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on 28 August 2017
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on 12 February 2001
Firstly, I was never a Spice fan and I was absolutely shocked when I heard this album! The type of music I listen to is R&B and when I heard Holler/Let Love Lead the Way I just had to buy this album, and I was not dissapointed. This album is top class pop/R&B and it suits the girls very well, although younger fans of the Spice Girls may miss the poppier songs that were on their other albums.Every song is brilliant, although Get Down With Me is slightly weak in places, especially the chorus.My favs are Wasting My Time, Weekend Love, Time Goes By, Tell Me Why, Goodbye and the FANTASTIC Oxygen!The song just takes you to another place and is VERY relaxing! All the girls vocals are excellent with Posh taking more of a bigger role. If Geri was still part of the group when Forever was released, I just don't know how her voice would have fitted in. This album suits ONLY the Spice Girls, infact I can't even see the terrific Destiny's Child sing the songs on Forever better than the Spicies.
Do yourself a favour and buy this album. It is slightly dissapointing that The Spice Girls won't release anymore singles from the album due to poor sales, but everyone MUST Hear the songs that this album offers, YOU NEED THIS ALBUM!!!
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All of you who say "this album sucks" or "the Spice Girls suck" haven't given them a fair chance. I've been a HUGE fan of the girls since day one, and I can tell they've improved tremendously through the years, and it shows in this album. Even though their music was awesome to start out with, everyone complained "they were too bubble gum pop" and "all their songs sound the same" and "they're all so annoying." So the girls used this feedback and reached the realization that a group should grow as it gets deeper into it's musical career, so they did. They did what was necessary but at the same time what was natural, so that they could please the changing tastes of music fans at the same time as being who they are and always have been. They're not trying to put on any airs with this CD, they're just being themselves and having a laugh like on the other two so that, even though it is more grown up, deep down it is the same girls we've grown to know and love!!! The album as a whole is very RnB inspired, and it is done wonderfully in that it shows off they're voices, which are very good! There are some great dance songs, some pretty slow songs, and some good ol' fashioned Spice Girl fun! As usual, Scary (Mel B's) unique and brilliant raps are scattered throughout the album in traditiona Spice style. This album definitely flaunts all of the girls talents, and even Victoria gets more singing parts!!! If anything this is their best album yet and, with a bit more promotion, it could have done awesome on the world music market! More power to them, and above all GIRL POWER and STAY SPICE-Y!!!
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on 1 July 2001
This album proves the girls are more mature. Great RnB tracks such as 'Holler', 'Tell Me Why' and 'Right Back At Ya' were created by the girls and famous RnB producers. This album's down is the song 'If You Wanna Have Some Fun', which is very immature, and not vocaly-sophisticated. However, there is a great track 'Get Down With Me' and also another dance track, that doesn't feature MelB, 'Wasting My Time'. Great ballads are on this album ('Oxygen', 'Time Goes By', 'Goodbye' and 'Let Love Lead The Way'), but the high light is defently 'Weekend Love' - this songs starts off as a sweat ballad, then becomes popish, and then rap. It's a wonderful song, vocally. Mel B has 2 raps on this album that light up the songs ('Right Back At Ya', 'Weekend Love'). Buy it!
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on 6 November 2000
Wow! This is the best pop album in the entire world. Not only have the Spice Girls matured but they have released an album far superior than any of their challengers or imitators (maybe Westlife should take some hints!!). Each song is different from anything they have done before. Here is my track by track review:
1) Holler - we all know this by now and all know that is an amazing opening track. The Spice Girls are back. 10/10
2) Tell Me Why - a lead vocal from Victoria in a very up-tempo dancey, r'n'b song. A standout track. 10/10
3) Let Love Lead the Way - rumoured to be about Geri. This song reduced me to tears with it's sheer beauty. It is the nicest song ever. 10/10
4) Right Back At Ya - I've had this on repeat since I got the CD. It is so different to the concert version. More r'n'b and less poppy with an extra spicy rap from Melanie B. Top tune. 9.5/10
5) Get Down With Me - disco fever sweeps over like Never Give Up on The Goodtimes but funkier and more modern. Two thumbs up! 10/10
6) Wasting My Time - Melanie C's vocals excel on this song. Definately a favourite out of the mid-tempo ones. 10/10
7) Weekend Love - a gorgeous acoustic ballad with a mad rap outburst from Melanie B. Should be a single but we'll see. 9/10
8) Time Goes By - the Spice Girls at their best. This ballad will have you weeping and the girls vocals are outstanding (to say th crtics say they can't sing!!). 10/10
9) If You Wanna Have Some Fun - the r'n'b vibe returns with this smoothie of a disco tune! Cheey lyrics and a hint of old spice here. 9/10
10) Oxygen - Xmas number one for sure!! Nuff said! 10/10
11) Goodbye - one of the best and most well known Spice songs. Touching, moving and beautiful!! 10/10
Overall - 11/10 (I know you can't give it 11 but it deserves it!!)
Victoria sings a lot more on this album and the girls voices are stronger then before. An outstanding third album and well worth the wait. Westlife stand no chance.
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on 28 May 2001
Forever is the third Spice Girls album which was highy understated.
It is an album packed with RnB (Holler) - Pop (Goodbye) - Disco (If You Wanna Have Some Fun) and fantastic emotional ballards (Oxygen).
The album has been slated throughout the world but it really shows that all the band members can sing and in this album their voices count for more than the music.
The album is full or potential singles and should be reconsidered by the world.
Spice is alive!
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on 10 November 2000
Three years waiting is finally over, but has it been worth it? Well... yes and no! It's a brilliant album, don't get me wrong, just not what we (the fans) were expecting. Gone are the up-beat pop anthems the Girls were so famous for, and an althogther more mature sound has replaced it. At first, you might be a bit gutted that it's not what you wanted, what you really really wanted (sorry). But keep listening, and eventaully you'll hear that the Spice sound is in there somewhere, just it's not as apparent as before. You've probably already heard the best song on the album - Goodbye. But don't let that put you off - I'd recommend that all you Spice fans out there who can't make your mind up - GO AND BUY IT! And, if by some extreme coincidence the Spice Girls are actually reading this, DO A FOURTH ALBUM!!! Just with more of the stuff you used to do, please!
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on 19 November 2000
The Spice Girls have matured, and this is refelcted in their music, and also in their voices. The Spice Girls are back with a vengence. They have a funky new sound, a wonderful blend of pop & R&B. Gone is the cheesy bubblegum pop that was so prevelent in their first two albums and thank god for that.
While I loved Spice and SpiceWorld, I believe that 'Forever' is their best yet. I have always loved 'Goodbye', the bonus now is that it is on an album containing more great songs by the Spice Girls. I love 'Holler' (and the video is brilliant), 'Get Down With Me and 'If You Wanna Have Some Fun'. They are typical Spice songs showing the usual Girl Power attitude - the great in-your-face, don't-give-a-damn sassiness that got them noticed in the first place. I also love the 'Oxygen', 'Let Love Lead The Way' (along with another beautiful video), 'Time Goes By' & 'Goodbye' - classic Spice ballads showing the beautiful harmonising that they do better than anyone else.
The Spice Girls get my vote over Westlife all the time. Well done Spice Girls, and although you didn't get to #1, you certainly deserved to.
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on 10 November 2000
I bought this CD already knowing I probably wasn't going to like it. I had a horrible feeling that the Spices had turned their back on the most important part of their success, the "spice" itself. The double a side was a sign of things to come. considering the spices used to write albums where they couldn't choose which ones to release cos they were all classics, it was immediately a bad sign when "let love lead the way" banged the ear drums. And hard to believe though it is "the way" is probably one of only about 2 or 3 they could have released. The album is bland, and so overpolished that the music seems to have been sampled out. The single Holler is absolutely fantastic, and I think just about fits in as a spice gimmick, but judging the album as a whole it just isnt the spice girls. Everything that has made them the annoyingly catchy entities that they have been before has been forgotten, for really repetitive RnB "flavas" that are really lacking in flavour.
The spices cardinal error is immediately apparent if you read the sleeve notes......
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on 14 November 2000
There are only two things I can say about this album, 'Oh dear'. What a poor third album for the queens of pop, I brought this album with great expectations only to find that it's full of songs that all sound the same! I really did believe that the Spice girls could go on without Ginger but it is oblivious that Geri with her brassy ways was the one to keep the girls and the music so fresh. I felt that the Spices first two albums were kind of experimental so you brought an album full of interesting and diverse tracks witch I think was the girls appeal. The Spice Girls have found their niche in music (R&B) its probably music they enjoy doing at this stage, but I feel they have lost everything that made them what they are today, big shoes, big hair, big mouths, big personalities and big attitudes in other words GERI!!!!!!!!
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