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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 March 2002
The first thing you will notice about this game is that it looks about as close to watching the films as you could possibly expect. The next thing you will notice is the number of enemies that it throws at you on screen.
If you played Star Wars Rogue Squadron on the N64 then the gameplay here is essentially the same, with a few additions, such as the ability to switch to different craft in the middle of certain missions, and the fact that it requires you to use the D-Pad to give your wingmen instructions on what they should do (although these usually consist of 'Stay in Formation' or 'Go After the Ties').
Although there are not many missions in this game, you will want to go back and replay them to earn more medals and also to see how you would do with the different craft you unlock as you play the game. Even so, you will not finish this game quickly as the missions are in general very hard and herein lies the main problem with the game. The vast majority of gamers will struggle to get gold medals on completing the missions and will have to settle for bronze or silver at best. This difficulty level may put a number of gamers off.
Despite the difficulty of the game, I would strongly recommend this to any fans of the Star Wars series. The graphics and sound effects are astounding, and you really do feel as if you are 'in the films' at times. This is helped by the fact that you either play as Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles depending on the mission, and that famous scenes from the movies are used in the game, including the two Death Star Attacks and the Battle on Hoth. In fact its worth playing just to laugh at the number of Tie Fighters that assault you on the second Death Star attack later in the game.
To sum it up, it might be a little too hard in places, but I was always left wanting to try again, and it certainly is an impressive game.
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on 9 May 2002
Rogue Leader is the sequel to the fantastic Rogue Squadron on N64. If you were a fan of the original game, then you are almost certainly going to love this game.
Rogue Leader is, in my opinion, the first Star Wars game to really feel like Star Wars. You are placed into the heat of dangerous battles over various terrains and environments, some based on settings from the film, some completly new.
Whatever your favourite space battle from the film, chances are you will be able to experience it in this game.
The first thing that will stand out is, of course, the graphics. Anyone whos played the game, seen a screenshot or a watched video clip cannot deny that Rogue Leader looks the business. It plays smoothly without a hint of slowdown, and never fails to impress from start to finish. It seems Lucasarts have gone all out to demonsrate the capabilities of gamecube, and have succeeded in this area, no arguments there.
Its a shame though, that it seems Lucasarts have overlooked the fact that Rogue Leader is in alot of ways, too familiar to its N64 prequel. Many levels seem like an exact copy of the N64's, and you will immediatly know what to do, and how to do it. Dont get me wrong, they're still a joy to play, especially with the breathtaking graphics but it would be nice to have a new experience on some levels. Maybe this is because the best levels are ones from the film. The Battle Of Endor, for instance is simply amazing, and you cant believe what your're seeing as hundereds of tie fighters attack you with a barrage of green laser fire! So its another shame that the levels not from the film are just variations of the same missions from the N64 game.
The next flaw is in the difficulty. Lucasarts dont appear to have any concept of the term
'learning curve'. The game goes from fairly challenging to what feels like impossible with no warning at all. You will most likely be completly stuck for ages on the fourth or fifth level. If you have never played Rogue Squadron on the N64, and are just getting the hang of the controls, then this is going to cause real problems.
However those are the only real problems in Rogue leader. The small amount of missions are made up for in the games replay value, as earning all medals will test even the best gamers skills.
You can choose from a range of crafts from the film, all perfectly reconstructed for the game, and can even unlock the Millenium Falcon or Darth Vaders Tie Advanced. All the ships have a range of abilities and choosing the right craft for your mission is vital if you are to succeed.
If you are a fan of the films or the original game on N64, then this game is definatly for you. Rogue Leader will appeal to a wide range of gamers, old or young, and you almost certainly
wont be dissapointed.
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I never owned a Gamecube, so I never got to play this game. I loved the prequal on the N64, and always thought that this game looked good, but just never got around to it. Now I own a Wii, the gateway to a plethora of retor games has opened before me and this is the first title checked off my "to buy" list. Of course, I had to buy a Gamecube remote and memory card - don't forget to grap those!

Anyway, this game looks fantastic (even now) and plays well. The controls are a little convoluted and tricky (I've no idea what my targetting computer efficiency score means and I've no idea how to improve it) but you get used to them. And this feels like Star Wars. It feels like your in the movies and it feels good.

In short, if you've bagged yourself a Wii, grab this game too. It's dirt cheap and I reckon you'll enjoy it!
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on 4 July 2005
Although some of the complaints from other reviews are true, such as there being a couple of bland levels, this is an amazing game. Great sound, great graphics, great gameplay but most importantly you will love it if you love star wars.
Many of the levels see you taking control of wedge antilles carrying out missions that are not featured in the films such as the capture of the imperial shuttle tyderium. But of course there are also classic scenes from the films such as the death star trench run and the battle of endor.
It is extremely satisfying hitting your target after a long dogfight and the ship sounds are straight from the films. Get this before rogue squadron 3 as it is better in many ways. This is one of my favourite games ever and definately one of the best star wars based games around!
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on 6 May 2002
Firstly- I detest the films with upmost avengeance (Phantom Menace *shudder*) but if you were a Star Wars fan you would probably enjoy this even more than the average punter.
Right. I don't know why this game gives such a great atmosphere but it does. Maybe it's the way, that as you scream through the Death Star Trench, with TIE fighters gunning you mercilessly down, and as you try to regain control of your ship, that the whole screen is lit up with a thousand lasers. Maybe it's the un-nerving way that as you trek through the thick green fog you can see little blips on the radar, which are soon packs of TIE Interceptors (Scum- and never-dying scum- trust me) roaring past you. Maybe it's the way you can hear the screams of your wingmen as they are gunned down by the TIEs YOU sent them to destroy. There are a thousand other little touches that adds more depth than any other game has.
Unlike other games of this genre (Lylat Wars) there are real missions- bombing specific targets, protecting transports- and my favourite-taking down AT-AT's.
The other characters are also believable. Your wingmen ACTUALLY help you on yor missions- shooting guns to protect you- defending a base etc. The soliders on foot especially on Hoth, try to take cover behind dunes and such. TIE's who come in packs, when you destroy a pack but one, that one will join another pack, or deliberately fly into you.
It is all beautifully done, sound, graphics, gameplay all superb. Buy this game or you will regret it. Trust me.
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on 27 June 2002
Now, I'm not the sort of chap who likes to brag but as far as computer games are concerned - I've been there and done that! From humble ZX Speccie beginnings, through the Atari years, SNES, Megadrive to the present day where there is hardly enough room in front of the TV for the Xbox, PS2 and the Cube.
So I feel that I can say with some authority that Rogue Leader is quite simply one of the most captivating games I have ever played.
Right from the start, the corners of your mouth curl up as your presented with dancing stormtroopers forming the logo. Then a tingle of nostalgia as the music starts. Sadly, it's exactly the same as Rogue Squadron but the disappointment is entirely temporary and the lack of design variation is familiar and comforting as you quickly click through to get into the game. Obviously the oral descriptions of the levels are slightly beefed up but not so you'd notice.
As soon as the game cranks up though, you know it's something different. The graphics are beautiful - silky smooth and highly detailed.
The real difference is the lighting. Fire off a blast from your X-wing's quad lasers and you'll see the red shadow chase after the blast over the surface of the death star which, incidentaly, is vast!
Attention to detail also has to be one of the key factors. Try taking out a wing-man in a squadron of Tais, then watch him career out of control and into one of his buddies - delightful!
The ultimate piece de resistance has to be the sound. For gods sake get yourself a half decent surround system (available from Amazon of course) or at the very least hook your machine up to your stereo - crank it up and prepare to be sucked into the game. Somehow the game designers in making the most of the sound capture all of the best bits of the original movies - I almost wept with joy at the fantastic Hoth level and while playing the death star level honestly felt that this could be the closest I could get to being an X-wing pilot. Now what better endorsement could there possibly be.
Buy this game - buy it now. It'll give you constant enjoyment for a very, very long time.
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on 7 May 2002
This game is the reason I bought a Gamecube (despite being extremely happy with my PS2) and I have not been disappointed IT IS SUPERB. The whole look and feel of the game is amazing - it's just like being in the film. Amongst the missions is the chance to play Luke and destroy the Death Star and pilot a snowspeeder - giving you the chance to take out the Imperial Walkers with a tow cable just like in The Empire Strikes Back. Control of the ship is extremely intuitive and you also have the choice of cockpit or camera views. The targeting computer feature is a neat option which helps with locking on to the bad guys.
The game is challenging, but you will keep wanting to come back for more. I also find myself wanting to replay missions I have completed to see if I can increase my medal rating.
Summary - If you have a GameCube - BUY IT. If you don't have a GameCube BUY ONE and then BUY THIS! (Unless, of course, you really hate Star Wars :) )
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on 2 July 2016
The product was in good condition, and the game still holds up today. Its as realistic a simulation as sitting in a box in your garden and shouting "pew pew" but it doesn't want to be. Its arcadey fun, all it ever needed to be.
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on 23 December 2002
Rogue Leader is a spectacular game! The graphics are so refined you can see the battle marks on the ships! The levels are very well designed and vary in difficulty from mission to mission. Even the training level beautifully presented. The sound of laser fire whizzes past your ear in the heat of battle and really gives the game a sense of realness (is that a word?). It will take about a week to complete all the missions. Unlocking everything and getting all the gold medals could take months! This game is an essetial purchase, even if you're not a star wars fan! Go out and buy this game!!
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on 19 December 2002
The hype is lived up to as 'Star Wars Rogue Leader- Rogue Squadron II' get as close as possible as being an exact transformation from a popular film to an amazing video game on Nintendo's latest, the Gamecube. There are simply not enough complimentary words in the English dictionary to sum up the graphics which this game boasts. The crisp visuals show so much attention to detail and that combined with the limited slowdown is a big plus to any game of today. Sound for the game is a real companion to make 'Rogue Leader' a real 'Star Wars' experience, it is as though you are sucked right into the space craft, given the opportunity to relive your favourite scenes from the sci-fi favourite with a high sense of incredible realism.
'Rogue Leader', is perfectly fitted to the original shape of the Gamecube controller, making use of all buttons and setting each command well to each button. Nothing ever feels out of reach and it is only a matter of simplicity to execute all functions of your spacecraft. The game's first mission- 'Death Star' is of no real complexity and whilst your novice gamer will fit in perfectly, those with more experience in the gaming department should pretty much flow through it (whilst of course, admiring the scenery!), simply following the instructions. However, there is no time to settle in to this kind of difficulty as after the first couple of missions the whole learning curve is pretty much decimated as the challenge heavily increases to such a level that even the most avid of gamers would struggle through. On one hand, this is a bonus on the game's lifespan, whereas the on the other it can put people off and perhaps becomes a game that should not be recommended to a beginner. Another 'flaw' would be the striking similarities to its predecessor on the N64- the original 'Rogue Squadron', many of the missions are almost identical, removing the element of surprise when some players of the previous title venture into the game.
All moaning aside, there is indeed a nice variety of missions that you come across which should please newbies to the 'Rogue Squadron' series, each 'main' mission that you approach contains several little side-missions which often need accomplishing within certain time limits. For example, in your third mission 'Battle of Hoth', you are instructed to take down 3 AT-ATs by flying up close carefully and wrapping tow cables around their legs. It's these such missions that do make the game entertaining and despite constant frustration after the sudden difficulty rise has settled in and you begin to fail, this game really does have superior gameplay to not only it's predecessor but a large quantity of other 'Star Wars' games for that matter.
I have already discussed the close relations to the actual films, well to expand your experience the crafts are almost identically reconstructed from the 'Star Wars' trilogy and they include such classics as the 'B-Wing' and the 'Millennium Falcon', each craft responding in the air with a unique fashion which really does add to the game's interactivity. Some may say that the game is linear in the way you are set out to complete specific tasks, but as you are controlling your craft, options are often brought up to offer you another path to take a stroll down, options are also provided to make you feel as though you are in charge on what goes on during the game. Indeed the game does have a controversially long lifespan and the gameplay may have it's argued flaws but 'Rogue Leader' is a graphical masterpiece and the whole experience really does put you straight into a interactive movie and a pretty darn good shoot 'em-up at that!
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