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on 14 February 2003
Warcraft 3 is great.
It is a game that I recently bought, and can't stop playing. It has many new developments that are not present in previous games of its type.
There are four different races to control and master, 3D environments that are brilliantly created with stunning effects.

The storyline, thats right, there is a storyline- is a good one. The way the plot unfolds is similar to StarCraft in the sense that you start as humans, complete their campaign and then the story continues but you must master the undead in their campaign and so on. The story is interesting enough to keep you playing for hours on end... You gain experience and reputation and grow in levels and rank.
This game has alot to offer, for experienced strategy players and also for newbies to the format. Fun, addictive, entertaining and attractive to the eye... a great game.
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on 13 August 2003
This games is brilliant!!
The graphics are not poor, but are superb 3D... but you'll need a decent GFX card to see them at their best... and a Decent CPU to run it too... with a 1GHZ cpu and a Radeon or above this games kicks ass! Playing online? Say goodbye to your social life... but you will need broadband (but you can have a few PC's playing over a broadband connection - so invite your mates round)
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on 4 July 2002
A masterful game, that is.
I have on previous generation graphic cards (Geforce2 GTS), and it plays beautifully on it. Characters are cleverly animated and modelled, so intensive battle scenes never bring your machine to its knees, and the environments are gorgeous. The attention to details in the graphic department is quite remarkable. The short movies, as expected from Blizzard, are unbelievable. I can't even imagine how much time and money they must have spend on making them. Cut-scenes are well scripted too, with good voice acting.
The storyline approach, 'a la' Diablo, works really well, and provides lots of variety in the missions. The game is very accessible to the profane or the occasional gamer, the resource management is pretty basic compared to other 'similar' games like Settlers or the Ages of Empires series, but it works well enough. The game is well paced, missions lasts between 30 mins, up to an hour maximum. Enemies are varied and quite 'clever', and attack in large waves, bringing down you weakest defenses first. Some of you may find the game rather easy at the low difficulty settings, but I'm sure the game should provide plenty of challenges at the hardest settings.
The game does have some niggling problems too, like when your powerful but defensless wizards stay dumbly at the front line, getting mauled by a wave enemy grunts. Also, it's usually difficult to control a large army, as you can only select 10 or 12 characters at a time. It would be good if you can associate them in groups and control the whole groups instead. And the peasans that build and repair stuff are rather dumb, and can spend quite a large amount of time scratching their heads, even when you have a few buildings needing attention.
All in all, a very enjoyable and immersive experience, well worth the wait. Unlike many games around, this one won't need much patching and internet updates, as it is very stable and bug-free. A class act.
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on 6 July 2003
Id like to just say, theres not much that kept this from a fifth star. This game is fun and genuinly absorbing. But, unfortunatly, it is not of quite the standard youd expect from the company that made Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.
The game is set some time after the second game in the series. In this installment, you get to play the classic orcs and humans, who are well balanced and remain true to their old personas. You also get to play as the undead, who are also well balanced, and the night elves, which is where one of the problems lies. You see, they take advanced player to the extreme, since you have to play the game pretty religeosly to have much of a chance at winning with them.
One interesting new feature of this game is the new "legendary hero" character. Each race has 3 of these, which in turn have particular focus points. These unis excel in single player campaign, as they advance and improve over the entire campaign, alowing you to access some of their spectacular special moves.
The main draw back to the game, as many other reviews have pointed out, is the unit limit. It is paralyzinly small. For any experienced gamers, ill try and explain it. You can build particular buildings to increase your "food limit", to a maximum of 90 points. Each unit costs a number of food points each, the number of which is relative to the quality of the unit. In other words, the better the soldier, the less you can have. This wouldnt be too bad, excepting that even bog standard soldiers cost multiple points, meaning your armies will usually only number about 25-30 good units. Compared to Age of Empires 2's 200+ limit, this is pitiful.
On the plus side, the side affect was much more personal battles, with individual units having a profound impact on the battlefield. The effect is that this game feels like an RTS/RPG hybrid.
Anyway, well worth the money if your not fussy, but puritan strategists might be dissapointed.
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on 20 November 2002
Before going any further, I should point out that I'm reviewing this from a single player perspective. Never been a fan of online RTS, as I tend to lose very quickly!
So what's the deal with Warcraft 3? In many ways it's a very traditional RTS - harking back to the days of Red Alert and Warcraft 2. You have your wood and gold resources, your standard buildings, your simple ranged and hand to hand units. Blizzard have not gone for a total overhaul - unlike many new RTS games they haven't thought about eliminating resource management, and the game generally feels refreshingly 'old-school'.
Warcraft 3 is therefore very accessible for new players. And as a single player campaign it has a lot of positives. The plot and cut-scenes are very nicely done, and give you a good storyline for which to base your various missions around - certainly you feel like you know WHY you're supposed to building a base, or eliminating those ghouls, or searching for the demon gate. It's not necessarily a massive influence on the gameplay itself, but it does help with the suspension of disbelief.
Gameplay is simple. Going in the opposite direction to many developers nowadays, Blizzard have reduced the unit limit to a handful really. It means no massive epic battles of 100s of units, but does mean that you have to maximise your resources, ensure that your units aren't sacrificed needlessly, and generally allows you quite a lot of control over your forces. Added to this is the role of 'upkeep' - whereby an increasing proportion of your gold is given over to maintenance of your existing units - up to 60% of your gold can be lost this way, and it's a good way to avoid rushing tactics and unit wastage. The missions are relatively varied and well designed - challenging but not overly so. I like to play slow, and build up my forces and infrastructure in a planned way, and the game seems to suit that.
The hero aspect doesn't really add a great deal in my opinion. I don't treat my hero differently than any other unit - other than the fact that they have some useful spells. Units themselves are relatively good - strongly varied between the different sides of human, orc, etc. Although pathfinding and other AI issues are nothing special - and mages seem to be close to useless unless you're prepared to micromanage them in battle. One irritation - when selecting saved groups, you can have no more than 12 units in any single group. Also annoyingly, you can't seem to remove units from a saved group - e.g. I have two catapults saved as group number 2. I then decide to change group 2 to be a squad of 6 orc grunts, so I select them and set the group. Unfortunately, the next time I pick group 2, in addition to the grunts it also selects the catapults, even though I removed them.
It's a strong game and a highly enjoyable one. It doesn't break any new barriers - the graphics are good-ish, the cut scenes are excellent, and the gameplay is strong but simple. It is quite an immersive story and the voice acting is good. I'd recommend this to those who enjoyed Warcraft 2 or Starcraft, and also to anyone looking for a fun but not overly complex introduction to RTS. Perhaps those who expected something amazingly different and original from Blizzard are disappointed - but this is a development team that takes existing ideas and polishes them - Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo are all simple games, none of them break new ground, and yet all are highly enjoyable. Warcraft 3 keeps up the good work.
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on 7 January 2003
First of all I have to say that I am not a strategy games fan,I find them boring.However,Warcraft 3 takes you to a fantasy world mixing an RPG with a strategy game.The result is an absolutely fantastic game that makes you stick in front of the computer screen.The graphics are superb and the gameplay easy to handle.
I recommend it to everyone
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on 21 October 2003
First I want to nick pick command and conquer Generals, I'm a fan of the series, but Generals was alien to the series. One of the biggest changes was the specs required, very few people have those specs (I have AMD Athlon 1.7Ghz, Radeon IGP 320M and 512MB Ram) but it didn't run very fast (probably because I'm using a laptop though). Anyway, Warcraft 3 works with all of the graphics settings set to high on my laptop!
Warcraft is not just visually beautiful, anyone who has played warcraft 2 will notice this game follows the same simple user interface. Heros are the new big feature though, they allow endless strategies. One of the other great features is the night/day, meaning you have to plan not only how to attack, but when to attack.
This game is well worth the price and will keep you enterained for as long as LOTR keeps you entertained (LOTR and WC3 actually share a bit in common)
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on 18 June 2003
Well, my brother bought this game on day of release, and i have to say i wasn't very impressed. It seemed a very cliched, "we are the orcs, we smash" style game. But one day i was off school ill and i picked it up. WOW.
It is amazing; a fantasic, emersive story and impressive gameplay. I began to play online and found it a wholly different expirience to the offline game.
The online game has a wide variety of stratedgies around, which are constantly changing as blizzard changes the environment to stop one stratedgy taking over. All in all a fantastic game, and definately worth a look.
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on 5 October 2003
it is the best game ever! Everyone else moans about the army limit but I think it makes it more exciteing.the four different race(and they are very different)add so much more replay value tan the last game.single player mode is the best because of the variety of the missions.You can also download extra maps from the blizzard website adding even more replay value there is one tiny problem though its quite a big file on the computer(700mb)and that added to the exspansion makes a very big file but apart from that it is the best game i've ever played period!
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on 3 November 2008
This is a great expansion
it carries on the previous game very well
great maps
great gameplay and most importantly
great online play!
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