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on 16 July 2003
Caesar 3 is the most enjoyable and absorbing city sim I've ever played. Sim City (any version) is just dull, dull dull by comparison.
The graphics are really attractive, and yet they're sufficiently simple to work on even a basic system. The buildings are really well drawn and you can easily distinguish the different people running about.
The developers have also done really well with the sounds, from the entertaining mission briefings to the things the little Romans tell you if you click on them. The developers have really put some work into the voices of the different characters and their entertaining banter.
The missions present enough of a challenge, while at the same time it is possible to win them all with a degree of perseverance. It does take a while to understand how it all works, although the tutorial was so good that I never needed to use the .pdf manual.
Well worth the investment.
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on 30 December 2006
I first played this game a fair few years ago when someone installed a playable demo on the schools computers in year 6. It went down like a house on fire, after a few weeks a rota had even been drawn up so that everyone got a go. Years later I found it in a game shop, and bought it for old times sake, and what a fantastic game!

Really it does what it says on the tin, build a Roman city, and definitely not as boring as it sounds. You can't really rate this game unless you play it. Its addictive as every thing you do affects the city and causes it to change in some way. You can spend hours on this, or just 10 minutes which is another good point. Some games take so long to load that its hardly worth playing if you haven't got much time, this one is quick and simple.

The only negatives I can think of are the 'random' nature of when things go wrong. Sometimes instead of just something here and there, it all goes off at the same time. Very frustrating when one half of your city has just caught fire, and the other has just collapsed even if you've filled it with the right preventative measures. This is especially annoying for my younger sister who at her age finds it all a bit much when that happens. Overall though, good quality fun for any age and definitely worth that £5 investment.
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on 1 April 2013
I have had it confirmed by "Sold-out" games that it cannot be loaded if you have Windows 8. They tried all the known fixes themselves and it will not install. Beware
I have now been informed by someone how to get arround the problem -
open the CD in Windows Explorer and double-click directly on setup.exe
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on 28 March 2002
Caesar 3 is a prime example of a game that has taken the idea of simcity and advanced it greatly. With Caesar 3 you are the governor of a new roman city and you are to raise it from the dust to a vast metropolis to rival Rome herself. The graphics for the game are still pretty good by today's standard and would look like younger gamers would like it but I would only suggest this game for mature gamers with a lot of patients as the user interface is sometimes difficult to handle and the task of building a city can't be completed overnight.
In the game you get complete control over tax's, housing, trade, health, military and even which God's your people pray too. There is one large campaign mode in this game, which will keep you at work for days, but when you complete that you can then move onto the built scenarios in the game. If you still are gagging for more after that you can take a hand at making your own scenarios and seeing how your friends can do in them. Anyone who loved any of the sim games and in particular Sim City (Original, 2000 or 3000) you will love this game and with the added control you will gain you could even find yourself going to war or getting cursed by the all powerful gods.
Although old, Caesar 3 is for all the people who thought in History class and said i could that they could have run the world better in the Roman times and who knows you may turn out to be the next Julius Caesar.
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on 8 September 2011
Amazing game utterly absorbing and addictive a wonderful little world perfect quirky and funny congrats & thanks to the makers
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on 28 May 2007
If you like the challenge of building a city, pleasing gods, trading, looking after your people and fighting the enemies of rome. This game is for you. The graphics are not brilliant and the battles are not fantastic but this game is very addictive and very fun.
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on 1 June 2005
In this game you are responsible for the development of settlements for the Roman Republic; after accomplishing a mission you will be allowed to chose between two new assignments, each assignment concerning a different area where there are different food sources, levels of hostile activity, and terrain types; these differences determine your investment strategy as you might have to defend your city from several attacks, gather and store great quantities of food in order to allow your city to attract immigrants and grow wealthier and build a cohesive city.
Cohesion is very important because as your city becomes wealthier, inhabitants improve the quality of their housing from tents, shacks and hovels to casas and eventually palaces, in fact there are several kinds dwellings, which manifest the wealth of each city neighborhood. But in order to stimulate such development you will have to provide food, access to clean fountain water, access to temples of several divinities, access to a variety of entertaining spectacles, access to public bathhouses, education, and many commodities to your citizenry. In order to provide all these services and materials AND the trained personnel to operate them, you will have to build markets, temples, schools, academies, bathhouses, theatres, amphitheatres and MANY other buildings; you will have to build a network of reservoirs adjacent to water and connect them with aqueducts to inner city ones in order to provide clean water to your people; you must also build prefectures and engineers' posts in every neighborhood to prevent fires, fight crime and repair damaged buildings before they collapse. Each part of your city must in other words be able to provide everything to inhabitants, but simultaneously you must hold some areas back because richer citizents (patricians) do not work, thus diminishing your labour force, and therefore you must always have poor citizes who live in slums available (reality sucks I know).
Another major challenge in this game, apart from building very cohesive city areas, is to manage your workforce. Attracting immigrants is essential because by trying to provide many services to your people you continuously create new job opportunities and most of the time they outnumber the segment of the population that is fit to work. If on the other hand you do not create jobs you will have unemployment problems that can lead to riots and high criminality.
On top of all these challenges you will have to develop your economy, open trade routes, gather raw materials that are available in the area that you have chosen for your assignment, and manufacture refined goods through your raw resources or trade. You must do that in order to generate income because very soon the funds that are given to you for each mission by the Senate will be spent and you cannot pay taxes to Rome you will soon have to defend your city from Roman legions that are sent to arrest you. Other ways to generate money is through taxes but high taxes and low wages can cause turmoil, and you don't need that when you desperately must make money.
One aspect of this game that some people disliked was that the focus is always your own settlement and you can only battle enemies when they attack you. In other words you cannot engage in full-scale war, besiege enemy cities or attack their means of production. What people forget though is that Caesar is primarily about your abilities in countless fields of coordination and management, and although as a gamer I adore strategy games this one is lovable and addictive on its own right.
The game has a very helpful and comprehensible interface that greatly facilitates your effort; there is also a great "Help" section divided into specific chapters that provide you with all the information you will need about playing the game and add plenty of historical information as well, in a game that is already very correct from that standpoint. There is also a very useful set of personal advisors that provide you with very usueful information about EVERY quantitative and qualitative aspect of your population and your management.
The graphics are actually very good and very presise and there is a good sound background to the game.
This is a game that combines strategy, management, politics and economics, ideal for mature and patient gamers who liked games like Civilization or Imperialism, although unlike those two it is not turn-based but instead there is a very good continuous flow of time. If you want action and combat and easy stuff this game is definately not for you although it includes a good deal of action; but if you want a game that will force you to think and make you LOVE it despite that then welcome to the world of Ceasar 3; for this price you gotta buy it.
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on 21 November 2015
Probably best game I ever played. Works more or less on windows 10. Some sound issues.
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on 12 July 2010
Hi, I enjoyed ceaser 2 more. But the graphic on this are a bit better. No bigger map to march around. Harder because you have to build around obsticles, less space in general. Old game though, and on hard really difficult, so a good challenge.
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on 25 February 2011
My best ever game even though it is so difficult.
I played it many times and did not yet win it (at the time of writing) even though i set it to "very easy" it is so difficult to raise my prosperity rating high enough to win.
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