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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2002
With their full length debut, Finch pull off the remarkable feat of blending the sensuous and beautiful melodic suss of Jimmy Eat World or Weezer with the raw power and aggressive delivery of Deftones. This album is exploding at the seams with hook after gorgeous hook, walls of dense yet articulate guitar, driving, thunderous beats and vocals that ache, soar, and in places, could strip paint. Finch have pulled off what so many other bands have failed to do and created a hybrid of emo, punk rock and hardcore that works on all of these levels whilst simultaneously sounding fresh and new. The songs vary from slow and brooding (yet typically exploding in some fantastic crescendo or climaxing magnificently) to fast and driving, beautifully catchy and melodic or, in the case of "Project Mayhem" featuring Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, they kick up a disjointed metal noise that is part Meshuggah, part Atari Teenage Riot, part Drowningman while still managing to feel at place on this awesome CD.
For anyone who likes the aforementioned genres, Finch are worth checking out. Their "Falling Into Place" EP (two songs of which appear in rerecorded versions on this CD) is equally worth getting hold of to see a band absolutely at the top of their game, showing some of the more established bands across these genres how to make a record that is emotional and effortlessly moving but that also truly, utterly and completely rocks.
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on 17 July 2003
I bought this album after hearing Letters to You and What it is to Burn onTv, Both incredible songs. After buying the album, i realised that these were not one offs, just two in a collection of 14 amazin ones.
Every song on this album makes you want to stand up and jump. The music fills you with such emotion and energy that you just want to burst out. Finch provide an interesting cross between punk and hardcore, so that ther are still catchy riffs but with more energy and less poppy.
There is not one bad track on this album, but a few stand out:
The two singles, Letters to you and What is is to burn, probably the two best tracks on the album, Perfection through silence, a catchy yet mind-blowingly powerful song, Ender, showing how Finch can be more mellow when they want to be, and Without you Here is also incredible.
I would recommend this album to anyone who likes punk but would like to hear it with a little bit more of an edge.
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on 18 March 2007
I bought this album in 2003 after getting their EP in a drive thru records box set. I can genuinely say that this is one of few albums that is close to perfect, I think there's only 1 track that I skip when I listen to the CD. Here is a single review of each track

New Beginnings = This is a very good track in my opinion. The palm muted verses along with outstanding vocals to go with them is the highlight of this song for me. (8/10)

Letters to You = The majority of Finchers will think that this is there best song. I disagree. I admit that it is a good track, but it's overated. But still an amazing track and some deep lyrics. (8/10)

Post Script = This is one of my favourite tracks on the album. The verses are the best and again have deep lyrics, I wish it was a bit longer though (9/10)

Grey Matter = Starts with a clean intro and then kicks in with heavy verses and some great agressive vocal work by Nate, and the chorus' get back into the Finch style. A great track in my opinion, one of the best without a doubt (10/10)

Perfection Through Silence = This is my second favourite song on the album. This song (along with Letters to You) was featured on their EP. This version is a lot better. I think that Nate puts alotta feeling into this track. Even with the intro, you can tell it's gonna be deep. The chorus blows me away and the bridge blows me further away, ending the bridge with the agressive yet powerful words "When weakend, when will you rise". (10/10)

Awake = This is the only song I dislike from this album, I just cannot get into it, I dunno what it is, It's just not for me, but points for effort (4/10)

Without You Here = The first slow track on the album, and if you've heard the track "New Kid" from their EP then you will agree Finch can do a slow track. The lyrics are just amazing, and the music in the verses keep it slow but picks up for the chorus. When you hear Nate put his heart into the words "Am I losing you" then you will agree. This song means a lot to me (10/10)

Stay With Me = Despite being more pop-punky then the other tracks, this is my 3rd favourite on the album. The song starts with a fast drum beat and kicks into upbeat guitars. The chorus is just amazing. I just love the track (10/10)

Project Mayhem = Very different track. Almost has esscence of Math-core here. The verses are very strange with a different vocal scream approach by Nate. But the chorus' are sang. Then comes a very haunting like break down in a way. It is a very different track but is certainly good (8/10)

Untitled = Returning to a normal style of Finch you will be used to by now. Not really much to say about this, good track, but isn't really anything different (8/10)

Three Simple Words = Another track with very deep vocals and a very basic song structure, sounds like Stay with me mixed with new beginnings in my opinion (7/10)

Ender = Another slow track, a lot more reminiscent of New Kid as it uses the same structure. Slow all the way until abreak out at the end. I still prefer New Kid but this is still a very deep track. The track actually runs for 13:30 but there's a lot of random noise and stuff at the end. The actual length of the song is about 6:30.

What it is To Burn = Now I know it may be clear that this is my favourite track, but how can younot like this one. Starts with a delayed guitar and rugged violin then Nate screams "SHE BURNS". The verses are very heartfelt and the chorus' are 10 times any other chorus on the song. But the highlight is the bridge. The guitars fade out andits just the bass and Nate singing "Today is fire and she burns". They are then joined by Drum and guitar but not to a hevay extent. Then a few rounds of "SHE BURNS" again. Best Finch song EVER (10/10)

So this is a very amazing album. The problem with that is they tried to hard to top it on their next album, Say Hello to Sunshine. And that album, to me, is a huge letdown. The band are now on a hiatus. Which we all know means they are over for good
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on 4 February 2003
when you first put this album into your stereo straight from the get-go your going to hear one of the best debut albums ever and be ' blown away '.
from the first track it's clear that your in for a ride full of heavy guitar riffs with a punk styling and a singer with such a good voice you wouldn't believe.The drummer creates such good percusion and the guitarists are such an unbelievable pairing , they thrive off of each other, one with a catchy punk/metal layden riff and the other providing great rhythm ( not to metion the underneath emotional screaming ) making all the songs so melodic , so simple but yet so undeniably good. buy this album , you wont be dissapointed. I think the best band drive-thru have signed since New found. Your gonna' love this album , I promise.
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on 2 January 2007
I have had this album since it came out some four years ago. The album was recommended to me by a couple of people and it didn't disappoint. A cracking blend of power guitar, excellent vocals and catchy tunes, this is a cd you can always find a track to mirror your mood. From the somewhat adolescent teen anthem "Letters to You" to the more obscure tracks such as "Grey matter" merit can be taken from each song, while the excellent "What it is to Burn" will leave you blown away and itching to hear the whole cd again. A must have, this is a cd I come back to over and over again. (I must say I don't understand the previous review condemning of AFI - excellent band - especially the early stuff.)
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on 1 February 2003
From the moment the album bursts in with its high fuelled mix of angst, emo, and anger Finch have your attention and by the time it finishes "Letters To You" they have yet another fan. It's not hard to see why so many people like finch. They're one of those bands who you cannot pin a label or genre on simply because they're so varied. Often reminding you of 'Blink 182' but then stepping into their 'Box Car Racer' style alter ego's and then leading into the ranks of 'Machine Head'.
Depending on your mood Finch can be screaming angst-ridden lyrics with heavy guitars supporting their screams or they can be more speaking from the heart emo boys. This is made clear by the two versions of "Letters To You" with the main version sounding melancholy and inconsolable while the acoustic version is a little more uplifting and seeming more optimistic.
Some tracks are plainly just heavy angst like "Grey Matter" and others simply emotive like "Three Simple Words". Other stand out tracks are "Awake", "Without You Here", "Past Script". At the end of the album Finch show their more experimental side with the title track "What It Is To Burn (New Version)" which abandons much of the structured guitar riffs for a more artistic approach, which in my opinion is very successful.
Most of Finch's duality is created by Nate's emotive lyrics being supported by powerful screams. The music is written to perfection with every effort being used to add to the flow and atmosphere of the music, even the screams have some melodic bearing to the music and apart from "Project Mayhem" is fitting to the subject. "Project Mayhem" is another slightly experimental track with much heavy guitars and anarchic screaming and a lot of animosity.
Overall this album has a unique sound and is a high recommend, it's differing styles and punk roots make it enjoyable throughout and the whole album will pass all too quickly leaving you asking for more.
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on 28 July 2002
You'd be stupid not to give this album a second listen and dismiss it as yet another nu-metal album because this record is actually very, very good indeed. Finch are not nu-metal and they are totally original in that they mix heavier rock music with the melodic vocals that can be found in bands such as jimmy eat world. If you do not like loud music then you best go elsewhere but this cd is tremendous fun, ideal for blasting out of your speakers and singing along to. It does take a few listens to realise just how good this album is, but it is well worth it. Stand out tracks are ender, letters to you, three simple words and post script but all are great bar one or two songs, which seem more to be unecessary noise and shouting with no kind of melody - this is perhaps the only fault in the record. I like loud rocking guitars and there's alot of that here, its great...Finch have done something no other bands have done yet, and have come out top of the tree so give it a try and it won't disappoint. But be warned, if you are expecting a nice bubblegum pop punk album you best look elsewhere- if you can open your range a bit more to something a bit different then stick it on and turn up the volume!
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on 8 November 2004
A brilliant hybrid of roaring metal riffage, distinctly 'emo' lyrics, mentalist screaming, and catchy pop-punk choruses, finch have produced one of the most exciting debut albums you will hear. In Nate Barcalow, they are possessed with a pocket-sized frontman with the potential to be a great. Clearly the early Patton influence is on Barcalow, while this is certainly no bad thing, he has still managed to set the beginnings for his own unique voice. Equally adept at the basic principles of screaming and singing, he soars on the epic title track, the majectic slow burner "ender" and the mosh-pit friendly "Perfection through silence". There are two collaborations with another Patton-influenced vocalist, Daryl Palumbo from excellent extremo outfit Glassjaw. These two are the least conventional tracks on the album, with their manic bleeding throat delivery and time signatures, and point to a more ambitious album next time round? Whatever the case, this is a more than capable debut, anyone who has a copy is salivating at the prospect of the second album. Taster single "worms of the earth" bodes very well indeed.
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on 15 November 2002
Well Finch in a nutshell would be "Riff heavy punk". It really is hard to describe them. The lead singer, Nate, has a brilliant voice with fantastic range. Finches sound though is unique, it mixes the best of current punk rock vocals, with heavier guitars, making it a cross between nu metal and punk I suppose. The album has enough catchiness to get you into it, "letters to you" and "without you here" being the prime example, and enough depth and brilliance in the other songs for it to hold onto you and drag you into a world of melodic screaming and crushing vocals that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Its so hard to define Finch that it should be said that its not like stupid slipknot screaming, it has more emotion (hearing Nate screaming "when will you rise......." -on "perfection through silence" still makes me wanna start jumping around in the street), but at the same time its slightly heavier than say, New found glory. My personal favourite songs are the amazing "Ender", "New Begginings" and probably "What It Is To Burn". But hey, thats just me, everyone I know likes something different about Finch. Take a chance with this album and buy it, thats what I did -im addicted now.oops!
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on 7 April 2003
First time i heard this, i thought what a loud of rubbish. i mean how can u call somebody wrecking a guitar and screaming like a banshee music?? but i persued with it because the person who gave it to me forced me too! and then suddenly for some reason i just started liking it......well liking it is a bit of an understatement. i wouldnt stop playing it!! the first song that hit me was "perfection through silence" coz it is so damn catchy. then my favourite was letters to you, then post script, now What it is to burn and ender. i dont know how to describe it but this music is so emotional!! it has such a mix of emotions in it that it just gets me going. the main guy`s voice is amazing. at stages it is mournful, and at others angry. but it always conveys the message of the song extremely well. the music is so varied, i mean you cant describe it into any genre. all the songs r so catchy, and they all have those lovely little bits in them, you know the bits that make the hairs on ur neck stand up, the little add on bits that make u wanna cry or scream or dance. songs with those bits r bound to be winners. and all of the songs on this album have them. that makes me very happy.it is never out of my player, ok sometimes the screaming does get a bit heavy, but it is well balanced out by damn good singing and wonderful lyrics. well done Finch.
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