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on 15 May 2017
This would be a three-star entry to the Tekken series, being such a stopgap placeholder as it is, were it not for the inclusion of Tekken Bowl. This ten-pin bowling side attraction is genuinely brilliant fun. You have to unlock the True Ogre character to unlock the mode (complete arcade mode 10 times), but once you do, one of the best bowling games out there is yours for the striking. A whole different kind of striking. I feel I've wasted this fine punning opportunity.

The main game was and still is a good idea, but it wasn't perfected until Tekken Tag Tournament 2, many years later. The original Tekken Tag was (and is) more of a technical showcase for the then-new PlayStation 2. The game itself is fine - fun, even - but very much a basic entry to the series. It doesn't have the depth of precursor Tekken 3 and, while I actually prefer it to Tekken 4, it is roundly pooped on by Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.

And the aforementioned TTT2.

A decent game, then, with an absolutely fantastic unlockable mini-game.
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on 8 February 2017
I was amazed when the game worked perfectly!! I was very happy with this!!! 10/10
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on 3 October 2002
I'm amazed to read reviews saying that Tekken Tag wasn't much better than Tekken 3. Graphically Tag is in a different league and it's much faster, since Tekken 3 is only a PS1 game. You can still play one on one if you want, but you can do some good tag combinations if you manage a throw and then tag your second character in. Extra moves per character also appear in this version plus a couple of new faces.
What I really like about Tekken Tag though is if you want to be really good, you can't just press the buttons randomly. There is defintely high skill involved and on the harder levels, you can only be successful with good move variation.
No doubt this version will start being rubbished now that Tekken 4 is out, but that's easy in hindsight. Platinum price is good too.
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on 29 December 2002
Tekken Tag Tournament is the first Tekken game to come to the PlayStation 2.
This game has better graphics, and even more new characters to add to the existing ones which are on the previous games. From the name of the title, you can probably tell what the main part of this game is. When I heard about being able to do tag team action in Tekken, I went straight down to the shops and bought this, knowing that it would be a great game, and I was right.
When in Arcade mode, you select your 2 characters and play another 2 characters, which is usually the CPU. When you are fighting, your opponent waits out of the screen, and when you tag, the players swap around. The great feature of this though, is that while your character is not fighting, their health gets higher because they are resting outside, so if one of your characters is low on health, you can tag them out so there health can gradually get higher.
Also, double team moves are available and with this adding on to the supreme graphics, new game modes and new characters. The all new Tekken Bowl can be opened when you complete certain parts of the game and new characters can be opened when you finish Arcade mode.
In conclusion, I would recommended this to anyone who likes beat em up games and with great new combos, new characters, and game modes, this is definitely a good fighting game for the Playstation 2.
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on 24 January 2002
A few years ago, I remember driving into town one lunch time, from work, to purchase a game called Tekken 3. I had seen Tekken when it first came out. Friends had Tekken 2, but T3 was knockout. Tekken Tag is now here and it makes T3 look like the original game.
The first thing you realise when you play is that the FMV sequences look like your watching film. There's no disappointment when you play the game either. The graphics are supurb throught the whole game. The polygons have all smoothed out, and the bear doesn't look like he was made of straw or biscuits, anymoe.
The characters move quicker, its more responsive, and the number of characters and moves has increased exponentially. This is a game worthy of a Tekken Master.
A whole new element has been added to the game with its Tag feature. Not only can you play the game, one on one as usual, but the main game consists of two characters per team, each tagging the other one on and off to revitalise or to save energy.
Throws have improved as now one character can do a throw whilst leaving the screen, as the other finishes it off, by jumping into the game and inflicting more damage.
The hidden game this time is Tekken bowling. I wont tell you how to get it, I dont wish to deprive you of any fun. This is a great fun game and unlike Tekken Ball this game requires a modicum of skill and practice. Its been well thought out and gives a sometimes well deserved rest from fighting.
My only complaints about the game, are that there is not enough hidden stuff. Once you have unlocked TBowl, and beat all the characters, you dont really get anything else. You do get a feature to take still shots of your games - if you have the speed to get it in time - and a jukebox for when you are playing TBowl - WOW?! There are rumours of a hidden Dr B, but to the best of my knowledge thats it. But with these points being the only bad ones I'd still rate this game 5/5.
Namco have hit bullseye this time. Be it you are getting your butt whipped, or giving your mate the hiding of his life, you'll be doing it in style. Good day, Tekken Tag, we're going to be spending a lot of time together.
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on 29 November 2004
well...quite possibly yes it is the best fighter ever made, fun for someone new to the series to pick up and play, but also works on the other end of the spectrum, veterans will feel right at home. Tekken Tag Tournament (or TTT as I like to call it) will feel a lot more like T3 than T4 as it still had the 2D backgrounds, which if a little odd-looking at times do the job nicely, I don't really want to get bogged down in the graphics of the game as its not really important, but lets just say they do the job very well (very well indeed) gameplay is what counts here and TTT has it by the bucket-load, I got this game when I got my PS2 way back, and I am still playing it today which means it has great longevity.
I would absolutly recommend this to anyone with a PS2, infact i'd consider it an 'essential' title, some people may tell you T4 is the one to get but I really can't agree, plus T5 is on the way so you may want to wait for that, but seeing as this is pretty cheap on amazon's marketplace section this game is a steal, so go buy it!
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on 20 February 2002
If you don't already own this game you should buy it. At the new Platinum price the value is fantastic.
This game, though only graphically updating Tekken 3 and adding a few moves per character it has about 35-40 characters. Every fighter for every game is there and I've been playing it on a very regular basis from launch day and it's still going strong (especially with tekken 4 not coming out until christmas).
I'm sure you're thinking "but my mate said dead or alive is better and they're both the same price". It comes down to personal taste at the end of the day. This game is much better where it matters but ANYONE and I mean ANYONE can play DOA2 and it gets boring very fast. Tekken tag is better for the money in every way. (And there is the hidden bowling game!!!)
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on 1 February 2005
Ok, lets get one thing straight, this is not just a "slightly hyped up version of tekken 3" like my friend once said. This game is, to put itn simply...outstanding! When i first saw this game round my mates house on the ps2, i was shocked and amazed. Amazed at the graphical capabilities of the ps2. They are amazing and will not disappoint previous fans of the series. The sheer amount of moves which your character can pull off is astounding and the amount of characters like 'devil', 'unknown', and other classics such as 'p-jack', 'jack-2', 'gun-jack' and the ogres. The cut scenes are something special as well but i won't spoil it for anyone who is going to buy this game, all i will say is that you have to applaud Namco for a fantastic job well done.
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VINE VOICEon 1 October 2009
I've loved Tekken since day one when I got it on the old PSOne - it was fun, and innovative - and had a lot to offer compared to Virtual Fighter - yet was different from Mortal Kombat - which was a gorefest. Now nearly 15 years on, and the Tekken team have finally given me what I have wished for - tag teams! Yes, ever had that wish you could just tag in Law and flip about like Bruce Lee? Or maybe you want to fight the Williams' sisters? Well now you can!

This is really Tekken 3.5, but it's really cool, everyone you knew from T3 is here, even Alex the dinosaur and Panda. Jack's still here, and Paul. My favourite is Law, as he's very versatile, and I like Nina Williams as she had some fine moves - and Heihatchi from time to time. Here you get to choose two people, and fight a duo, just like Tekken 3, but with 2 people on each side. Press down the R and L buttons and your second fighter runs in ready for a fight. There are 8 rounds and the final round, with some bizarre character who's only known as "unknown", but at least you only have to fight her, there's no second boss like the old game.

The landscapes you fight in are upgraded and look miles better than Tekken 3, but then again it was on the PSOne. You can see people training, and even college kids watching the fight during break. The music is also very good during battles, and probably one of the better soundtracks around.

All the moves from T3 are here, and you can easily access them, but some are real tricky and only seem to work once every blue moon, but still, I find the control technique much nicer than Street Fighter 4 on the PS3. The gameplay is very addictive and good fun, plus you can fight with friends and team up to win.

For those of you who thought Tekken was easy, you now get an Ultra Hard setting which makes it a lot less easier than ever. One blow can be very serious in this mode, so get practising!

The modes include arcade, where you can team up with a mate or go it alone; 1 vs 1 where you go old skool, practice, says what it does on the tin, survival which is where you have to win as many fights before being KO'ed and the two player option. I notice they have removed that scroller fighting thing which was in T3, but thankfully it came back in T5. I have never played T4 so I can't say otherwise.

This is great fun, 32 fighters, tag team action, what more could you want, plus you can get it at a bargain price.

Get it!
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on 27 July 2007
Love it
All tekkens are the same, but are improved at a steady rate at each game, i have tekken 1 and tekken 3, and now tekken tag.
Tekken tag has all the great charecters of the original, with all the same buttons and great moves. This game is officially a classic, and does not need to change to adapt to the modern improving games that come out.
With its arcade style layout it feels like your playing a game at the arcade, but the quality, moves and charecters are playstation standard.

My best players are Huorang and Brian (mind my spelin)
Each player has their own style of fighting and speed so you are evenly matched.
However you will notice in tekken tag that several players are sharing moves, for example the sumo has a few of gunjack's moves, etc.etc.
I do not like the fact that the charecters you unock are sometimes so similar to existing charecters, like updated or alternate versions, eg. gunjack 2.

This game is a timeless classic, which will get boring if you play it regularly, but is one of those classics you can hold a tournament with. with your friends like you would with pro evo.

I also dislike the fact that with the quick players like law, if you play against an amateur all they have to do to defeat you is press all the buttons really fast and sometimes just repeat one move to kill you!
But this is what makes this game more and more like an arcade machine!

I cant wait to unlock all the players, and hope i dont get bored too quickly. I wouldnt buy an updated version of the game like the existing tekken 5 as this is pointless all tekkens are basically the same! There are new modes like ball mode etc, which are quite fun as i remember in tekken 3, but have their sell by date and you will get bored eventually.
But if you want a REAL CLASSIC fighting game, and you dont like wwe style fighting games this is the game for you.
The reason i mentioned wwe is because of the way you can move about in wrestling games to differnt scenaries, in this game it is amost 2d, you are stuck, in one scene with 1 background and you fight arcade style.
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