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on 12 July 2008
It proudly states on the rear of the box that"..Every FPS fan will be taking a week off work..or words to that effect,what from,shock?
I've never played any of the other games and only got this as a 'free' gift for joining Special Reserve at the time,its'....okay.
Graphically it's all over the place,one nice water effect is seemingly at the expense of some ropey dinosaur skin or some plastic looking leaves,fairly good,at the time,Slegs mean rubber toy like alligators it goes on,bland textureless rocks,dodgy looking tunnels and then you meet the woman with the pteranodon or whatever it was!,I never had an N64 but I imagine she would look pretty similar,if not better!,on that.
The flying bits,Oh God! don't get me started,the controls aren't bad,but the meerest scrape against something sees you explode,it's like that bit in Top Secret when the slow moving Jeeps touch,I admit I had to skip a later flying section,one involving 'crystals' poking from the walls of a particularly narrow tunnel after 6 or more attempts.
I did persevere with it and did finish it albeit using the in-built cheats,it gets a bit hard later on as the checkpoints get sparse,and despite it's faults I do on ocassion fire it up to play the 'Mountain Ascent'level which is actually very good but on the whole it's disappointing,it's so obvious it WAS an N64 game and in my mind it still is one.
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on 6 October 2002
From the moment the game begun, I was disappointed. The original Turok on the N64 was amazing, even with the aggressive distance fog rendering, the atmosphere was fantastic.
The flying levels are a nice touch, but you find yourself flying into trees all to often, and having to start the level right from the beginning really does start to tick you off.
Turok Evolution smacks of an unfinished game. The special effects are neat, albeit slightly overdone in certain places. You seem to encounter the same four enemies over and over again and there are not enough dinosaurs to contend with other than the same old mini velociraptors every now and then (that small annoying grey version) - I've only had one t-rex to contend with, and frankly the t-rex in the original tomb raider game all those years ago was far more convincing visually and aurally than this mip-mapped park dweller with a flower between its teeth.
There also seem to be one or two bugs in the game which should have easily been caught during QA, for example one of the last levels of chapter 4 you must run from an enemy base before a reactor meltdown blows it all up. In what seems to be the penultimate room, however, a pair of double doors opens up, but you cant walk through them, maybe because you haven't picked the enemy war plans up yet, but regardless, you cant get out of the room to go find the plans because the door you entered through closes behind you when you walk in!!!
It does not seem to be possible to choose your character. I am unaware of whether this option becomes available on completion of the game with Tal'Set.
I persevered with this game but I've just given up persevering. A complete let down. Not what the GC needs at all.
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on 2 October 2002
To say this game disappoints would be an understatement. The premise of a well thought out, multi-challenge game is here, but it fails to surface. Though a large game, quality is better than quantity, and it has a general feeling that though there are many levels, they have all been rushed.
The flying levels receive the award for the largest let-down and though a break from the norm, the game would not suffer having left them out. Unlike a previous review, I must stress that having played many flight games, this just does not match up, and certainly does not warrant any kind of comparison with Rogue Leader (Star Wars: Gamecube). These stealthy pterodactyls come fighter planes, have the turning cycle of a Boeing 747 and are very slow to respond, leaving immense frustration as you barrel roll into a wall, the floor, a tree, for the tenth time. And as you have to start from the beginning of your current stage when you die, it isn't long until you start to anger.
The graphics reminded me more of the Playstation(1) era than the Playstation 2. The textures were bitty and the scenery and enemies were smudged. Saying this, the levels are usually huge expanses, as a whole quite pretty and nicely mapped out. However, sadly, you do not need to roam freely and your chosen path is heavily stressed upon.
There are some nice touches, exploding arrows, sniper zoom and the large dinosaurs are nicely animated (the first t-rex scared me to death)! However the game falls short on playability, walking a long, pre-destined path, slow picking off lizard men as you go wears thin after a while, and the small respite you receive (the flying missions) soon has you praying to be on firm ground again.
This should have been so much more. Truly a game that has suffered from it's own hype.
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on 26 November 2014
Turok Evolution is good, but lacks the charm of the other Turok games. I just think this is Under Developed. i recommend just playing the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter or Turok 2: Seeds of Evil instead if you still have your Nintendo 64.
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on 11 September 2015
Bought it as a gift for my best friend; we used to play this game when we were young, and we re-bought it. Super fast delivery, great condition!
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on 4 January 2003
This is a reasonably good FPS game. The weapons are fun to use and well thought out. The levels are split into reasonably sized chunks which don't take forever to complete (apart from the tough ones you have to play 10 times to complete). The scenery is attactive and interesting. Graphics are good apart from when you end up stood in the middle of bushes when it turns into a confused mess of crisscross blotchly leaves. Stealthy snipers and run and blast styles of play are both possible.
It's not as good as Halo on the X-box, but it is a reasonable game. Not as bad as some of the poor reviews make it out to be.
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on 19 June 2015
Okay condition, not worth what I paid and disk does jump a little.
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on 17 October 2002
Very. The first thing you do in control of Tal'Set you find yourself frightened purely because of the scenery. The first view is of loads of vegetation (which enemies can and DO hide in!!) and a simple war club in your hand. Round the first corner and get attacked by three mini brutes of Dinosaurs!!! From this moment on the excitement doesn't stop. I've found myself genuinely enticed and have been pushing myself forward out of pure adrenaline!! How many video games can claim to do that? Only one other. Perfect Dark. And that was perfection in a cartridge. Turok is the equivalent on a disc no bigger than 3 inches. So why the lack of the fifth star. Some levels are fiendishly difficult and occasionally 'glitches' appear. The worst being on the Meltdown (Chapter 5) level where doors are open and you can see through them but you can't run through. You are just being held in place by a "programming fault". However, a quick browse on the internet will solve the problem.
With Nintendos current trend for games on the cube so far for being short but sweet, you will relieved when after 3 weeks you realise that there are still levels left to complete. Long hard levels. The kind which kick your brain into why can't I do this mode. And can easily waste all daylight and anti daylight hours without knowing it. Simply huge. And challenging.
Apart from VERY occassional stumbles fluid involving gampeplay, an instinctive control system, and weapons that you would like to unleash on your boss make this the best [money] you ever spent.
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on 22 February 2017
Exellent )
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on 26 June 2002
If you were a fan of the Turok games on the N64 then you will love this. If you are a fan of any kind of FPS game then this is just fabulous. From the moment the game's introduction starts you feel already within the Turok world.
You are given a selection of different characters which effect which direction your game travels, this straight away gives you SEVEN different ways through the game!!
The environments are breathtaking, from the desert canyons and wasteland of post 1800 Texas to the living cities of the future.. even the jungle rainforest levels from the original games still mangage to make you gasp at the detail!
The weapons are as usual very well done. Starting off with the traditional bow and slowly working your way up through the pecking order to the big guided missile launchers.. each weapon has its own particular use, (my personal favourite are the guided mines, a MUST for any stealth fan!), and they are each positioned throughout the game and the right learning curve.. IE: Just when you need more firepower, you get a go at a bigger weapon, (admittedly that WAS on easy mode!).
Turok Evolution is exactly that. It is the next evolutionary step in the series and it is a genuinely frightening game with some touches of genius in its design.
I love it!
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