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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2012
After being drawn into Avenged Sevenfold from their more recent tracks like nightmare and natural born killer I was surprised to see how far back the band goes. I can't say I was expecting this sort of screaming sound but I love it! This is totally different to any other screaming I've ever heard and with the addition of their ballad-like track warmness on the soul the album is great to listen to all the way through with no skipping tracks. This is a completely different take on the band but I'm glad I purchased it as the sound is so raw and M. Shadows voice is really shown off in my opinion. Fantastic album don't even hesitate to buy it!
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on 22 May 2016
I love my rock and this band is the whole package, if you love your vinyl buy it now! Their records are fast climbing in price , that's not surprising because they are so good. And let's be honest we all want first pressings not reissues ! .
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on 11 July 2015
One of the biggest and best bands in the world of its genre.
A great album.
Much much heavier then the current material this band creates now BUT this is a must have for all A7X fans.
Waking The Fallen is my favorite but in the eyes of an A7X fan every album is amazing just different.
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on 26 July 2005
I think this is a well constructed album. This band have everything a metal band should. They have a really energetic vocalist and a really good guitar sound. Every one of their songs send shivers down my spine. They even soften the album with their delicate ballad: Warmness on The Soul which is deeply poignant and delivers a more subtle side to the album which I think is really effective as Shadows can sing in this tone very well. I like this album very much and recommend it to every metal fan.
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on 7 May 2005
Avenged Sevenfold are a band which completely took me by surprise. My friend said he had missed a show in which they were being supported by 'Funeral for a Friend'; a band I hold in high regard who have next to nothing in common with 'A7X'. They use the familiar metal five piece of dual guitarists, bassist, drummer and vocals. The vocals here are the most striking thing though; M. Shadows can display not only note perfect soft singing such as in the boring piano ballad 'Warmness on the Soul' but a roaring screaming voice that can goes from dangerously deep to piercingly high in seconds. Although not always easy to hear what he's saying this outstanding voice is without a doubt the trademark of the band.
Their debut release holds no faults. The one minute introduction immediately introduces you to what the whole record is about: intricate and powerful guitar work coupled with epic lyrics: "Nothing you say and nothing you try can change time .. human race prepare to die". After this relatively soft introduction is over we zoom into the real meat of the album; chords and drums so fast they are described as punk, yet heavy enough to put any 'Death Metal' band to shame. On first listen you may mistake the band for a generic scream-along outfit like 'The Haunted' or 'Chimera', but if you give it the time it deserves you'll be very pleasantly surprised. The riffs are all note perfect, and there is basically nothing in the way of repetition. Of course there is a general verse-chorus structure (this is not exactly a prog band) but there are many variants on the theme, and you'll find it very hard to predict where a song is going next until you've listened to it several times. On 'An Epic of Time Wasted' the song stops without warning near the end, and after a few lines of Shadow's whispering it ends in a triumphant new riff. The songs also hold a lot of variation. The heavier songs are mostly towards the start, before the softest song 'Warmness on the Soul', which acts as a brief interlude. After that things are more experimental, with 'The Streets' showing off Shadow's non screaming vocal skills, and final track 'Shattered By Broken Dreams' clocking up seven minutes, progressing slowly throughout.
The lyrics vary from what most stereotypical young metal bands sing about. There is some mention of unrequited and painful love, but also philosophical songs about life, standing up for yourself and in 'Darkness Surrounding' .. graveyards. The darkness inherent in the songs is truly chilling, and as their website states it is based on the phrase "What goes around comes around" - whether it be a bad girlfriend or the system, they will get their comeuppance. Sevenfold.
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on 15 May 2013
I'm a big fan of A7X but got into their music from the later albums and worked my way back. Now I don't think this is a bad album per se and it is growing on me but... and this is just personal taste, I don't think M Shadows is the best when it comes to shouting out the vocals. I personally think that this style is best left to Corey Taylor or Ivan Moody. If you know what to expect, buy it, if you are expecting the same type of albums as the rest, listen to sound bites from Amazon first.
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on 7 February 2003
This album quite simply rocks! It has so many levels to it that it's quite hard to describe, plenty of screamy shouty-ness for hardcore fans and at the same time plenty of melodies and riffs for the rest of you. The beauty of a track like 'Warmness on the soul' can only be put next to a track like 'Turn the other way' on an album like this and still get away with it perfectly. I hightly reccomend this album to fans of all types of hard rock.
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on 9 May 2006
avenged sevenfold were 18 and 19 years old when they released this and that is startling for a start,they also released this classic which threw fury,melody and speedy metalcore into a tidy container and kick started metalcore just that little bit further,it wasnt an album that was a roaring success,and indeed most of us are listening to it for the first time after hearing the albums that followed it but what we have here is a band that had the energy,the vocalist and the songs to match.

it is a frantic album that packs an almighty punch,that is typified in songs like we come out at night and turn the other way,they also showed a more emotional and laidback side on the song warmness on the soul,it is a album with killer riffs,nods at guns n roses,misfits and heavyweights such as eighteen visions and killswitch engage,this is an album you can no longer ignore!
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on 22 August 2012
The low 2 stars is due to my taste in metal/rock and not due to the earlier type of music the band played.
Sounds very heavy (if you can understand what he's shouting), a bit like heavy Slipknot. A shame as I really loved "City of Evil" and "Nightmare".
I don't see me going any further back into the bands history like I do with other bands, as quite often some of their best music is in earlier albums.
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on 26 September 2004
Avenged sevenfold are a highly talented band even though i like waking the fallen much more this is not a bad start to there legacy at times this album is torn between what sounds that it is its hard to no what direction they will go in, at times its screamo then emo, punk, metal then goth metal its just them trying to find there sound which is a good thing but i think waking the fallen proved they are a metalcore band. The instrumentals are as good as you would and should expect everything is put together nicely fast paced drumming inzane riffs and strong vocals that at times become overblown and o.t.t which for me is what hurts this album get this album now but dont expect to be blown away like waking the fallen
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