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This is serious value gaming. Half-life is currently the best first person shooter (FPS) ever. Some people will say that other FPS games have surpassed it in terms of better graphics and a more 'realistic' setting, but they are missing the point. No other game has anywhere near the hold over the PC game world that Half-Life does, and probably will have, at least until Half Life 2 finally comes out.
I first played Half-Life back in the day on a AMD K6-2 300MHz machine with 64MB RAM, and a ATI Rage Pro graphics card. That was just about enough to play it at a resolution of 640 X 480 with a fair bit of chugging when the action got heavy. Play it now on an up to date machine and you can set the resolution as high as you want and the whole game flows as smoothly as silk, and looks lovely too. If anything the improvement in PC specifications has just allowed the game to show itself to it's full potential rather than making it look dated like most other games from the time it was released.
Watch the opening movie from Half-Life on a up to date system set at a high resolution and you are totally sucked in. The sound, if you have an EAX capable soundcard and decent speaker setup, is amazing, and the game music is perfection. The buzz you get from the music when you first put on your environmental hazard suit is unrivalled in any game, and that is just an unimportant bit near the beginning! This game will convince you that PC games only have a few, very short, steps to take to reach cinematic standards in visuals, sound, and storylines. Besides all this, the character you play 'Gordon Freeman' is the hardest geek scientist ever. Now that's special!
Half-Life is not perfect though. The later levels are a touch below the quality of the early to middle ones, but we can all live with that, especially as the game is not short.
'Opposing Forces' is a classy expansion of the game, having you now playing as one of the soldiers sent in to 'clean up' the situation in the Black Mesa facility after Gordon Freeman's little experiment went pear shaped. You pass through many of the same locations you went through as Gordon Freeman in the original game, but from a different perspective, which rounds out the whole experience quite well. Opposing Forces also has some of the most memorable fighting sequences of the Half-Life bunch. The 'black ops' guys that try to do you in proving to be something really special in terms of their 'intelligent' and aggressive tactics.
'Blue Shift' is the weakest of the pack, but still immensely playable. This time you play one of the 'Barney' security guards, and yes, you do see Gordon Freeman pass by at least once in the game, so there is that element of seeing things from yet another perspective. The big downer here is that Blue Shift is really quite short. But if you play through all three parts one after the other this will not matter.
Counter Strike, the last part of the package, is the multiplayer offspring of Half-Life that totally dominates the world of online gaming. Despite all the immense problems with cheats and foul mouthed kids who think they are god's gift to gaming, Counter Strike still proves to be the one game that most online FPS players want to play. Counter Strike will not appeal to everyone though. If you don't have a fast internet connection then it is a waste of time, you also have to get used to wasting a huge amount of time doing nothing as you will get cut down swiftly and savagely innumerable times before you become even remotely useful at playing it.
So there it is. Monster value package of Half-Life, Opposing Forces, and Blue Shift together, and the world's most popular online game as a bonus. The games will run on quite low spec machines, and are silky smooth on fast ones, and the whole thing has aged remarkably well. If you haven't already got this you better snap up this bargain now before it disappears!
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on 3 June 2005
In my opinion, the original Half-Life deserved all of the critical acclaim it received. For those unfamiliar with the concept, you are a scientist named Gordon Freeman and need to complete numerous tasks, including killing aliens, disabling power supplies and more.
The singleplayer game was awesome when it came out, with very varied gameplay and challenges, each level flowed to the next, and the storyline was blended excellently with the gameplay. While things have progressed since 1998, even today, Half-Life's singleplayer campaign is one of the best and most rewarding experiences available. Some thought the Xen levels late on were a letdown; while I thought they weren't quite up to the standard of the earlier levels, I still found them to be very good.
There are a few minor niggles such as occasional clipping problems and a few dodgy sequences, but nothing that detracts significantly from the overall experience.
Then there's the addons. Blue Shift and Opposing Force are also solid singleplayer experiences, they do smack of "more of the same", but this is not a problem when they are all bundled within one pack instead of you having to buy them separately. Then there is the legendary Counter-Strike which is the most popular multiplayer game of all time. Even the vanilla Half-Life multiplayer, such as Capture the Flag and the deathmatch, has things to offer that should keep the prospective gamer occupied.
In short, if you haven't played Half-Life yet, and you are even remotely interested in first-person shooters, buy this now. You will not be disappointed.
If you have played Half-Life but don't have two or three of the addons offered in this pack, I can also recommend it, since two or three of the addons are worth the price of the pack alone.
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on 9 November 2013
Wow, have just re installed this on my High spec Windows 7 PC after several years of it sitting on my shelf and amazingly it installed first time, did not require any tweaks and was immensely playable straight away!

I had forgotten how much I loved (still do in fact) this game in its Raw brilliance, a real timeless classic.
After playing many titles on other platforms over the years I am so glad I didn't get rid of my PC versions of all the Half Life titles, these to me will always remain the standard that all other games since have tried to emulate but not succeed for many reasons, sure the Graphics are not quite there anymore but the gameplay....well lets say I will be having a lot of late nights in the next week or two!

Get a copy of this classic now while they are still available and re live the buzz and reason why you started Gaming in the first place!
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on 12 May 2002
You have no reason not to buy this amazing pack (unless you already have it). Half Life is still the best FPS ever in my opinion. The level design is fantastic, the AI is intelligent and there are some really amazing weapons. Opposing Force is my fave add-on of all time, adding yet more fun guns, including the wrench and heavy machine gun. Blue Shift isn't the longest game, but it's fun while it lasts. Plus it updates all the graphics from HL, OF and itself. The mods are brilliant. Counterstrike is the most popular mod in the World, and Team Fortress Classic still packs a punch.
In short, this pack is the best ever, if you haven't got Half Life, there's never been a better time to join us in the enjoyment of a classic game.
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on 28 June 2007
I've had this game for five years. Five long years. I've changed. So have my tastes. My love for this game has changed aswell. I love it more. I can now see much more clearly why it i so well rated. It's groundbreaking. An advance in FPSs. Halo rocks, but this is what changed the gaming world.

When Half-Life arrived, not much had been done with the FPS. It was all incredibly....similar. There had not been tons of changes since the arrival of Doom, apart from that much needed mouse look. Then came Half-Life, taking all the good parts of Doom, expanding on the graphics of Quake and adding a large dosage of new ideas.

An important idea was storyline. This doesn't have an easy storyline to pick up on. It looks incredibly simple on the surface, yet it is much deeper than it looks. Explore the game and you will find so much more.

Another thing was refining gameplay. It brought advances in AI and advances in ideas. Instead of just boring old kill the enemy and get the keycard: puzzles. Vehicles. Traps. It had everything to create the perfect experience. Not to mention the terrifying visual and sound experiences; this was one of the first games that made me jump.

Now Half-Life 2 has come and redefined gaming again. Yet don't forget about this one. Take your time to look back, as a game from 1998 still has the power to shock you, excite you and make you gasp in awe - all at the same time.
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on 19 January 2010
Half Life is a great game, im still playing it today.The now outdated graphics were way ahead of there time back then and the story is very good.Unlike most fps's you dont play as the best of the best, master of weapons and tactics, your character is more like one of the flock.The A.I cant be stubborn at times but if they do mess up its usually more comical then annoying.The expansions are good and take the story deeper and help you see things from a differant perspective.Counter strike is immensly fun and although old still has 1000's of people playing.

Overall very solid gameplay.
great story
puzzles and challanges
brilliant fun.

Half-Life Generations 3 - Half-Life, Opposing Forces, Blue Shift (PC)
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on 2 May 2014
I have only played Blue Shift and Opposing Forces so far but they more than live up to the standard of Half Life. Blue Shift is quite short but very engaging with a fair amount of action and some puzzle solving. Opposing Forces is guns blazing all the way and also has you visiting several areas to defeat one boss monster. The range of weapons available to you is huge and some like the portal gun can be used to eliminate the larger alien foes. There are some ares which are plain creepy being totally dark and full of lurking horrors. If you liked Half Life this will give you another hit of pure adrenalin.
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on 2 February 2004
Half - Life. A gaming title so distinctive, it has turned the gaming world upside down. Literally. Back in '98 when it was
first released, the gaming community were mesmerised by how perfect it really was. Set in Black Mesa, a massive experimental
work area, you are Gordon Freeman and you must do anything to escape alive. It delivered a strong storyline, stunning
graphics and sound, a beautifully paced single - player game, a supremely enjoyable and stable online experience and it
provided editing heaven. It also gathered a smattering of positive reviews and received over fifty "Game of The Year" awards.
The best game ever.
Opposing Force. The first official expansion pack for Half - Life. Released in '99, this title redifined what we previously
thought of expansion packs. Gone were the days of releasing an average cash - in, delivering little more than a few new
weapons and enemies. Opposing Force allowed you to play not as Gordan Freeman from the original game, but through the eyes
of Adrian Shepherd, one of the Government clean - up soldiers sent in to eliminate him. The game allowed you to explore
previously inaccessible areas of Black Mesa, interact with other soldiers, meet interesting new enemies and even get a chance
to kill Gordan himself! Perfect in length, with new multiplayer modes and maps and every bit as gripping as Half - Life, this
easily became the greatest expansion pack ever devised.
Blue Shift. The second official expansion pack for Half - Life. Released in '99, this title allowed you to explore Black Mesa
as Barney Calhoun, one of the popular characters from Half - Life and Opposing Force. As in Opposing Force, this delivered
more of the same action that made Half - Life so appealing. Shorter than Opposing Force in length, it dissapointed some, but
kept them craving for more since the whole single - player episode was tremendous fun while it lasted. No multiplayer this
time around, but as a bonus, a High Definition installer is included. This enables you to upgrade Half - Life, Opposing Force
and Blue Shift with a superb graphical update. This alone gives you reason to play through the two previous titles again for sure.
Counter - Strike. The #1 online action game. Played by millions worldwide and with no end in sight to its reign. Set in an
exciting terrorist versus counter - terrorist scenario, it provided the most addictive online experience created and still
retains its magical quality. Many maps are provided, and there are tons of customisable options to make for a personal online
experience like no other.
Half - Life Generation. These four award - winning titles are now yours to own in a nice slim DVD case for £20. An absolute
steal. However, be warned that Steam, Valve's new launcher for Half - Life, Opposing Force and Counter - Strike (not Blue
Shift yet, but it will probably be implemented in a new version soon) and their online mods is a neccesity if you want to
play online and keep the games patched and up - to - date. Being a free download, the full client version is a rather hefty
730mb, but if like me, you are a broadband user, this shouldn't present too much of a problem. Once it has installed and all
the games are patched, you are ready to play instantly. It really is worth it. Put it this way:
Half - Life Generation is a collection of the four greatest games ever devised. In a small case. For £20. Can you really go wrong?
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on 24 March 2002
Over the past few years half-life has truly earned its place among some of the best shoot'em ups, such as Quake and Unreal. The graphics and have improved a lot. The original game is as good as the expansions. Team Fortress (included for multiplayer purposes) is one of the best team games around, rivalling the multiplayer modes on Quake 2 and 3. CounterStrike has caught on quickly with the HL gaming community and is now one of, if not the, most favourite mod of all time. Blue Shift is a nice new standalone addition but is not that good. Opposite Forces is brilliant, it merges the best of all the HL styles. Overall this is a brilliant pack for HL lovers or wannabies.
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on 7 November 2003
Ok so I'd never heard of Half-Life until a friend of mine at school introduced me to it, I asked to borrow his copy and see if it could equal his description.... It was far beyond !!! Half-Life (Playing as Gordon Freeman) is seemingly the hardest and longest (No im not talking about Porn) but after a few hours every night for a week or two I finally completed it.
Half-Life: Opposing Forces in my opinion is the best add-on available at this time, It is fairly easy and difficult in moderation and is probably the most addictive part of this set, playing as Colonel Shephard the Half-Life world is seen from a very different angle envolving your squad mates, from engineers to heavy artillery gunners which you can "recruit" as you go through the game.
Half-Life: Counter Strike dissapointingly is not a single player game which really let me down alot but the training mission on it is actually quite good, the ability to purchase weapons, as well as pick them up is a function to suit all tastes depending on what weapon you would like. There is everything from automatic pistols to c4 plastic explosives, from Desert Eagle's to Ak47's, in one word... WOW !
Now Half-Life: Blueshift, is disspointingly short and really easy it is probably the game where you pick up the most ammo and armor most often, unless you know the -dev console commands to get weapons... shhhh! aside from that it is still a very entertaining game to play.
My advice to you is to buy this game, complete it all, play Counter strike wherever possible and enjoy it.
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