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4.5 out of 5 stars
Fungus Amongus
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on 7 April 2017
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on 12 June 2012
This is album is awesome. You will not be disappointed. Every song is superb!! Go on buy it!! What your ears were designed for!!
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on 1 August 2003
In the first of incubus' ever recordings they have made what i think is their best, most creative, vibey and 'cant stop listening to' album.
It has all the ingredients of funk, rock and creativity that an album needs to have. My 4 fav songs are the opening 'You will be a hot dancer' which has a catchy guitar riff and great song structure, 'psychopsilocybin' inventive track name! great use of lyric blending, bass and great build up, 'sink beneath the line' has a simply stunning guitar intro with fantastic guitar parts throughout with typical super funk rock and comedy in some parts, 'hilikus' has a fantastic mood to the song with emotional lyrical content with some stunning singing as usual what comes from Mr. Boyd.
This is an absolute best from incubus and the further incubus date back the better they are. VERY dancable album with fantastic teenage singing and creative instrument parts. These guys dont get the recognition they deserve. BUY it!!!
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on 21 April 2002
If you like guitar solos and hard-hitting lyrics, then you'll love this! Despite the lack of more intelligent lyrics & better vocal ability we see in future releases, Incubus pull off an incredible performance here. The guitar riffs are just ingenious especially on "Trouble In 421" and "Psychopsilocybin". Although there's only ten tracks, it's still definately worth a look and a must have for all Incubus / funk fans.
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on 1 June 2007
everyone should own this album. It is a gem, with some amazing tracks, and the musicality of the different parts is just incredible. I can't believe Incubus did this when they were just 16. Absolutely crazy, and incredible.

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on 23 November 2003
Incubus have, for some strange reason been put in the same basket as FAITH NO MORE and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Now I am a big fan of both and I can firmly state that Incubus are unlike either of the two. They actualy have a sound all on to their own, which cannot be pigeon holed. Most of my mates, be they heavy rockers, chilled dance fanatics or just general Musos all appreciate the sound they create. If you like chilled music, heavy-emotional angst, funk or consider yourself a true muso then you can't go far wrong with buying any incubus track. Four stars? Maybe four and a half because any one of their albums is just that good!
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on 6 January 2003
it's certainly incubus, but think twice before you buy this. if you are into the new morning view tracks, or the make yourself tracks, or the heavier science tracks, don't buy this. you won't like it.
only get this if you are a MASSIVE incubus fan, or you are into the funk incubus tracks, like those on enjoy incubus, and some on science.
i happen to like almost all the incubus tracks, and so this was a good addition to my collection. several of the tracks are very catchy. but this is incubus' first effort. compared to everything from enjoy incubus (which came just after fungus amongus) onwards, this is badly written and pretty juvinile.
if you can, listen to some of the tracks before you buy this. i couldn't recommend doing this more.
just to clarify: i like it, but i haven't listened to it for a long time now. it's dated. it's nothing like incubus' latest music.
the tracks on this cd which are also on enjoy incubus ("you will be a hot dancer", "shaft", "take me to your leader" and "hilikus") are different versions. the ones on enjoy incubus are much better! fungus amongus was written when they didn't have a turntablist, so there's none of that on this album.
two tracks in particular: "sink beneath the line" and "psychopsilocybin" are EXCELLENT. if you like the other funk incubus tracks on the other albums, buy this cd just for these two songs. seriously.
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on 19 March 2002
Incubus have taken a break from their usual perfect guitar rock to produce this weird, off-beat masterpiece. With songs like medium, the answer and shaft, they sound more like a rock-fuelled acid jazz group than the hippie-rock band they have now set themselves up to be. The band pull this different style off perfectly with dischordant guitar riffs and brandon boyd's flying vocals. Perfect
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on 17 August 2011
This is a very early indication of Incubus' talent for great funky riffs, breaks and quirky lyrics which matured on the amazing (still fresh in 2011 even though 13 years old) Science album.
Before Brandon Boyd started to believe his own hype and sell out. (ok, he's a great looking guy but adverts for GAP? come on!)

Anyhow, Rant over! Most of these songs were written when the band were 16 years old but they show talent for riffs, funk and general musicality way beyond thier years.

some of these songs you will find on the Enjoy Incubus EP, But the bass on Take me to your leader isn't as heavy as on Enjoy, that said there are some great songs on here, psychopsilopsybin is a personal favourite and shaft remains a brilliant use of heavy and funky guitar fusion.

The whole album is a joy from start to finish and everytime I put it on I lose myself in it's charms and start getting down with my bad self.

i can't recommend it enough.... unless you think light grenades is classic Incubus. cos if you like that sentimental rubbish (just my opinion) you really aint gonna like this.
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on 1 May 2002
Think of the Chill-Peppers, then include The Incubus style and lyrics, add some awesome guitar riffs and base and you got Fungus Amongous. This is pure funk genius and totally has an amazing change from morning view. However, this isn't theirt new found style as this album includes demos from their first attempts when they were younger, but it is a refreshing change.
Very Good Album, even though it contains only 10 tracks which is a minor letdown.
Just try it, Whats the worst that could happen??
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