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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2004
When i was in my early teens, Sting was just a name that i had heard of but to be honest didnt really think much of... but i was slowly introduced to his music in lessons (by my rather odd music teacher who *may* have had a thing for him)and ever since i have LOVED this man. If you are going to buy one sting/Police album this has to be the one. If ur not really a sting fan but you listen to this album, u realise how amazing he really is! every track you think 'oh iv heard this song before wow!' and same for the next.. and the next... and the next... quite an amazing experience! so if you;re like me (a poor student) and can only afford one sting album - buy this one! its got everything and i love it soo much and im so upset because i cant afford tickets for his sacred love concert at the albert hall... :( maybe one day wen i become an investment banker he'll tour again?
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on 7 October 2006
Gordon Sumner (alias Sting) established in the band Police, with a host of hits including Every Breath you take and Message in A Bottle. He later launched a successful solo career with hits such as English man in New York, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, Fields of Gold, Desert rose and many more. He has four decades of experience in the music business. The appeal has not diminished as a musician

The Very Best of Sting and the Police features a collection hits of Gordon Sumner. This includes the association with the Police band and as a solo artist. Every single track from start to end is superb and you can listen timeslessly. The album makes an excellent inclusion in the CD collection

The beauty about the album is that it consist of songs from four decades 70's, 80's, 90's and present. He continues to maintain the appeal and dignity as a quality musician . If you share a passion for music of the highest quality, purchase this album. It sure beats music industry today, which is bombarded with manufactured bands. Sting exemplifies what real music should entail. There is talent in today music industry which I am not going to deny, but it is hard to find unique talent such as in the case of Sting. The album deservedly honours the talents and skills which he contributes to the music industry.

If you are looking for talented musician with a great voice as in the case of Sting and also leave a music legacy with their singles as proven by his excellent track record, then buy this album.
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on 6 February 2002
1997s updated best off from Stings sophisticated solo work back through
time to include just about every single from hit machine the police. But with Sting about to collect the "Lifetime"award at the Brits its as good an opportunity as any to introduce one superb collecton of songs to an adoring public.
Sting has been such a permanent fixture for so long now you actually forget just how great he actually is - I defy anyone who has even the tiniest interest in Sting to look through the track list and fail to be wightily impressed.
Every Breath You Take is surely one of the greatest songs of all time with Roxanne an undoubted classic. Fields of Gold was the lead song at my wedding and can anyone not tap their feet and sing along to the chorus of Englishman In New York? This cd is brought bang up to date with the vastly underrated Desert Rose a deserved number one single in seven countries but only no.15 in the uk.
All in all a supreme body of work celebrating a quarter of a century at the top of the tree if Stigs music is good enough to be sampled by acts as diverse as Puff Daddy to George Michael and Feeder to Rage Against the Machine then surely its good enough for you? Add to your collection.
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on 6 June 2002
Wot an excellent greatest hits collection this is!From the classic "Can't stand losing you" through to "If you love somebody set them free" and even up to the present day with the likes of "Desert Rose."This is certainly the definitive way for a novice Sting fan to start their collection.There are only a few snags- some Police classics are missing, such as the original version of "The Bed's too big without you," the dark "Spirits in the material world" and of course, the anthem "Synchronicity II." However, all sins forgiven as this collection isn't a double album and yet, they've got his best singles on one, solitary disk.DEFINATELY WORTH THE MONEY!I would also like to recommend the original "Police:Greatest Hits," and "Fields of gold:The best of Sting 1984-94."
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An album full of classic songs, from the awesome Every breath you take, thru classics like Englishman in New York to sing a long - every little thing she does is magic - chances are you already know & love most of the songs on this album - a real chance to pick up 18 classic tracks on one album
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on 21 October 2016
Love it and love Sting, the Police are up there with my favourite bands of the 80,s they had loads of big hits. Stings solo career has been just as successful with the huge Fields of Gold single as well as many others, I would definitely recommend this compilation to anyone who likes this type of music brilliant..
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on 22 March 2004
An album full of brilliant classic tracks, but a glaring omission in "Shape of My Heart", recently defiled by the awful Sugar Babes and Craig David. If you think you like Sting, trust me, you do: buy this,its great!
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on 2 March 2014
This compilation album was originally released in November 1997 with the title 'The very best of'. This implies that the label has only chosen the very best tracks to fit onto the original 15 track album, and since then this 2002 release (commemorating Sting's award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Music Industry received at the 2002 Brit Awards) has added 3 different tracks - Brand new day, Desert rose and So lonely and on this version 3 tracks haven been omitted - Let your soul be your pilot (which I've always thought was a slightly weak song anyway), Russians (which is amazing!) and Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy remix) which was a terrible remix of the original song with 2 poor rap verses. What was Sting thinking of allowing PD to remix that song?! Must've been just for the money! I think the only must was adding So lonely for the statement 'The very best of' and I really don't think they should've included Brand new day instead of Russians but that's just me.

I have been a fan of The Police for a good few years now and I began my collection in a different way with the release of The Police's self-titled greatest hits (which is by far the best) and went on to purchase Sting's Fields of gold: The best of Sting 1984-1994. I highly recommend that route and if you are a casual fan who doesn't want to commit to all the albums then those albums are a true eye-opener (or ear opener as it were!) with many amazing tracks which are missing here.

Amongst the collection there are 5 number 1 singles, some of the songs are hugely important and some of the tracks I find pretty interesting for a 'very best of' The Police and Sting. When you listen to The Police tracks and Sting's tracks side by side, which have been mixed together well, you can tell how Sting moved away from the three-piece band into a much wider scope of music.

Most of the best Police songs are all here, including Message in a bottle, Can't stand losing you, Every breath you take, Every little thing she does is magic and Roxanne. One song that they should've definitely included which is in my top 3 favourites from the band and was a single is King of pain. I definitely think they could've dropped De do do do, De da da da for that.

On the Sting side there are many great songs but as I've said there are quite a few of his great tracks missing, but of course they can't include everything and this was the record label's choice. Englishman in New York, Fields of gold, If you love somebody set them free and When we dance are a few of Sting's greatest tracks but I would've maybe liked to see them drop Brand new day and Seven days and include It's probably me, Mad about you or Moon over Bourbon street instead. One gripe I have is on one of my favourite Sting songs When we dance they have blanked out the outro "I had a dream last night..." which is disappointing. Maybe this is a single version which didn't include that outro but it doesn't aid the ambience of the original. I suppose it's not vital but the outro adds a little extra grace to the song.

This is a decent collection of 18 songs and if you are looking for a compilation album with both The Police's and Sting's greatest hits then you can't go far wrong here. If you are a more serious fan like me then I would advise you to get a greatest hits from each (which I previously mentioned) and get a deeper view on them.
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on 7 July 2016
This product arrived within the time frame specified (all be it a little longer than your average delivery time) in the details. It arrived in a sealed bubble wrap and brown paper envelope. This packaging is very easy to open and doesn’t require scissors. The product and packaging arrived in excellent condition and the envelope is reusable with a little cellotape. The product itself is contained in the original CD case which was pleasant to see as, CDs and cases are often lost and/or damaged when a couple of decades old! As a whole, the packaging and product is exactly as described. The CD has a couple of very small, superficial scratches on again, as could be expected with a product as old as this and additionally, preowned. The scratches do not impact the use of the disk, there was no skipping on songs or jumps which is pleasing. Overall, a great value for money, as good as purchasing new. The only downside is the length of time to deliver as this product can and did arrive with standard royal mail posting through the letterbox.
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on 24 January 2013
I listened to this last night and couldn't get over the gorgeous sound production, even playing through my computer on iTunes. There are so many rich songs on here that the Police as a group, and 'Sting' as a solo artist put down that I couldn't bear to tear myself away whilst the album was playing.

You've got the enormous tracks like Roxanne; So Lonely, Every Little Thing; and the solo sensations of Englishman In New York, plus the timeless Fields of Gold. I was truly blown away with stuff I've never heard before, such as Seven Days and Fragile. Even though these were new to me, along with others on here, the album kept my full attention all the way through, and that's important. If you really want a decent/good overview of the Police and Sting, this CD or download covers a lot of good stuff very well.
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