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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 April 2017
Brilliant - first class - well pleased
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on 15 June 2017
Very happy
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on 9 May 2017
One of the classics. Great film. Jackie Chan at his best. Funny with excellent skill in the martial art form.
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on 5 December 2004
I only discovered Jackie Chan early this year (don't ask what took me so long!) and Twin Dragons is, in a quiet sort of way, one of the best of the fifteen I have so far.
The plot's not a new one - twins separated at birth who find each other as adults - but as usual, Jackie has his own take on it.
I can never watch a Jackie Chan film for the first time all the way through; there are "WHAT did he just do??" moments when I have to rewind and watch it again. There are several of these moments in this film, not all of them action ones, though there are those, too.
There are several instances when one twin touches the other; on the shoulder, for instance. Normally these are done with one with his back to the camera, so that a stand-in can be used. Jackie does it with "both of him" facing the camera, so you can clearly see it's him both times; these have to be split-screen, but they're perfect, absolutely seamless. In fact, it was several moments after watching the first of these that I suddenly realised what I'd seen and went back to check. And in one scene, both twins are facing the camera and one walks across the screen in front of the other - I've no idea how that was done, for surely split-screen wouldn't account for that.
There's plenty of action, with an opening fight sequence, a boat chase (during which the other twin gets seasick in a restaurant), assorted fights and car chases, culminating in the final set piece of a running fight in a vehicle testing centre. As usual, Jackie makes full use of his surroundings.
The sequence actually starts in Chapter 21, but there are a couple of truly "WOW!" moments in Chapter 23. In the first, Jackie takes a flying leap, feet first, at the open side window of a car: he goes through without even touching the edges, folds in midair, and ends up sitting in the seat, all in one smooth flow. They show it in slow motion, but I still had to replay it about four times! (I did try to play it speeded up, to see how fast he actually did it, but I must have blinked.)
The second one happens just after. He's at the foot or a ramp where they run cars down to crash into a wall, to test safety. A car is let loose on him - and he reaches up to the top of the wall, lifts his legs up and does a backward somersault as the car crashes into the wall. They show that in slow motion, too; it looks an *awfully* close thing! That one, too, I had to play several times.
And this is the first Jackie Chan film I've seen where he gets more than a kiss from the leading lady!
It might be gathered that I thoroughly enjoyed this film even though there's no extras, not even his usual end-credit out-takes.
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on 5 March 2002
Twin Dragons is basically about two identical people who switch lives. One is a music composer, and the other is just an average guy (although he can certainly do some awesome moves to fight). The story is quite funny, as you can find scenes which are unbelievably hilarious, and it proves to be an entertaining film.
Futhermore, we have the comedy, the gag-i-ness of it all, and the earlier stunts performed by the King of Kung Fu. I expect no less from Jackie, as the movie is sucessful in the suspense, the action and its other qualities that make it a satisfactory watch. Definately one to buy.
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What do you get when you take two of the best action directors in Hong Kong near the peak of their powers - Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam - add two Jackie Chans and throw in his Police Story co-star Maggie Cheung? A load of rubbish, unfortunately. Made as a fundraiser for the Hong Kong Directors' Guild, Twin Dragons was painful enough in its original 100-minute version, but rescored, redubbed and shorn of 15 minutes by scissor-happy Miramax offshoot Dimension Pictures it's gone from being a vaguely comprehensible bad picture to an almost completely incomprehensible even worse one.

It's the usual Corsican Brothers/mistaken identity plot (separated at birth, one twin grows up to be a streetwise hustler with an irritating sinus problem, the other an acclaimed conductor and concert pianist until - well, you know the rest), but thanks to perfunctory writing and tired unimaginative staging it's a bit of a chore to watch. Despite some good opening stunts it's mostly a rather inept comedy with a leaning towards bedroom farce, not helped by some variable special effects - at one point Chan walks through his brother's arm in a muffed process shot that really should have stayed on the cutting room floor but which typifies the "It'll do" spirit of the enterprise. As for the truly irritating vertically challenged sidekick - Randy Newman's Short People could have been written with him in mind.

There is one good (not great, just good) fight scene in and around various cars in a test laboratory, as well as a neat cameo by the two directors as cheating card players (John Woo also turns up in one shot as a priest), but it's definitely not enough for any but the Chan completists. As with all of Buena Vista's back-catalog of dubbed and re-edited HK releases there are no extras (though Chan does dub himself in the English-language version, whereas in the Hong Kong cut he's dubbed into Cantonese by another actor), but after seeing this, the only extra you'd be interested in is an apology. Of course, as you would expect with a turkey, the 2.35:1 transfer and sound are both very good.
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on 22 September 2006
It's Double Impact without Jean-Claude Van Damme.(Thank God) =) While that's probably an unfair analogy, it's nonetheless accurate. Jackie Chan plays twins who were separated at birth. Ma Yao (Chan) goes to America with parents Sylvia Chang and James Wong, where he grows up to be a famous composer/conductor. Meanwhile, Tramp (Chan again) remains in HK and becomes a mechanic/henchman to a lowly midget played by famous midget Teddy Robin Kwan. The Prince and the Pauper-like switch occurs when Ma Yao comes to Hong Kong for a concert. Comedy and action hijinks ensue. While there's an abundance of shtick that can either tickle the funny bone or annoy like hell, the real reason why anyone would watch this movie is for one thing: action. In that case the film delivers, thanks to the work of action directors Jackie Chan and Yuen Woo-Ping. The set pieces are all fun, with some good fighting and acrobatic stunt work.

The comedy isn't too bad, either--it's just your typical Big Business/Multiplicity twinning stuff. The situation hijinks occur when the two switch women. One hooks up with club girl Maggie Cheung, while the other ends up with buxom Nina Li.MMMM LOL Both perform admirably, and Chan manages to play two people more convincingly than The Muscles from Brussels ever could. All In All a very good movie...
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2011
It's a good fun movie. If you've seen the Jean Claude movie then you do get a strange feeling watching this that you have seen this before.
Jackie Chan I have to say for me is one of those actors who nearly always delivers an entertaining movie, and this is no exception. For the price of this movie it's a no brainer.
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on 4 March 2013
soon as i saw those eyes i knew they where Chans, and i knew i was in for one hell of an epic film, must buy for any Chan film 5 * CHAN-TASTIC
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on 24 July 2014
fast delivery and came in okay quality condition. disc skipped a little bit on my dvd player. good movie experience
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