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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 July 2002
The GameCube may have a reputation for being for kids, and no D.V.D drive, but don't let that put you off buying this console, because that would be a very big mistake.
To start with, there are plenty of mature titles for the GameCube, like Eternal Darkness, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil- a GameCube exclusive! It is true that the purple may seem childish, but you can get it in black. Also, without the D.V.D we have a very low price, that is irresistable if you are on a tight budget .
When you are deciding which console to buy, it always comes down to personal opinions. If you want raw power, get the XBOX. 100's of games? The PS2 is for you! But if you want pure gaming fun(and for a brilliant price) then buy the GameCube, who have the best game designers on the planet, Nintendo.
Nintendo have produced some amazing games in the past, like Mario and Zelda which are both appearing on the Cube this Christmas. Unfortuanately, this means that most of the games that Nintendo make are just sequels of games on other consoles and if you didn't own those consoles you might feel left behind like I did (I own a PlayStation).
However this time the Cube has big third party developers making some of the best games available like Rogue Leader(LucasArts), StarFox(Rare) and Super Monkey Ball (Sega).It has always been about the games and luckily, this is what the GameCube excels at.
Nintendo have been shy to show off the Cubes graphics, but one look at Rogue leader and all your doubts will be forgotten. They are simply stunning! With a rate of 12million polygons per second you cannot ignore the visuals offered here.Powering the Cube is a chip specially designed for gaming. Instead of dumping a processor straight out of a PC, everything has been made specially for the Cube, allowing the best possible gameplay experience.
An important part of the Cube is the ability to connect to the GameBoy Advance. This hasn't been used much yet but upcoming games are supposed to take advantage of this more.
Having given the GameCube all that praise, there are some warnings I should give you:
- If you borrow games from your friends, more people will have a PS2 than a GameCube right now, because it has been out for longer.
- There is no built in modem for online gaming, you have to buy one separately.
- Lots of games are sequels of N64 games.
Overall, the GameCube is a great console to own if you don't mind it not having a DVD player. It has a very comfy controller, tiny load times, amazing graphics, sound and games and a nice little intro screen!
Aha! Nintendo have said that there are many functions yet to be revealed. Could there be a minidisc or mp3 player hidden inside that mysterious cube.....
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on 15 March 2006
Great console and probably one of the best ever!!!
great games
cheap games
one of the best designed controllers
top classic games
can buy add ons for it for gba games, internet etc
some great peripherals for it
small design
easy to set up
produces beautiful graphics!
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on 6 August 2004
You might have read all the reviews about how wonderful PS2 and X-BOX are but think again. They might be able to play DVDs and CDs but who doesn't have these falcilities already? People think gamecube is kiddie but they obviously havent't played Soul Calbur, Viewtiful Joe and many other titles. And when you think about all the exclusive Nintendo titles out there PS2 and X-box users will never have the chance to enjoy, how could you say no. Nintendo are always giving you new experiences and very soon Donkey Konga will come out and this is a jungle beat game with actual bongos! And yet again it's only for gamecube. But gamecube does miss out on some of the big titles like Halo and GTA but gamecube has Metroid Prime and True Crime. Also the controller is so confortable compared to the small and chunky PS2 and X-box controllers. And if you have a huge libary of gameboy games you can pick up a gamecube player that lets you play all these games on your T.V which id fantastic! It's fantastic value for money so don't just follow the crowd and play games that are FUN!
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I am going to make a controversial statement.

The GameCube was better than the Wii. The latter was a gimmick console that saturated the market with cheap shovelware, while the former was dedicated to giving us great games. It was the GameCube that got me back into console gaming after favoring the PC between 1997-2004. There are many must-have/play titles on the GameCube but the ones I recommend the most are:

Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Sunshine
Sonic Adventure DX
Resident Evil
Resident Evil Zero
Scooby Doo and the Night of 100 Frights
Def Jam: Fight For NY
Mario Kart: Double Dash!
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Even if you are hardcore into current-gen consoles there is still room for a GameCube, especially since there are many titles that are exclusive to the console (and remain so to this day).
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on 2 June 2004
Ok, so most people tend to champion one console over another, claiming different things about each and never really saying anything about them. So I am here, as a neutral commentator to see if I can offer anyone out there who has had as much trouble as me (in deciding which console to go for) a little bit of clarity. I have owned an Xbox since January (after not owning a console since my megadrive and SNES days when I was 12!).
Yesterday I finished my university finals and decided I deserved a treat. So, wanting something substantial for what little money I have, I decided to pick up a Gamecube second hand from Game. I was lucky enough to get a choice and got a really classy silver version which was in pristine condition. I got 3 games, Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine and Joe Viewtiful.
I decided on these games for one main reason. I own the Xbox, and in my personal opinion, nothing around today can match (or come anywhere close) in terms of graphics, sound or control. I bought Ninja Gaiden last week, and if you need any proof of the Xbox's capabilities simply go to [...] and look at the screenshots. It's the most incredible thing you have ever seen on a console. I figured I'd get the Gamecube because, in terms of serious games (the Splinter Cells, Ninja Gaidens of the world, the PS2 offers those games in a vastly reduced graphical and sonic format. The PS2 may offer a HUGE selection of games, but then again, the proportion of good-to-bad games rises as the output does also. The best games you'll find on the PS2 are also available for the Xbox (and certainly this will increase at an incredible pace over the next months). I remembered back to my days on the SNES and how I loved Mario (and more specifically Mario Kart) and I chose to opt for the Gamecube as it offers a more "game-related" experience; cartoony fun etc. Of course, more and more games are coming out that showcase its abilities for the adult market.
I'll be honest, I have been trying to decide whether I made the right choice not getting the PS2... Simply because it offers a nice little package with a huge choice, and seems to ready to stay for another 2 years 'til the PS3 is released. The Gamecube's future on the other hand looks more uncertain... which is a shame. I am sure the reason for this is the lack of range in its catalogue as well as the slightly tacky looking cube design. And it's purple. This is the only thing that worries me; whether this will stand the test of time. While Sony create consoles that are backwards compatible, it is unlikely that Nintendo will do the same.
Anyway, that's a little off-track. I want to say that graphically speaking, the Gamecube is right up there with the Xbox in most places; you may notice slightly less crisp graphics on some comparable games, but both consoles tear the Playstation 2 to shreads. Of course, many argue against this being a valid criticism of the PS2, and I can understand why... It is after all, the GAMES that matter. I can't confess to know a lot about games for the different consoles, I have only played about 12 on the Xbox, 3 on Gamecube and maybe 4 or so on the PS2. I wasn't until January particularly interested in taking up this hobby so I missed out on a lot of the progression of the Playstations.
I can be honest and say, on the whole I think I made the right decision in ignoring the PS2, because I don't have much of an interest in having as many games as I can afford; I just want a few great games to pass some time, maybe play with some mates over a beer or play with my nephews. As a 23 year old I'm happy with the Xbox's techinical capabilities, which these days are being fully exploited and are leaving the PS2 in the shade.
The Gamecube is such a small package, but it must be said, with the size of it, and the size of the discs (tiny), it cannot fail to impress. It is a tiny machine with a huge heart. I didn't find the controller that attractive until I play it, and while the PS2's controller may be the coolest looking, both the new Xbox controllers and the official Gamecube controllers are well on a par with the PS2's in terms of functionality and comfort.
Of the games I have played on both the Xbox and PS2 it must be said that the Xbox games offer a larger, more varied and more impressive gaming experience (i.e. Medal Of Honor, Frontline), while the exclusive titles for the Gamecube have helped its plight immensely; Who can argue with games like Mario or Zelda??
This is a bit of an unstructured review, but I just wanted to get across what I think the main problems are when coming to decide (if one must) between the consoles. Certainly they have been my main obstacles and my main reasons for buying the consoles I have bought. I do love the odd gadget, but I think the "integrated" idea of dvd players is no reason to choose one console over the other. I think in this sense the Gamecube has it right; it's stuck to games. If you want the dvd player of course, then it's PS2 or Xbox, but we all know which I think is better equipped to deal with technicalities (I also believe the Xbox's dvd player is higher resolution; correct me if I'm wrong).
So if you've yet to choose a console, I would say, pick whichever suits you best. PS2= huge game library, Xbox = technical superiority and great games, Gamecube = value and exclusive games. I know my choices now, this has helped clarify that I've made the right choice. It's probably confused you all on the other hand! Sorry.
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on 9 August 2003
If you are looking for a video game console that has the best games on the market, trust Nintendo. Ever since the Gameboy they have proved themselves the best when it comes to games. Take the Mario series, and the Zelda series. My personal favorite was the Banjo series on the N64.
Hardware-wise, this machine is the very powerful. The X-Box might have some more processor power, but with the graphics being powered by ATI, programmers can make GC games run very smoothly all the time, without needing the machine to be a 733mhz like the X-Box.
One flaw is that you cannot put any CD's inside the machine - all games are on 8cm DVD's (normal size being 12). This means you cannot watch movies or listen to music on the cube. Everything has a flaw, right?
Game-wise, Nintendo are the kings of platformers. Games that appeal to children, but at the same time appeal to adults. Some might think: the games look cartoony and are ONLY for kids. They are wrong. Anybody can pick up the pad and get into the game. You don't need to have a lot of experience in gaming in order to thorougly enjoy playing a game on a GC.
As I said before, this machine, in my opinion, is the best of the 3 consoles available. It is the most portable, cheapest, and has the best games on the market. In the end, the choice is up to you. If you are just not a fan of platform / adventure games, then this might not be the one for you. For those who want a fantastic machine for a great price, or if you are looking for a machine for your kids, then this is the one to get. Personally, I suggest you to buy this machine RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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on 5 May 2002
Wow, I'm impressed. Nintendo once again show the world how to do things with the Game Cube. For a tiny outlay you can get this wondermachine, and you won't put it down. The controller even manages to beat the N64's, although the Z trigger is a little out of place now, and it instantly feels at home in your hands. The graphical prowess of the machine is astounding, the obvious game to point out here is rogue leader which beat the films own special effects hands down. But there are plenty of others to mention: Wave Race, Luigis Mansion, XG3 and many other ports which look substantially better than their counterparts. Nintendo's choice to make it dedicated to games really pays off, and nothing is wasted, all its raw power goes into the games and nowhere else. The tiny discs also allow for much quicker loading times, so your not left twiddling your thumbs, although this means you can't fit as much data onto the disc, but who cares, two disc sets have been around for a long time.
An excellent design, wonderful colour scheme, state of the art pad, and Nintendo's game producing skill makes this the best console out there. Playstation 2 can do other stuff, but who wants to listen to CD's through a TV, and DVD players are now at rock bottom prices, X Box can do massive levels, as in Halo, but the quality of the graphics on display by the purple wonder put most X Box titles to shame, and if you want to play PC games use your PC.
Playstation 2 is not much more than a glorified Dreamcast with extra functions, and X Box is a giant grotesque monster, Game Cube is truly next- gen hardware, and at an absurdly low price. Miss out at your own peril.
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on 23 July 2002
The other week(at long last) I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo Gamecube, I was stood in electronics boutique tore between buying a X-box or Gamecube.But I made the decision and it was the right one aswell.....
The Gamecube is the latest games machine from Nintendo, due to the N64's(supposed)poor performance not many people have much faith in the Gamecube, however it is one of those things which you either love or you hate(like Marmite).
The Gamecube is a small box shape which comes in a choice of colours,purple or black. The Gamecube has all the standard console buttons on it, such as the on/off switch and the reset button. The game cube has a handle on the back of it, this has had a lot of critisim,however it makes it one hell of a lot easier to carry around. On the base of the Gamecube there are various ports which all serve for different reasons,one of the ports is for future use of a modem so the Gamecube can participate in online gaming. The controllers plug in at the front of the console(up to four at a time) and there are two memory card ports under the controller ports.
The controller for the Gamecube is the best controller for any console, it takes ideas from all games machines and blends it all into one. It is like a bigger version of a Playstation controller, it has a big button on one side of it and all of the other in game buttons are around this one. The controller has both a analogue stick and a direction pad. One of the great ideas of the controller is that the camera controls are a little analogue stick on the right hand side of the controller, this makes it extra easy to get the camera angle you want which is important in some of the Gamecubes 3D games. The shoulder buttons on the top of the controller are a grove shape and they are what makes the controller so comfy to hold. The controller also has a built in rumble pack which delivers quiet satisfying rumbles.
The graphics on the console are visually very pleasing and easily contend if not beat the PS2 graphics. All the objects in the games are very smooth and fast running and there is very little fog in the games.
Nearly all of the games come in surround sound capabilities. However unless you have a sound system connected to your TV you will have to buy one, however(surprise surprise) Nintendo have bought out a special sound system specially for the Gamecube, I cannot tell you anything about this sound system though as I do not own it or no of anyone who does.
The cables which you use to connect the Gamecube to the TV are scart cables(at least that's what you get in the box),so you need to make sure that your TV is compatible with scart cables. If your TV is not compatible you need to make sure that you buy the Nintendo Ariel box(sold separately) so that you can actually use your game cube!!. Also beware,Just because your Gamecube uses scart cables it does not mean that it runs on 60hz so if you want it to run on 60hz you have to buy a separate scart cable which is a bit of a rip off in my opinion!!!
All the instructions you receive with the Gamecube are really detailed and very easy to follow, you should have your Gamecube up in running in no time at all. However you can not tune a channel for your Gamecube, you have to play it through your AV channel.
The Gamecube comes all very well packaged, it is all packed very cozely into its box, however once it has been taken out,it is very hard to but back in(for transport purposes) so if you want to move it around with ease and comfort you will have to buy one of the Gamecube carry bags(yet another scam). The box has all the usual stuff on it about the console nothing particularly interesting.
The Gamecube games are very unique, in the fact that they come on tiny disks. They are about the size of the smaller section of a disk tray on a PC. This is very useful and makes it extra hard for people to make pirate copies of game cube games and selling them on.
The Gamecube is great, however it has a lot of competition and the competition are bigger and more popular than Nintendo, yes Sony and Microsoft. In my opinion the Gamecube is better then both, although the X-box has better graphics, Nintendo are willing to give games a try which Microsoft and Sony would never dare trying just in case it didn't sell millions, however Nintendo are willing to take this risk and that's what makes them appeal to me. He fact of the matter is that Nintendo's N64 has but a lot of people off of buying the Gamecube as they believe that all of the games will be childish and thew and far apart, don't believe it.
The Gamecube on its own cost £129. There are currently not many good Package deals around as it is such a new machine, however there are a thew out there. Do not believe that you are saving money on a package deal when really your not it just sounds good(I made this mistake). Games for the console are currently between £40-45, however I'm sure that the prices will drop in the near future.
This games machine is truly brilliant, however not everyone will see it that way. But if I were you I would give the game cube a chance!
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on 27 October 2013
It's quite clear that Nintendo wanted to not only compete and play hard ball, but also revolutionise its own consoles. Not only does it bring back the positives of the Nintendo 64, but also works on them and changes multiple things. For starters, it removes the need for 'paks', such as memory, rumble (vibrate feature on control pads) amongst other things. Such addons made the console look very tacky and cheap as though Nintendo had forgotten most of the features in alpha stage and quickly threw them in. But the Gamecube's accessories are as simple as setting the console itself up. All you need is a memory card to save data (preferable), a controller, the console itself and the AV + power leads.


Even in 2013 the Gamecube is stunning. The only reason why the Playstation 2 or original XBOX caught my eye is because of how they dwarfed this console! The latter of the two required a huge green blob on the base of its head to stand out from the slick PS2, but the Gamecube is striking and holds a lot of that appeal today. The colour doesn't wear easily either, but sadly suffers the same problems as the SNES/NES, where the white parts may turn yellow with age (but this is nothing to worry about). If purple isn't your thing, you can always go with black, silver, blue, red, flurescent green and the extremely rare gold ones, but some may be more expensive, so purple is your best bet when it comes to price.

Nintendo are very bold in naming their consoles too. The N64 was named after the amount of bits; the SNES was simply named the Super Nintendo 'Entertainment System' (the same with the NES, without the 'super') and things like the Nintendo DS, which stands for dual-screen. And here they aren't wrong. Not only is the word GameCube odd as well as flashy, the console is an almost perfect cube. For something so compact, the GameCube can run games very well at a minimum of 30 frames per second all the way to 60+ in many cases, but I'll be talking about the specs in a later section. You don't have to look far to find the console's AV ports and power slots when setting this beauty up, nor will you get much resistance when inserting a controller, memory card or disk. The buttons too are very resilient and are eerily responsive, so worrying about not being able to reset or even turn to the console on because of a spring issue is needless.


Despite being known to everyone on the planet, Super Mario games are few, or at least traditional platform games in the truest sense of the word. There's still a variety of sports games featuring Mario (such as Tennis, baseball, football and others), party games and of course Mario Kart: Double Dash. If it is Mario games you're looking for, I would strongly recommend Super Mario Sunshine, the new and improved version (in multiple ways) of the classic Super Mario 64 - it's the one game every GC owner should have in their collection, plus it's a great way to see the pad's fluent control and responsiveness. However if it's not Mario games you're after there are an abundance for you to find. Resident Evil is arguably the most popular one, and there are multiple games of that series on this console too. Another horror classic would be Eternal Darkness, which truly changes the way horror games are felt and played. There's many platform games such as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (as well as collections of older Sonic games, now on GC, PS2 and XBOX), Billy Hatcher and plenty of action games involving Star Wars, Star Fox, including many more. Rather than me tell you, I think you'd find it best to check out the great range of titles on other sites - there is something for everyone.

What the console lacks though is RPGs and online games. The most notable adventure-RPG is the multitude of Legend of Zelda games, including ports of older ones and the Windwaker. Sadly there's few more than this, but as a personal recommendation, I'd suggest Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 but only with friends and relatives, as singleplayer isn't as enjoyable (and the online play no longer works). So if you're looking for the Elder Scrolls or Ultima, I'm afraid you won't find it here.

Overall there's a huge array of games to choose from, and don't be put off by the family friendliness of this console - there's plenty of games for the grown-ups!


The console's accessories are very few, but the essentials are the controller and the memory card. The pad is considerably different to older ones and Nintendo have learnt to adapt to change. Taking ideas from their older controllers and applying them to a Playstation-like pad has made the ultimate control experience. The camera buttons have been replaced by a stick; the triggers are very comfortable and responsive; the buttons are mapped strangely but it's very easy to become accustomed to their positions and won't even affect how you play with other controllers in the future, and finally the sticks grant fluid movement as best seen in Super Mario Sunshine. There are other pads such as the wireless ones and 3rd party controllers, but I recommend you stick with the ordinary one, or the one that comes bundled with the console.

The memory card is often considered an essential, as games are much larger and most can't be completed in one sitting. By using the memory card you can save your progress in a game without having to replay it from start to finish. The official Nintendo memory card can store 59 different game saves (some require more, such as Animal Crossing: Population Growing), and unofficial controllers can hold up to 2000. Be wary of which memory cards you buy as the much larger ones can cause compatability issues and may not work, but that's not to say you should be put off by unofficial/3rd party memory cards.

Finally, the ability to hook your Game Boy Advance up to the console allows you to transfer data from the GBA to the Gamecube, which was seen often in Pokémon games. But you can also play Game Boy Advance games on the 'Cube using the exclusive-to-Gamecube Game Boy player, which was a fancy addition and really won the hearts of handhold gamers. You may not want to get the console for either of these, but they sure are helpful and nice for those who own a GBA.


Nintendo's Gamecube runs with a 128-bit processor, the IBM Gekko model, and its CPU speed runs at 485Mhz, making this quite a fast machine for such a small and tightly-packed console. Most games will run smoothly at 30-37 frames per second and even better quality games will run without framerate issues nor console overheating. Plus, with a disc size of 1.5 gigabytes and 40MB of system memory one can't go wrong (as Only Fools and Horse's Del Boy would say, "what can't speak can't lie"). The sound is also crisp and clear, supporting Dolby Pro Logic II which was pretty fancy for its time, but may not be as effective with ports to the console. With the capability to load up to 12 million polygons a second (once again, look at Super Mario Sunshine to see this for yourself), you can enjoy some of the finest environments, character models, animations and smoothest textures on consoles at their time and even impress today.

The console does support internet play but there are so few games (and with running servers) that there's no point investing in this aspect of the Gamecube. Nintendo could've taken advantage of online play but made almost no efforts throughout the duration of this console to do so, and even on the Nintendo Wii features were still lacking and took some time to see.


The GameCube, even nearing 2014, is still an amazing console. With a lot of 3rd party support in its games library, the platform has lots of exciting additions and features, and rocked the foundations of the gaming world. If you're vaguely interested in this, you can get them very cheap from Amazon, but if you've already got a Nintendo Wii I'd stick to that. A good bit of cheap fun with games for everyone! Totally recommended; a Greasy Gamer MUST BUY!
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on 28 June 2013
Having been an avid console and PC gamer for years, I decided I'd quit with spending hundreds every time a new console came out or to upgrade my PC by getting a console I really enjoyed. I had some initial fears that it wouldn't be able to live up to the hype of nostalgia, but it just does. I don't know why anyone ever bothered making anything after it.

I bought a used for a pretty good price, along with a decent 3rd party controller and an unofficial AV cable. Alongside games, extra controllers and such, I've spent about £150 for almost every game I'd want, with plans to get others in the next few years.

Initially, I thought there may have been something wrong with the console or how my TV coped with the bloom/brightness in certain games (Mario Kart: DD and Metroid Prime 2 but not TimeSplitters 2 nor Resident Evil 4), as any bright colours would seem to 'spill' over and make certain writing and objects impossible to see.

Upon further investigation online, I discovered this was a feature put in by Nintendo such that the brightness was permanently too high for First-party games when using an unofficial AV cable.This is fixed by looking for an official AV cable (at time of writing, not available from anyone on Amazon, but fairly common on eBay for between 4 and 6 quid).

Whilst an annoyance, considering how cheap I got the console and most of the games I wanted for it, this issue was the only reason I didn't award 5 stars.
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