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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2002
Well, this is incredible. If you don't like change then dont ever buy this album. Yet i believe this change is for the better. After a rather mediocre start in Thanks For The Ether, and a drastic, wonderful improvment in How We Quit The Forest, i was wondering what next to expect from Rasputine. The answer: edgy rhythms, even better, crisper 'cello playing and witty, clever lyrics.
1. Gingerbread Coffin
This starts quite oddly, then goes into the sepulchral vocals by Melora. The lyrics are moving, and the tune is beautiful. Yet this is an odd song, and a promising start to the album.
2. Thimble Island
I love this song. The beat is more contemporary, intorducing a diverse range of instruments. Meloras production, however, shines through as shoddy on this one, with the backing vocals coming in far too loud and drowning out the lyrics.
3. State Fair
The clostest your gonna get to heavy metal on this album, this funky catchy tune with its absurd lyrics and trippy drumbeats is definitely one to listen closely to!
4. Sweet Water Kill
This takes a few listenings, but this is a slower more melodic sound, making good use of the drum loops. It has a Nice Inch Nails feel to it, kind of like The Great Below.
5. Remnants of Percy Bass
Another of my favourites! featuring only cellos, this song reveals Meloras ability to sing strongly at the necessary moments.
6. Rats
Again, this took a few listens for me, but it ha great lyrics. It is quite heavy with a lot of guitars, not as catchy as The State Fair. I love the lyrics on this one.
7. Clipped
This is quite a sad song, but it is very beautiful and worth a listen. Not one of my favourites, but its still great.
8. PJ+Vincent & Mathhew+ Bjork
This is a hilarious track! Featuring a double date with Polly Jean Harvey and Bjork, and fottballers Vincent and Matthew. The lyrics are excellent, and the backing accompaniment more diverse than the others on this CD
9. My Orphanage
Another favourite of mine, this is quite a sad song, featuring once more Meloras ability to transform her voice when needs be. The music is very creative, and the 'cello playing incredible.
10. Crosswalk
I usually skip this track, as i find it samey and repetitive. It is the only track on this album that is less that near to perfect.
11. Hunter's Kiss
This is beautiful! It sounds like the sound track to a '30s silent horror movie, and then the drum loop comes in. Definitely my very favourite track, it tells a sad story.
12. Our Lies
With an intriguing story behind the writing of the lyrics for this song, this is a lovely track. Not one of my favourites, but definitely worth a listen
13. Antique High Heel Red Doll Shoes
Youve gotta love this track, i dont know how to describe it buts its catchy, funny and clever
14. Cooped
This is an odd track, youll have to give it a listen because i dont really know what to make of it
15. A Quitter
The perfect end to a near perfect albu, this song reduces me to tears.
There is a fascinating extra track, so i suppose youll just have to buy the CD to hear that!
I love the ablum layout and artwork. My only complaint is Melora's production- usually, it is no less than perfect, but somtimes it slips, especially at the end of songs- some songs do not appear to end properly, and just stop.
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on 19 October 2006
After the drama Rasputina suffered at the hands of their original record label (they were dropped after their second offering 'flopped', despite critical acclaim and an ever growing fan base), the cello-rock trio had a lot to prove with their third offering.

By their very nature they're already heading into unknown territory, rocking out with heavily distorted cello and deliciously dark lyrics hasn't been attempted by anybody before or since. Whether they could keep it fresh was another matter.

Their first album, Thanks For The Ether was full of mythical uncertainty - a sound that won over one Mr Marilyn Manson, who promptly took them on his Dead To The World tour. Bolstered by this new hard rock following, sophmore effort How We Quit The Forest raised the stakes with a harder edged sound and more confident vocals.

This time around, Rasputina have gone all industrial-goth on us. The first track, Gingerbread Coffin, sets the stage with haunting dulcimer and heart-wrenching solo cello. Melora's vocals creep in with disturbing tales of Satanic rituals and evil dolls before Cabin Fever crashes through some raw, rocking cello anthems - State Fair and Rats blast threw full of distortion, effects and strained singing wihle haunting ballads such as Remnants... or My Orphanage show contrast and musical maturity.

The beauty of this album is that it just keeps changing, morphing into somethign different - the band are clearly trying to flex their musical muscles and justify being saved by another record label.

Industrial sounding tracks like Crosswalk drudge through layered effects on murky cello while the subtle push of the drums in Hunter's Kiss work their way into your brain and show Rasputina as the strong musical force they've always been.

The highlight on the album is AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes - a 90 mile an hour scorcher of a track that comes from nowhere, completely blasts your head off and gets the hell out of there before you've even realised what's going on. The vocals sound like a cross between Enid Blyton and Tim Burton and Melora's delivery of the feux-British toff lyrics is flawless.

Overall, the album is an absolute triumph. The band still seem reluctant to settle on a singular style, though - hardly surprising as they're constantly breaking into new territory, but they might be trying to do too much too quickly. Only time will tell if they can find their niche and stay there long enough to perfect it.
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on 8 April 2006
I'm so pleased I decided to get this album and break away from my usual listening habits. Rasputina has a unique sound that ranges from catchy tunes to haunting melodies.
Some highlights of this album include:
State Fair- grinding guitars contrast brilliantly to smooth cello sounds and intense vocals. This song has been in my head since I first heard. Though not my favourite track, it's certainly up there with the best.
Remnants of Percy Bass- Undoubtebly my favourite, this track stays with you for the rest of the day, like a strange dream. Compelling imagery from the lyrics is supported by wistful, quavering vocals that send shivers down my spine. A sad story, but beautifully told.
PJ + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork- This is hilarious! It sounds like 4 completely self-obsessed people and what they sound like when they're together. Made me actually laugh out loud. especially "This repulsive celebrity double date was brought to you by the church of the latter day saints". This is one of those tracks you just have to hear to understand. And even then...
Hunter's Kiss- Another sad story, this time told from a very unique angle is definately worth repeated listenings
Our Lies- I believe this is based on a competition where people sent Rasputina their lies by e-mail. The result is often hilarious, in a dadaist, mostly surreal way :)
AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes- The catchiest song on the album. Really quite addictive. About a night out on the town by the sounds of it. The frantic constancy of the vocals make it very appealing
A Quitter- An extremely sad song documenting the feelings that so many of us have been through. If it wasn't for The Remnants of Percy Bass, this would certainly take the top spot on the album. The song is delivered in such a resigned way but conveys every emotion absolutely perfectly.
Some of the weaker tracks include:
Thimble Island- Though the concept of this seems brilliant, The overall sound of this track sounds a little confused; I'm not sure I like the backing vocals in this, even less so the backing instruments.
Rats- I love the lyrics in this, but there doesn't seem to be much of a discernable melody which is crucial to me.
Cooped- Though funny at the end, the majority of this track is very... odd. I'm not really sure what it means.
On the whole, if you like gothic chamber music, cellos and wonderful melodies then you most certainly want this album. Likewise if you absolutely hate all of the above then it is still definately worth a try. I have discovered something that I didn't expect with this album. It deserves a chance.
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on 9 January 2004
People kept telling me to try Raputina because I liked Goth and cello music, now I'm glad I did. Deep and intense, the songs give everything that was promised by the recommendations. I'll be collecting more music from this group.
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