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on 23 April 2002
I really love the Sims, but I feel it's gradually growing too 'large'. The main object of the Sims was to be able to have complete control of a few families and become totally involved in their interactions. But now there's more emphasis on 'living out your life' than getting really involved playing God. Anyway, the Vacation Island is good, although there is only 8 small lots per neighborhood. There are some good new items, but the decoration add-ons was a let down. It was much more aimed to building a Vacation island and getting your Sims to go there so there was less to do in the House which I think the Sims should be about.
The best points are the fact that the whole family can visit, and that you can stay over night. There aren’t many new Interactions like in Hot Date though, and there isn't actually a great deal to do on the island as you can't build skills or things like that. There are different types of holiday destination - winter, woodland and beach but all types of object can be used anywhere, so you can have an igloo on the beach if you want. There are loads new plants, including ones that go on water, but they have prevented you from placing the Hot Date trees on the Pavements. An interesting point is you can now put floor plants on tables. Don't know why!
Possibly the worst point is unless you have a really great fast computer, the game takes AGES to loads - on my decent computer, it takes 5 minutes! It also takes a long time to save, go back to the neighborhood, or visit downtown or the island. The game is also prone to crashing and shutting down without warning, so save frequently.
All in all, it's a great game if you really want to get creative, but if you were into the single-neighbourhood game where you knew who was in love with who and played with each house more than one time, and your Sims actually had jobs and not just got money with the rosebud cheat...then maybe you'll want to avoid it.
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on 2 September 2003
it was ok. but i thought it would have more stuff in it. it was fun but it dissapointed me in the way that it should have more stuff in it.
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on 7 October 2002
This is a brilliant CD ROM. U can either stay at home and cheat your way to luxury or go away to an adventure weekend in a tent, a romantic getaway or go to a special winter wonderland. This expansion pack has loads of new things to try, buy and sell. Its like you are inside the lives of the sims!!!!!
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on 27 April 2002
This is such a good expansion pack! I love it! It comes with a 'Vacation Island' for each neighbourhood with about 10 lots, including beaches, camping grounds, and lodges. The only problem is you need to have a LOT of patience and a good computer otherwise it'll crash all the time and dump you out onto your desktop. You can solve this in a long and tedious regime that you have to do whenever you want to play on it, but it can also cause numerous error messages. Really good, but also REALLY irritating...
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on 17 August 2015
It is ok for what it is, which isn't much. I got more joy out of the items that you get for your house and building little shops in the town area as opposed to going on 'holiday'. For the price I can't complain, though I am one step closer to completing my collection.
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on 28 September 2002
This expansion pack is one of many which are available for the sims, and which will probably be continued to be produced.
If you have wanted your sims to go on holiday for a day, or a week, or for as long as you like, this is the best expansion pack to buy. Your sims can go on holiday for as long as you like, or for as long as you can afford to send them.
Your sims will love all the new objects and stuff which are included with this expansion pack and they also will love the full range of holidays to choose from, from winter hols, camping hols, so hols spent lazin on the beach. They wont want to leave, and you wont want to turn the sims off.
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on 30 August 2004
I absolutely loved these games at first,as i love games where you on in charge of whatever. Like in this where you choose a family and move them into a house,and can also take them on holiday. It was a brilliant game for the first 6 months,then after lots of plays,it got boring then i never bothere with it again.It's a great game for anyone,but will get you bored of it after a few months. I think it is much better on gamecube,ps2 etc,i love them sims. Each sims game on the pc version is very like to one another apart from different selections of stuff,abit boring. And there weren't enofe vacation islandson this game. Even so at first it is great because you can have your own family which was really fun. i'M NOT SAYING THIS IS RUBBISH OR ANYTHING BUT I DON'T LIKE THE PC VERSION AS MUCH ANYMORE.
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on 20 November 2003
I am a fan of the sims, but not to a fanatical degree. As such, i can only see the new expansion packs as simply a way for Maxis to milk all they can from the Sims series. Although despite this, I bought it anyways, and Actually, the money was worth it. Frankly, I enjoy the evolution of my homes, and with the added furniture and very pleasant "log cabin effect" wallpaper, i can finally get my dream house. Anyways, the new features, with the three different holiday environments, several outdoor activities, souvenier shops, and a home cannery (small time money making) this expansion pack expands the world of the sims a great deal. If your a fan of the SIms series, i recommend you to buy this pack, and really not to bother with living large, if you have to choose only one
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on 6 May 2002
When I bought this Sims expansion pack, I thought it was going to be good. I was wrong. It is excellent!The new items, the new people, and best of all, Vacation Island. And what an island it is! The different locations (snow, woods and beach), the enetertainers, the activities and games and the excellent accomadation. It all takes a while to load, but it's DEFINITELY worth it.No matter whether you're a sims fanatic or you're brand new to the sim world, it's the game for you. Truly excellent.
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on 27 November 2016
Brilliant fast service 5 stars
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