williams obviously, and to great effect!!!
All the way though this CD I think to myself it surely can't get any better, and it's almost as if John Williams can hear my thoughts for he appears to say "You Bet? Listen to what's coming" and then he again proves to me why he is the best composer of film music that we will ever see. History proves it, and the best directors continue to look to him to make their films from great to absolutly awesome.
Again I have to limit what I write, but I have to urge you that if you want a CD that fills you with passion and a sense of belonging, then this is the CD for you. Also, a sense of something new and energetic then again, this is the CD for you. You have the timeless classics like the opening and ending credits, also the introduction of the Imperial March, which I would say the best version of it ever.
But you also get the new movements, which will forever go down in Star Wars history!!
This is got to be the very best John Williams music that I have ever heard, and will probably be there for a very long time to come in my list, and I eagerly await the sound track for Star Wars III (and dare I say it the forth coming Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)!!
This is a MUST HAVE CD for all.
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on 2 May 2002
I'm maybe only 17, but even I know what's beautiful music, and this is it. This soundtrack has everything that we have come to expect from John Williams and Star Wars. The love theme that runs throughout the CD is exquisite, it really captures the feelings between Anakin and Padme. The third track, 'Zam the assassin', goes on for a bit and doesn't really do much. This is it,The final track, 'Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale',it is explosive, it includes the force theme and after a long wait, the Imperial March makes a welcomed return. A superb soundtrack, that continues the magic of Star Wars.
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on 27 April 2002
I love Star Wars music and have almost all the other albums which i listen to on my MAC computer at work, in the office, at home etc, however this release sees Mr Lucas using the anti-copying technology that is intended to prevent unlawful copying of the CD with a PC, all I want is to play the music on my computer where's the harm in that? Are they going to allow us to download the CD from the Star Wars website? probably NOT.
Still I really enjoyed the music listend to it on a portable CD player (so didn't get the full effect) you get the usual mix of fast and slow tracks but John Williams does what he does best and if the soundtrack is anything to go by we can expect a great climax to what should be a great film, can't wait to see it! Also there are 4 great covers to choose from, my favourite is the Jango Fett cover.
Only give it 3 Stars due to the playing problem which will put some fans off from buying it.
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on 24 May 2002
I am only a recent Star Wars fan but music is a passion of mine and i have been totally swept away by the music of star wars. i just love it and john williams fifth installment is far from falling aground. The 'across the stars' love theme is beautiful, really portraying the love padme and anakin have for each other and continues to repeat in various other tracks, like the duel of the fates did for phantom menace. zam the assassin is a interestin track, with williams searching new ground but a bit a long if you ask me. yoda and the younglings is so adorable bcos the scene in the movie is so adorable. i also like the arena piece, and for those who've seen the movie , u can just imagine our heroes battling against those awful three nonsters here. in track 10, return to tatooine, we hear the all too familiar the force music and the duel of fates makes a come back, reflecting anakin's anxiety and track 11 does well to show his greif. and of course, who cannot be blown away by track 13, confrontation with count dooku and the finale, where the much loved imperial march makes a full come back. i seriously doubted williams could do better than episode 1 but he's done it again. HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED.
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on 9 November 2008
i had to buy 2 copies of this in the end, as i made the mistake of buying a copy protected version, i now have that import version, and it sits on my ipod with all the other soundtracks from star wars (119 tracks in total)
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on 13 July 2011
I love John Williams scores for star wars and wanted them all on my ipod but sadly i didn't see the sticker on the picture that states it doesn't play on pc's so i can't have on my ipod with the rest of them, only seems to be on the clone one though. great score as always
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on 28 April 2002
John Williams has again shown the world how he can create the greatest film music around with this fabulous soundtrack for what looks to be an amazing movie. One expected the love theme to be soppy, especially with the title "Across the Stars", but it's anything but. Dynamic, exciting, moving, rich in harmony and texture, it suits the movie expertly.
Many thought the ep.I soundtrack could not be surpassed, especially with "dual of the fates", but this blends old themes with new masterstrokes to create a soundtrack that pleases all.. The best tracks have to be the love theme "across the stars" and the "confrontation with dooku and finale" which has a chilling mood culminating in the Imperial March in all its glory!!! It then turns into a rendition of across the stars. truly wonderful, an unmissable experience, and one that should make a superb movie even better!
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