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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Blow Out [DVD]
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on 6 March 2016
This is a perfect example of a movie that everyone seems to think is a great movie because everyone says it's a great movie. It isn't. Imagine your favourite Hitchcock thriller.
Now, leave in the imaginative camera angles and lighting, but remove the taut direction, excellent script, tense situations and rising drama and this is pretty much what you would be left with. Dishwater dull!
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on 6 October 2017
Bought for my husband for his birthday as he loves this film. Arrived in plenty of time,Thankyou.
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on 16 June 2017
A good thriller with a stand out performance by John Travolta. The only downside was the casting of Nancy Allen whose skills as an actress leave much to be desired.
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on 29 April 2017
If you like Brian de Palmer movies, this is for you
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on 12 November 2003
Blow out is a classic example of the cinema of Brian De Palma and features a career best perfomance from John Travolta

The film follows John Travolta film sound recordist who records a car crash that kills a presdential candidate. He becomes convinced that the car crash was no accident and starts to investigate it with help of a woman who was in the car at the time of the crash.
De Palma cleverly uses different techniques like split screens and deep focus photography to make us emphasis with Travolta's character as he despartely tries to convince people that an assaination has taken place.
The film features many classic sequences in which De Palma uses every technique in the book to create tension and suspense for the audience. Your are left on the edge of your seat to the final tragic ending.
While the DVD is thankfully in 2:35:1 widescreen format rather than the awful pan and scan version that has previously been available on video. The transfer is not as good as it might have been which is a pity as it lessens the impact of some of the shots. There are also no extras apart from a trailer on this DVD, which is a pity as it would have been interesting to hear De Palma discuss this classic film.
The DVD is still worth owning if you are a De Palma fan its just a shame that MGM could have not taken a bit more care with its presentation.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 January 2015
Brian De Palma has always gotten a bad rap for his penchant for essaying his heroes and favourite thrillers, what often gets forgotten is just how great he could be in crafting said thrillers.

Blow Out has John Travolta as a sound engineer for low budget horror movies, who while out recording sounds one night witnesses a car crash and dives into the river to rescue the call girl trapped in the back seat (Nancy Allen). Upon listening back to the footage of the crash, he hears two noises which point to a gun shot being fired at the car. So with the dead man in the car turning out to be a big political mover, he quickly finds himself spun into a web of intrigue, peril, paranoia and conspiracies. Can he and the girl stay alive long enough to solve the case?

Blow Out finds De Palma at the top of his game, blending the twisty plot dynamics with virtuoso technical smarts. A number of scenes are striking, both visually and in execution and the garnering of acting performances. Pino Donaggio provides an unforgettable music score to marry up to the layers of sub-plots folding together, and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond sharpens the primary colours to give the story a Giallo like sheen that runs concurrent with the emotional states of the major players.

A sprawling and bustling Philadelphia plays host to a conspiracy sandwich, with a corking side order of the film making process. Sometimes bleak and complex, but never over stuffed, Blow Out is both thrilling and smart, while Travolta has never been better and John Lithgow is tailor made as the unstoppable crack-pot unleashed into our two protagonists' world. 8.5/10
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on 17 February 2017
This film is nothing short of a directorial masterclass: the visuals are filthy rich, with dozens of brilliantly filmed & striking scenes. De Palma is truly a master of ‘the shot’ as he effortlessly throws in a barrage of intricate, flashy, techniques: 360 spinning, dolly shots, split-screens, dual-focus, playing with depth of field & perspective… he has technical flare and style to burn here.

Travolta matches this with an intense portrayal of an investigative man-on-the-edge. The music and sound effects are great, until the end when a cheesier score dominates the picture. The plot is good, and backstory perfectly stitched through the movie, My favourite aspect is the horror movie tropes being poked fun at through the sub-plot, particularly at the start: the opening film-in-a-film scene, and his previous movies named ‘Bloodbath’, ‘Bloodbath 2’, ‘Bad day at Blood Beach’, ‘Bordello of Blood’…

Blow Out is a rare example of directorial technique, story, action, and acting being massaged together perfectly to create something powerful, dramatic and iconic – it’s enviable how good this movie is. I can’t wait to re-visit this already
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on 1 December 2014
I watched this years ago, and again recently on Blu ray. I really like it, and although it is a bit dated now (and some very annoying music through the film), it is pretty a well done thriller. Travolta plays a good part, and the whole thing just rattles along.
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on 31 March 2013
I loved this film when it first came out. It's a reinvention of the Antonioni film 'Blow Up'. In the original a photographer takes a shot of something he shouldn't have. In this version, John Travolta is a sound engineer for a small-time film company whose microphones 'hear' a sound at the scene of an 'accident'. John Travolta is pretty good in the role and it's an mystery. Nancy Allen doesn't really do it for me, but then she was married to the director (and excelled in some other films). John Lithgow and Dennis Franz are as dependable as ever.
The story is clever and the connection between the beginning and surprise ending very well executed.
A creepy little film, typical Brian de Palma, and it doesn't follow the normal pattern. It is dated, though, which is why I've only given it a 3 star.
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on 1 January 2012
Blow Out is one of Brian De Palmas best movies. The film has a similar style with some of his other top films such as Body Double and Raising Cain. The film also stars De Palma regular Nancy Allen, reteaming her with Carrie co-star John Travolta. Both actors are great but it's John Lithgow playing the crazed killer that steals the show. Lithgow plays an Assasin who really seems to enjoy his work. The movie also reminded me of two other classics, Blow Up and The Conversation.
I found the DVD quality to be excellent. This is an amazing film, although despite being similar, not quite as much fun as De Palmas Body Double.
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