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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
& Yet & Yet
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£11.45+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 July 2003
If there was a musical aquivilent to sitting in a big field of grass with the sun beaming on your face as you slowing watch the beautiful day drawing to a close, then & yet & yet is just that.
Hailing from Toronto, Do Make Say Think blend space-rock with indie, tortoise style post-rock and a tanker filled with charm and beauty. Truely this is an album to die for.
From the first sumptuous melody of 'Classic Noodlanding' to the tear-jerking acoustic guitar loop of 'Anything for tomorrow', Do Make Say Think apply their art with laser guided precision, and a distinctly human warmth. Recorded in a barn, the lo-fi element gives the album a feeling that it is being played straight to you, and the effects used seem as natural as any guitar, rather than being caustic and out of place like on so many lesser albums.
So, in conclusion, i'd heartly reccomend this masterpiece to anyone with a ability to hear.
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on 18 March 2003
Simply, this is a powerful album. I don't usually write reviews for Amazon, but I love this album so much that I wanted to let other people who are interested in the band or this kind of music know that it is incredible.
I think you'd have to already be into this kind of music (post-rock, instrumental stuff), but this is one of the best albums I've got in ages. Had it for 3 months now, and it still gets heavy rotation.
I used to think of DMST as a kind of Godspeed follower, but they're not at all... They've certainly distinguished themselves by now. The tracks are emotional without being heavy, and the production effects are frequent but used very well.
If you are curious for a new kind of rock sound, I'd recommend it. If you're already familiar with the style, then don't hesitate to get it (especially if you have any of their previous albums; this is my favorite so far). Call it what you want to, art-rock, post-rock, instrumental rock; it's beautiful.
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on 20 March 2005
record number 3, and constellation have [again] brought out a killer record. do make say think have come a long way since their first album, it was very very good, but some moments seemed so..identikit and unoriginal. maybe. anyway, & yet & yet seems to see the band finding their own place...this isnt post rock any more, its past that.
now its down to a science...genius wizardry of the mixing desk and perfect dual drumming. almost like a beam of light, dmst have made an album so finely tuned and cool, it does almost feel like a different band. but, thankfully, its not...the songs are still infectious and beautiful. and the musicians themselves are still on top form.
there are some brilliantly relaxed jazz-tinged moments on the record. about 3 minutes into white light of there is such an overwhelming feeling of relaxation...the duel drums are going like mad in the background, but its perfect. incredible to think that most of this lp was recorded in one of the guitarist's [justin] home in toronto, you cant tell. there is such an airy and chilled quality to much of this album.
but anyone feeling maybe a little worried about the bands new interest in jazz fear not, there is still the odd rock out...just slightly muted. parts of this record are loud, but not excessivly loud..and it works...its the sound of a band moving of, changing and evolving. this is more like the sort of music you want to listen to after seeing mogwai play live...its just, right.
maybe the album's only fault is that it doesnt hit you in the face with its genius...i bought this when it came out [march 02] and i never really loved it as much as other constellation releases, but keep with it...its worth it...
and i think thats all i am going to write...im not a good reviewer, even in the broadest snce of the word, but i know a good record when i hear it. like it says in the constellation catalogue, dont look down....
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on 1 April 2002
After a few listens I like this even more than Goodbye Enemy Airship, songs flow from one to another, with the same instrumental layering that characterise all the Constellation records stuff (eg Godspeed, Silver Mt. Zion), but tempers the brooding doomsday of Godspeed with a more upbeat tone. Hell, there's even a hint of jazz in all there.Essential.
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on 15 December 2003
This is my third buy from constellation records and is one of my fav's. & yet & yet is beautiful in its own individual way invloving complex drum patterns fighting against the tranquility of the vintage synths and the peacefull dissonant harmony of the guitars.
The album has a more "chill" feel to it than other bands such as Godspeed which involves more climatic textures in the music.
do make say think are one of the leading creators in the post-rock genre of music and is well worth buying as either an introductionary first listen to this expermimental music or to add to your collection! Lay back and enjoy!
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on 16 April 2002
Do Make Say Think are, I believe, the only band who can possibly build a song up so much you think 'if something doesn't give soon, my head will explode'.
Which is a good thing. There's a point in most songs where everything's reached an apex, and has to explode or destroy itself. And DMST always bring it over the top and take it down to perfection - it's really quite incredible to listen to.
This is good music to write to - odd. It's nigh on impossible to just sit there and listen to it by itself - but they rule.
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on 3 April 2002
This is not Godspeed You Black Emperor! Nor is it 'post-rock'. What it is is a spacerock freakout with outstanding beats and a vivacious combination of droning and wailing guitars. (How about that? Vivacious?!)
This band is releasing some of the best stuff to come from the Constellation label. Lilting subtlety building up to ear bleeding crescendos make for spine tingling listening. The recording techniques are beautifully lo-tech adding extra intensity to the sound - for instance, it's breathtaking to be able to hear the plectrums struggling to hit the guitar strings at such high speed.
Do Make Say Think seem to be building up quite a following on the indie circuit nowadays. That's partly down to the fact that they're not afraid to tour. But largely thanks to their incredible output, of which this is but another example.
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on 7 July 2004
this is my favourite post rock album. i have listened to others and i wish they had a lot more music and less of the effects and silence in between.
this album is straight to the point and makes it easier to listen to. on top of that is has really enjoyable songs which flow nicely and remind me of sunny days in a park.
buy it
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