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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 4 May 2006
I dont really know what to say as this album has two halfs- One of Black Metal, The other more acoustic and peaceful.

The black metal though is different not just growls and screeches, but beautiful singing and some female singing background singing.

This is a very short album though roughly 35 minutes, but it is of sheer quality and you know they put alot of effort into this. The black metal side is amazing, but different to normal- it has more melody than most. With acoustic guitars, showing such contrast from harsh aggressive music to beautifull music. But even the singiner in black metal songs like 'I Troldskog faren vild' he has a beautiful clear voice, sort of echoing. His range of styles is amazing as his black metal style is very good, maybe rivalying the greatest singers in the genre.

I would suggest this to any metal fan really- if you like black metal or acoustic metal, then just BUY IT- it has so much to offer.
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on 4 July 2013
Everyone seems to have their own take on black metal and there is a certain expectation with releases from the early Norwegian bands that they will contain that frisson of excitement that has made the genre so fascinating since its inception. Ulver and 'Bergtatt' are exceptions to that rule, not only because Ulver later moved away from black metal, but because at the time of release their first album seemed quite a distance from the philosophy of the other Norwegians, though time has seen many of the ideas on this album accepted more widely.

First of all, the clean vocals and acoustic guitars are striking, which brings the album a folky feel reminiscent of the first Satyricon album and suits it slightly better to the fairytale that the 5 "chapters" tell than pure aggressive black metal. It is in the lyrics and the detail that 'Bergtatt' really becomes interesting, with a dramatic storyline told poetically in Norwegian, although I believe the songtitles and possibly some of the lyrics are in Old Danish. I would advise reading the lyrics with the album on the first listen and getting a good sense of the story both in the original language and in translation, because there is a lot of depth to a fairly simple story and the conviction in Garm's voice makes it a powerful part of the recording.

The concept aside, there's some very worthwhile black and folk metal, all of which is soaked in the pungent nostalgia that makes this period of musical history so intriguing. Riffs tend to be thoughtful and atmospheric (more Burzum than Darkthrone) and the few lead moments are highlights. All in all, a thoughtful and compelling titbit from the second wave.
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on 2 March 2001
With "Bergtatt" ULver have created a very original, if short (35 mins) black metal adventure. The combination of screams and eerie singing work great and each of the 5 songs takes you to the misty forests of norway. The recording quality could be better, but the overall feel of the album makes it one not to miss if you like atmospheric metal, like me.
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on 18 January 2007
Ulver,meaning wolf in norwegian,indeed thats where the band are from relaeased bergtatt,meaning forest taken,in 1995 and in doing so released something ahead of its time,clean vocals thrown in after screams,much like metalcore which followed a few years later,this is not metalcore of course,its black metal but yet has other elements thrown in such as acoustic guitars,piano,flute and angelic female vocals which send shivers flying and all this is wrapped up in under 35 minutes.

Album opener, Capitel I - I Troldskog Faren Vild is an epic piece containing a catchy riff peppered with clean vocals throughout,they are echoey and trancey in ways,kinda as if a choir of monks is singing the words,which are sung in danish,but its only one man,this is an excellent introduction to the album.The style changes on the next track with a faster,more metal style with black metal singing during the verse and clean soaring vocals throughout the chorus,truly glorious.

The third track is immense as well mixing various styles and also has a piano led section where you hear the sounds of a woman running and she is scared,chilling,the fourth track is an acoustic number with a haunting female voice singing in places and the final track,Capitel V - Bergtatt - Ind i Fjeldkamrene,is simply sublime with frantic drumming and yards of melody and a female voice ringing throughout,this is truly jaw dropping.

Ulver here have released one of the great albums of all time and anyone with an ear for glorious and epic metal shouldnt be without,these days ulver are a weird bunch playing electronic stuff but this is sublime and a true great.
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on 8 April 2011
Ulver on this first album in 1994 were purveyors of a more nature themed black metal.Images of forests and trolls,distorted guitars and racing drums,acoustic strumming,clean and dirty vocals.
Not the harshest of black metal but that can be found in so many other bands,but a more atmospheric experience.They went fully folk with their next album and dabbled in brain scouring noise for the one after that and then abandoned black metal,at least in terms of musical style,to explore avenues new.
A great album that influenced so many later nature loving and bucolic bands such as wolves in the throne room and agalloch.
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on 8 October 2013
it's too bad they didn't make more albums like that ,
their best work from the black metal era ,
probably their best album ever
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on 11 January 2017
Excellent album. Very unusual vocal melodies but ahead of its time for sure, very pleased.
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