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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2002
This Is Where I Stand is one of those rare albums that hooks you right from track 1, and at the end of it's forty-odd minute span, it feels like you've been abandoned by a close friend. For people who own Better Ways To Self Destruct, a number of the tracks will be familiar, as they have been 'evolved' from their original states, and manage to sound so much better - if that's even possible. The tracks all manage to evoke a powerful, makes-the-hairs-on-your-neck-stand feel to them, shifting from gentle acoustic riffs to full-on rawk - often in the same track! Easyworld appear to achieve something once thought impossible, and have produced a clever, well-thought indie album that doesn't sound miserable, and yet manages to stay clear of sounding like a pop/indie sell out - The Invisible Band, anyone?
In all, This Is Where I Stand is a superb album, which manages to be both a perfect introduction to the Easyworld sound, and an excellent follow on for fans of Better Ways To Self Destruct. This has got to be worth five stars all round, I reckon!
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on 23 May 2003
Start to finish, this album is one hell of a ride. There is bags of energy on offer and that doesn’t mean it’s just loud and unhinged. The tunes are wonderful, memorable and catchy; you will play them over and over again not just on the hi-fi but in your head too. There is also enough variation to allow it to appeal when you are in different listening moods.
Songs like Junkies and Whores, 100 weight and Demons rise and fall in such poetic fashion that it just seems entirely natural. Ford’s voice soars though songs like By the Sea and Stain to Never Fade while a more abrasive style comes through to good effect on the title track and on Bleach.
Many of the songs have such great single potential (including You and Me) that you really wonder why they haven’t been given the publicity they surely deserve. The world is a poorer place for their absence at the top of the charts.
If you’re a fan of bands such as Radiohead, The Bluetones, JJ72, Suede, Muse, Manic Street Preachers like me, then you’ll love this. Especially superb I find, for some reason, when driving along in the car.
The best advice I can give is this: buy the album, borrow the album, whatever, just get hold of a copy. Turn the volume up, listen to the intro track Armistice and then just try to turn it off. You won’t be able to so make sure you’ve got nothing planned for the next 45 minutes or so.
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on 11 April 2003
What a class album
I absolutely love anytihng by easyworld but this whole album is just fan-dabby-dosy
This is where i stand(the song) is unbelievably inventive, the more times you listen to it the more times it makes you shiver, they totaly went for it with this song and it paid off big time
Even though that is my favourite on the album it would be closely followed by A stain to never faid and you were right but again i have to say the whole album is great
There are bands that match easyworld in some aspects such as muse, jj72, radiohead, pixies.......even placebo but none can match them in every aspect, they are simply too good
dav, jo and glen(the band members) combine silky piano playing with unmistakable guitars and on top of that a voice(dav's) that could match any woman opera singer's for range and strength
the combination of heavy guitars and extremely high male singing just takes your breath away
buy it, in fact buy anything saying easyworld on it
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on 1 October 2002
ignored by the 'music' press and given little airplay, easyword-of-mouth spread quick. finally getting a deal on JIVE records and creating a nearly perfect album. This record has seen them leave the teenage angst behind them and grow into a band that has come up with a great debut. bringing together some rerecorded old as well as some amazing new songs. every song filled with quirky lyrics and great melodies. From the catchy intro opener ARMISTICE to the emotional THIS IS WHERE I STAND and DEMONS to the radio-friendly hit BLEACH you realise brit-pop still lives and brathes in the melodic, colourful place called easyworld. my only complaint is that the band sound alot better live, leaving this album feeling slighty over-produced to seasoned easyworlders. both this, and the mini album are essential purchases. easyworld are destined for greatness and will headline a festival near you by 2005.
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on 3 January 2004
i bought this album through reccomendation, and hadn't heard anything from easyworld, and i wasn't expecting anything like this. from the first second to the last, this album is generally great. standout tracks have to be try not to think, junkies and whores and this is where i stand. dav's voice brilliantly complements everything about the band's music, and there is some SERIOUSLY good songwriting going on here.
i cannot fault the album at all, but i can fault some of the reviews it has had. the only resemblance this band has to muse is that the lead vocal is quite high pitched. so it may sound very slightly like some of showbiz, but there's no apocalypse please's in here. i would describe them more as hundred reasons mixed with placebo, to give an indie/pop/punk generally feel.
damned good, buy it!!
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on 23 January 2003
Why this lot are being ignored by the music press is an absolute mystery to me - they're surely one of the best new bands around in Britain at the moment. "This Is Where I Stand" is effectively a widescreen re-write of their debut mini-album "Better Ways To Self-Destruct" but is no poorer for it - the re-recorded songs like "Hundredweight" and "Try Not To Think" have had their edges smoothed and sound much better than before while there's some excellent new songs, "Demons" and "You And Me" notably. Superficially, they're similar to JJ72 with one crucial difference - JJ72 were never anywhere near as good as this. The only thing that prevents me giving it the full five stars is the omission of their best track "Lights Out" (why, why and thrice why?) but this is still one of the top ten albums of last year.
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on 24 April 2003
I bought this album by accident after confusing them with another band! But it was no means a bad mistake to make! Easyworld are fantastically refreshing pop-rock in the same class as JJ72, Feeder, Muse and Placebo. Every track on the album begins understated and mellow before surging into a catchy chorus.
As its the summer, its spinning around my CD player regularly! Not really a bad track on the CD, but the title track is possibly a weak spot on an otherwise, lovely album.
My personal favourite tracks are the recent single Junkies, Hundredweight and Stain to Never Fade. But it really is a feel good album throughout, and strong lyrically too.
So make sure if you stumble upon this album, buy it!!! I did and feel much better for it!
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on 7 December 2005
i borrowed this cd from my sister and she didn't see it again for the next 3 months till i bought my own copy which rarely finds its way out of my cd player. Best tracks 'try not to think', 'stain to never fade' and 'demons'. This album is the best indie rock i've bought in ages (shame they broke up- check out david ford's solo album). i'd say their closer to the style of placebo than muse, they aren't quite that heavy. If you like this you might like Everclear or Idlewild.
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on 10 July 2015
Not easy to find but if you love the works of David Ford it's a must have for any lover of his work. This Japanese version of the bands' debut album includes b-sides from the singles 'Junkies', 'You & Me', 'Bleach' and 'Try not to think' brilliantly sandwiched into it, making it a different experience to the original edition. The extra booklet even features a lyric sheet (bonus :D ), so there's no real reason NOT to get this (Although Mr. Ford might have something to say about it as he seems to hate this point in his career).
Stand out tracks include 'Hundred weight', 'A stain to never fade' , 'Right thing' and a cover of 'Hopelessly devoted to you'. There are a few tracks missing (including a great Depeche Mode cover of 'Enjoy the silence') but you can't have everything, plus you can always buy the singles as well ;)
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on 17 January 2004
If you buy nothing else this year, then make sure you buy this amazing album and the new one out in february. The album is in the same vein as JJ72 and on many tracks including armistice, the better tracks of the (also amazing) Cooper Temple Clause first album, "See this through and leave."
All the tracks leave you feeling good and this album is a very good buy with great melodies, riffs and fantastic lyrics.
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